Civilization is said to be
Mankind’s reward meant to see
Into a future
Able to suture
A life to a soul and be free!

With a pen to write
And paper one might
Come up with a thought
That when read, just ought
To encourage ideas’ delight

Man’s prerogative:
Inventing combative
Systems to live by
In countries that give by
Blaring radio-active

Anyone can participate
In thinking, anticipate
Up-coming events
Then using good sense,
Into their milieux integrate

The world is prodded
By external stimuli nodded
To by societies
With its proprieties
Going along, eventually plodded

By sheer inspirations
Rulers of nations
Are prodded to acts
By noticing facts
Of citizens’ constant frustrations

Original searching minds
Arrive upon new finds
Contriving solutions
With rare evolutions
Into fresh thought unconfined

Old dilemmas persist
Presently coexist
While current ways
Pop up to amaze
With a dazzling idea’s new gist

In morning mist, the mind
Can roam about to find
Solutions un-thought of
Considered till then not-of
Value to something enshrined

Delve into a subject
An erstwhile societal reject
That may have had merit
At one time, ere it
Disappears, gone, poof as a defect

Performing’s "Becoming..."
Going around bumming
Money for lyrics
Sometimes satiric
A proper instrument strumming

Not performing, but doing—
A cause or objective wooing
Now there’s a life
With a drum and a fife
Marching about and pursuing

A life worth ev’ry minute
Is one that has within it
Challenge, opportunity, reward
Along with the nerve to afford
Approaching and facing what’s in it  

Invent a new thing to do
Perhaps a concoction to brew
Stirring ingredients
Into expedience
For a future with who-knows-who?

Keep from becoming old-shoe
By inventing new things to do
Instead of just lying
About slowly dying
Of whatever malady ails you

I give thanks for that
Which I was able to bat
When up at the plate
With my chance to slate 
A cogent round-tripper tit-for-tat 

With life, being, doing
One has a chance for pursuing
A variety of hopes
With slippery slopes
To avoid, or end up boo-hoo-ing

A world run by women
Might just keep us swimmin’
In deep waters whereby
Sinking would thereby
Result in lost chances brimmin’

Men: Build, plan, invent
Let the women circumvent
Confrontational actions
Which turn to distractions
From progress’s time well-spent 

Experience isn’t a “choice”
Spurring a later inner voice
Going off in one’s head,
But what’s been done instead
With fallout. (Lament or rejoice)


So many things to do in life
Brass-rings to grab, rife
With spicy, productive, remunerative
Chances to hum the right tune-ative
Opportunity to sing like a fife

Why not become and leave it
At that for the time? Just heave it
To the heap of done things
All the lost or won things
Past ventures into which weave it

Becoming is old hat
But doing, now that
Fuels existence
With constant persistence
Always being up to bat

There are things to invent
From intentions that meant
Other things while doing
One’s duties, pursuing
Objectives with efforts well-spent

To keep from becoming old-shoe
Invent a new thing to do
That might spark a movement
In fact a behoove-meant
For making progress pursue

Give thanks to The Lord
For connecting a cord
Not quite umbilical
But with free will fulfill-able
To Heaven’s ultimate reward

A good life bestowed
Begets something owed
To future generations
Whose inherited taxations
 Could be an onerous load

Thank Heaven for being,
Living now while still seeing
An Earth that’s together
Un-destroyed by the weather
Or other perils-meant-for-fleeing

If women ran the world
There might be a pattern purled
Rather than stitched
With people enriched
Instead of hostility whirled

Men, stick to inventing
By doing so presenting
Alternative measures
Ending in pleasures
Instead of frustrations fermenting

Take time to enjoy
Being a young boy
Or girl, cause growing old
And dying is a cold
Process, youth’s fun to eventually destroy

Opportunities beckon
For one to reckon
When to take advantage
Going forth to manage
So get going, don’t waste a second

Keeping wide-open eyes
For a moment that applies
To one’s own situation
Means grabbing a ration
Of newfound fortuities as they arise

Chances come and they go
Not always repeating, and so
Grab the brass ring when available
Maybe to find something salable.
Bottom line: a reasonable profit to show

Brass rings come around
Fortuitous good luck, to be found
By those who just take them,
Change and remake them
Into devices where profits redound

Impulsiveness gets somewhere!
Yet, someone leery might beware
Of leaping ere looking
Precisely, ere hooking
Up with reactions that end in despair

Fat, dumb, and happy
We skip our way along, in snappy
Directions where looming
Disasters are fuming
To finally explode when things get crappy

When disasters are looming
‘Round bends, dooming
New plans and projects
It’s time for some sense that protects
Their upshots from explosively booming!

Ideas come and they go
Forward, backward, or no
Direction at all,
Not responding to a call
From society for a benefit to bestow

Ideas own roads they travel
Some become smooth, some lumpy gravel
With bumps and potholes rife
Threatening the very life
Upon which they go, then simply unravel

Life miserable? Death
Taking that last breath
Probably worse
A ride in a hearse
Then six feet under along with MacBeth

Whatever comes, occurs,
Its consequence infers
Punishment or reward
From whoever’s ox was gored
And whether the act was what he prefers

If you’re creative
Not vegetative
Produce what you can
Which is better than
Much that we get that’s just imitative

Depending on explaining,
Your ideas could be raining
Down on receptive
Readers, browsers, conceptively
Helping them understand what’s pertaining

Write what you can
Thinking up more ideas than
The pen can race to put down
But that’s ok, you can’t drown
In inspiration one can dream up or plan

In a new phase of existence
Opening doors to put distance
Between former lives
One then contrives
To react and progress with consistence

Everyone’s inclinations
Individuals, groups, nations
Distinctive, unique
Whether straight or oblique
Go right to the heart of interrelations

When it’s time to say “Adios”
To someone you once held real close
Another might then just pop up,
As people are likely to crop up
Just when you need them & completely engross

A general choice
Is spurred by an inner voice:
“Do you want to be,
Or to do?” Thus a degree
Of planning might eventually give cause to rejoice

In a pantheon of Deity recognition
When necessary, an act of contrition
Might suffice as a start
To a Being who’d impart
Forgiveness without any pre-condition

Dialog words speak thought
Directly to minds, thus ought
To spur action from ideas
Suggesting panaceas
Of what to choose to do or to not

Writing words of meanin
Where the reader’s mind is gleaning
Ideas of some note
When launched might float
Or end up sinking by wrongfully leaning

Communicating indirectly
Is its own reward correctly
Transmitting a message
Of what just might presage
An action to the hearer directly

Stabbing meaning right into the heart
Nothing goes deeper than well-performed art
Transmitting straight through the ears
To comprehending minds, fears
Of former positions fiercely tearing apart

Words go right to our thinking part
With potent significance trying to start
Revving the mind’s motor
From being a mere floater
Sans purpose, with direction therefore to impart

Words spoken to receptive ears
Might incur perceptive fears
Aroused by crackpot ideas
Proposing ill-timed panaceas
That could end up causing rivers of tears

The thinking part of us hears
What words might mean to our fears
Of what they propose
So we turn up our nose
Perceiving exactly where a meaning veers

Oddball ideas aimed straight at our ears
Proceeding apace, switching gears
From broad current thinking
Stir shocking reaction, blinking
Our eyes, virtually bringing on tears

Haikus, with image and sense
Aim to stirring an intense
Reaction with perfectly aimed thought
To an area which otherwise is not
Yet protected by a philosophical fence

Being ready-and-willing to proceed
One who’s been everywhere could then need
Additional paraphernalia
Supplementing formal regalia
Required for meeting new word and new deed

We all have a way to survive
Just breathing, keeping alive
Whether we know it or not
Our attempts have all got
Dutiful physical acts to contrive

God rules over a ceiling
Under which we are reeling
About, keeping stability
According to ability
To remain upright, balance revealing

Taking hold of a pen
Think up an idea, then
Write it down for posterity
Displaying the temerity
To aver as facts a who what where and when

With a new idea as a tool
One can be thought of as cool
Declaring it verbally
Prescribing it herbally
Morally, practically, just don’t be a fool

Write an idea in verse
Rhyming, metering, be terse
In declarations that matter
At Home Plate a batter
To slug it out-of-the-park or worse

Wanting to “be” or to do
Is no doubt a choice that you
Will face at some juncture
With points that will puncture
Long-held views to thenceforth eschew

Continually wanting to “do”
One never becomes, thus through
Performing of tasks
Invariably asks:
“Hey, what’s all the hullabaloo?”

Becoming — A life-choice
Spurred by an inner voice
That tugs at the conscience
Until one invents
Or gives in to a cause to finally rejoice

Rhythm harmony & tune
A vocalise sung by a loon
Whose purpose might be
A mate in a tree
Sitting on eggs with a croon to the moon


Raw wisdom, when couched
In some ways may be vouched
To someone with certain beliefs
Thereupon end up giving griefs
Where unintended spinoffs are “ouch”-ed


The World needs a standard
Of intelligence, not gerrymandered
Boundaries manipulated
Politically stipulated
Favoring those for whom money is pandered

Pay governed by intelligence
Might lead to increased elegance
Where investing the proceeds
Rises to, even exceeds
Educational, practical, moral equivalence

The world begs for governance
By one rule of law, not ambivalence
Between theories that speculate
This-or-that precept to regulate
Decisions; thus amounting to significance

Just wanting to do
Not commit, is for who
Might want to see how
Things are run now
That culture is making changes anew

Resist the urge to fully
Commit till seeing if a bully
Tries to run things
One way, then run rings
Around, able to hoist with the aid of a pulley

Resist the urge to
Fully commit, surge to
The wisest decision
Avoiding derision
By those one hopefully might sing a dirge to

BEing is committing
To a viewpoint when sitting
In a place where one’s vote
Affirms or denies an opinion to tote
Up acclamations, subsequent laws transmitting

Comes a time apropos
When ripening fruits will go
Bad if not picked and packed
Sort of like fiction and fact
Being considered by those in the know

A season when fruits are ripe-ing
Is an opportunity for piping
Into ideas at-the-ready for picking
Then planting in fertile minds, sticking
Like nectar-ized juices a-hype-ing

We live under God’s ceiling
Of stars and planets, reeling
About in the skies
Not bumping each other, allies
To His plan, when you think, quite appealing


To create nothing but thought
Is a situation where one ought
To invent something useful
Mechanical, practical, truthful
To which logic can then be brought

The ultimate act of will
Is to find mental soil to till;
Then to go planting, seeding
A sensible canon for heeding
A morally logical end to fulfill

After thought, action
Result: to gain traction
On sensible uphill slopes
To a pinnacle that copes
With outlooks, even if just by a fraction

Knowing no better, galoot
Puts his feet with socks or a boot
Up on the lobby’s furniture
Exhibiting boorishness for sure
To prospects considering to rent or to scoot

Country boy, coming to the city
Thinks where he steps might be shitty
So wears his high boots
Just in case some galoots
Come along making things less pretty

Deteriorating towns
Have their ups, but mainly downs
With decent folks fleeing
When they see grown men peeing
In public upon which decent society frowns

Pushing people out-of-the-way
To get what you want is just outré
But surely it’ll be done
By boorish galoots to get one
Or two tickets to a hit movie or play

Learning one’s manners from pigs
Is a way to avoid getting gigs:
Such as invites to cocktails or dinner
Where the loser or winner
Is one who foodstuffishly zags or zigs

Better learn manners from a parent
Not pigs, whose mates may be errant
Creatures destined for slaughter
Thus don’t care if they “oughter”
Or not, with naked behavior apparent

President Trump, Salesman-in-Chief
Might be exactly the one for relief
From solutions of problems by war
Promoting accepting “against” or “for”
Votes rather than bombs if there’s a beef

Discov’ring who one can be
Is an existential guarantee
Of later contentment with
Life sans resentment with
Things panning out, (You’ll see…)

An exposure to notice and heed
Might be something we need
To exhort a correction
For changing complexion
Before things go right down to seed

A place populated
By feeling minds might be sated
With ever blossoming thought
That considers emotion, but nought
Of intellectual altitude rated

A municipality isn’t owned
But to its citizens loaned
Then inhabited by minds
Which thereupon, finds
Ideas to continue being honed

Everything possesses
And therefore expresses
What its image might be
When deciding to tee
Up and drive its ball to successes

Everything that’s right
In society might
Be wrong with it too
Depending on who
Has a view, a virtual insight

Little did we know
How far our system could go
The electoral college
Providing the knowledge
Of who would turn up, apropos…

One gets to a point
Where choices disjoint;
Then all that’s left to do
Is to just go “boo-hoo”
Hopefully living a life to anoint

Suffering till one dies:
Something few would advise
Preferring a quicker
Bucket kicker:
A bomb, bullet, SweeneyTodd meat pies?

To be able to write
From experience might
Require having been
Places other than in
Neighborhoods green-grassy & lily-white


Small-ish thinking produces
Miniature products with uses
In shrunken activities—
Or, Lo! Sunk in proclivities
Expanded intellectual juices

One sometimes just wants to die
Going afterward up to the sky
Where, we’re told, there’s a Heaven;
With God’s presence to leaven,
We could thrive on divinity’s pie

One’s leg, persistently awake
Comes on every minute to take
Away sleep, disturbing
Essentially curbing
A leisurely attempt at resting to make

At old age and in constant pain,
When lying in bed is the bane
Of one’s existence
He’d offer no resistance
To a walk in the Grim Reaper’s Lane

Urinary pain can keep
One from getting sleep
Constantly bringing
On penile stinging.
Choice: Doctor, The Gun, or a building leap

H. John Henry writes limericks
Stating a point that lands and sticks
Hopefully in readers minds
With poetic advice that thenceforth finds
Fertile soil resistant to caustic picks

Celebrations are held because all
Within a wildly exultant wall
Recognize anniversary functions
Realizing applicable junctions
Protect against a predatorial pall

Coming upon a spilled crumb
A bug might figure it’s dumb
Luck, not having to pry
Open a package to try
For tasty edible vittles for the tum

A bug’s life, opportune
Chances for finding at noon
Fuel for subsistence
Of daily existence
Are our careless droppings, a boon

Don’t reduce parameters
To limits where amateurs’
Thinking is narrow
But plowing a harrow,
Break ground with wider diameters

In thinking, take care to
Open corners bare to
The light of exposure
To get full disclosure—
Thus a potential one might be aware to

Thinking? Just go for it;
Into a new pitcher pour it
Regardless of whether
Speculating might tether
Ideas of notable interest, or bore it

We’re bigger than we are 
When you think of it, by far
But we settle for smaller
The almighty dollar
Constantly raising prosperity’s bar

If we think big, then
As women and men
We aspire to what’s more
Writing ‘round a bare core,
Harvesting notions with a thoughtful pen

Many times it seems
To pay attention to our dreams
Might be an answer to plights
By soaring to heights
Spurred ever upward by schemes

Pure power is often expressed
With a confrontational zest
 In large part defeating
Lo! Ending up eating
Cannibalistically, therefore a feral fest

In Henry’s ice cream store,
Growing up one got to explore
Various flavors available
Whose zest might be salable
To those who appreciate taste, and more

When pondering matters of taste
It makes good sense not to waste
A morsel when eating a victim
Spurring some to concede to a dictum
Other cannibals have also embraced

Victims, figuratively at best
Fall into categories, a test
Of whose victuals are tasty
That might invite hasty scarfing
Or gradual consumption for zest

Guests might be coming
So feed ‘em good, humming
With victuals tastefully bringing
What’s good on the palate, singing
Pleasant tunes to esophigal plumbing

The poet who invents limericks
With points a-coming from sticks
And stones that break bones,
Spurs thought by writing, hones
Sharp morals performing rhetorical tricks

Remember a taste for “next time”
Find a dish that might rhyme
With palates thus anticipating,
Catering delights, so sating
Sustenance with cookery sublime


Drugs are delusion
Make you think that you’re usin’
Them but reality later
When your head is on straighter
Let you know that your life they’re confusin’

Rhythms entice us along
Into a beat or a song
Delivering a virtual message
Which may later just presage
Regret when an act gets the “Gong”

Living life minute by minute
One gets to enjoy what’s in it
While other approaches
Boil down to what coaches
Suggest or blame on which to then pin it

Open the ears and listen.
Newer ideas might glisten
Providing ablutions
To previous solutions
That tried, but failed to re-christen

Is what you’re hearing worth
List’ning to, a rebirth
Of approaches or
Just old coaches for
Teams now deserving of mirth

A new cream that works
Is deserving of perks
For comfort it provides
Healing cracked skin, besides
Chapped lips too, wintertime’s irks

Oft times it seems
That having of dreams
Is a lifetime renewing solution
A refreshingly purging ablution
Applied to previous schemes

Verbiage, a sort of sport
Can be used to contort
Conceptual ideas
Into pat panaceas
To grasp and adopt, or eventually abort

Verbiage, capturing fancy
Often might seem kind of chancy
But, proposing ideas
Suitable panaceas
Could spur celebrations quite dancy

Capturing fancies, words
Igniting ideas are like birds
Flying into one’s mind
With baubles to find
Turning out to be treasures, or turds


Made up to charm the ear
Musical notes are sung to hear
In the soul of the listener
Whose cockles will glisten or
Even elicit a tear

Producing reactions
Melodic abstractions,
Musical notes played and heard
In a mix serenaded and stirred
Can change outlooks, even actions

Reactions produced
By music can boost
Ones attitudinal stance
Expand latitudinal dance
Or a song where perspective is loosed

By now, you would think
Having been to the brink
Of Earthly destruction
There’d be a construction
Of peace planned casually over a drink

Folks ought to have enough sense
By now to pitch their own tents
Protecting from whether
Going free or tethering
Is hampered within by a clerical fence

In getting along, it’s trust
That keeps us honest, a must
That society
Curbs impropriety
Lest we all become ashes & dust

Animals have a feral trust
That of humans they simply must
Remain ever cautious
To a point that nauseous
Reactions are triggered creating disgust

How to lose radio fans:
“Fund-Raising” ending up sans
Faithful listeners
Reactional glisteners
Steering to dial-changing scans

Fund-Raising, indispensable
Functions un-comprehensible
To listeners and viewers
Public Station, adieu-ers
Immediately to something more sensible

Ever being the dreamer
Approach life then, as a schemer
Conniving to get
Without a regret
What you want, a full-steamer

But then, every day
There’s gotta be fun
In what’s to do, or one
Simply drones on and wastes away

I guess you probably know
When you’re gonna die, so
Feel your heart stop beating
Cockles stop constantly heating
Up for what to do or where to go

Reduced to denominators,
Fractional words, dominators
Of societal mores can state
Even what to contemplate
Before considering nominators

Bare truth exposes
That which poses
A wrong direction
Seeming a connection
But then, isn’t what it proposes

When you feel poetical
No use to be antithetical
Like wine to a cruet
Just pour words in to it
Musing a theme theoretical

Words’ meanings indicate
That which might propagate
Thoughts to consider
Unless just a kidder
Uses them simply to agitate

Words sung to hear
Astonish the ear
Of those whose listening
Concludes from the glistening
Ideas, new roads to travel or fear

Charming ears, words
Enter like birds
Fly to a nest
Thereupon rest
Laying eggs, hatching lexical herds

In a life to ensue
Who knew that a few
Rhetorical rungs
Could emerge from our lungs
Yielding a new providential “to-do”

Advertising’s job
Is to get in the way, lob
A commercial idea, prod
An appealing façade
Using the charm of a spokesman’s gob

Limericks are lyrical
Primarily satirical
But some, with a moral
Come through with an aural
Point without even being empirical

Triumph over trivia
Might just give ya
A poetical sense
Bringing consequence
To that which might outlive ya

Important matters
Set forth on platters
For immediate consumption
Can spur further gumption
Into fat pitches for batters

Important matters assert
That when folks blurt
Out facts about ‘em
Society ought to route ‘em
Toward finally cleaning up dirt

Latch on to the gene
For adventure, careen
Along with it
Creating a myth it
Delves into till now unforeseen

Possessing a gene for adventure
Don’t be a warming-the-bencher
Get up and go far
Finding a bar
Where the product is a qwest-quencher

The adventure gene is a boon
To living a life opportune
With places to travel
Where one can unravel
Emotional seeds that were strewn

Going out afar
Beyond what’s thought of as par
Might make one afraid
To start a crusade
But hey, you are where you are

Trying many things
Over the years brings
Out possibilities,
To use one’s abilities:
Fonts from which novelty springs

Things succeed, things fail.
Sometimes, beyond the pale
Lie ideas that might work
Then again, run berserk;
When done, leave one in jail

Triumph over trivia!
For as long as ya live, ya
Gotta tend to important
Matters of portent
That only experience can give ya

Set to doggerel, life
Conveying friendship or strife
Depends on the lyric
Signifying a pyrrhic
Victory with oncoming perils rife

Doggerel set to music might
Poetically signify flight
Into areas unthought of
A rhetorical pot of
Ingredients simmering just right

Saying, doing things that are fun,
Involved constructively, one
Can move into fields
Whose aftermath yields
Beneficial results said-and-done

When pleasure turns to work
It might be time to jerk
Forward or back
Before an attack
By boredom running berserk

When it’s time to move on, one
Occasionally may carry a ton
Of weight from former
Positions with warmer
Memories already having begun

Life, like a dream goes
To eventually propose
Beneficial rewards
For aiming towards
Goals that working bestows

Death just might be more
Than one would dream, a score:
Pleasant transition
To a Heavenly position
A faraway Paradisiacal shore

Dream me a life, God
In which a facade
Of seeming
Carries on, beaming
Up to Thy Heavenly sod

It often comes to seem
Life is naught but a dream
Or so it is said
Over breaking of bread
Quoting lyrical poets supreme

Dream tonight, tomorrow
Staving off sorrow
From that which might happen
Be able to tap in
To dreams you might borrow


An auditory gift might
Be just the thing to fight
Objectionable items
Electionably fight ‘em
With votes as weapons of right

Auditory gift to the mind:
Discovering melody to find
Rhythm going with it
Counterpointing a lid it
Needs to complete to be enshrined

“Save the World” he sang
Ears perked up, bells rang
Everyone listened
Confidence glistened
Until it developed into a harangue

A jazzy idea
Portends panacaea
To a logic in melody
Short of cacophony
Befitting a tuneful tortilla

The best parts of a sow’s ear
Might fare better if it can hear
Other ones oinking
Before butchers’ boinking
Makes life here disappear

Sow’s ear to silk purse…
Well, things could be worse
If you’re a pig whose
Body parts to lose
Are carved up edibles to disburse

Show only best parts
When creating some arts
For public display
To therefore allay
The aiming of critical darts

Aspire to create beauty
As though it’s one’s duty
In a society beset by
Profligate crudity to get by
Earning some appreciative booty

Simple components
Might baffle opponents
When used to show proof
Of how staying aloof
Can attract consequential proponents

Pills let us be bolder
Allowing us to shoulder
Death aside staying
Alive and still praying
For life to remain, thus grow older

Sing a song phrase
That will somehow amaze
Listeners who
Might see as true
Novel opinions or ways

Make up a musical phrase
Then see if it plays
In different keys
C’s, F’s, even in G’s…
Enhance repertoire in many ways

Compose and play
A musical array
Of notes making up
A phrase, taking up
Tunes that have something to say

Singing a song again
Suiting the mood when
A clear-cut tone is called for
That listeners will fall for
Its melody, act accordingly then

Musical playing’s a game
On a piano, or same
As an instrument tooted
With melodies hooted,
Imaginations thus to blame

Tuneful melodies characterize
A mood or a time that a wise
Composer might accompany
In retrospect dump any
Emotions into tasty musical pies

The character of sound
Can usually be found
In the mood of composer’s
Spirit of closure
So emotional feeling can thus redound

Spreading feelings around
A composer can tunefully sound
Emotional feeling
Warding off reeling
From trauma previously found

Often times songs occur
To the mind, inferring
Relations to previous
Times mischievous
When youth trumped a him or a her

Singing a song to someone new
That previously you
Identified with another
Might infect-ively smother
A marriage before it goes through

Artist: Please yourself
But spare us your indulgence
Until it's made into art
Keeping it apart
From practical worldly divulgence

What chu gonna write
That being read just might
Influence behavior
So you as a savior
Can shine a proprietal light

Stimulating minds
With singular kinds
Of viewing attitudes
Opening latitudes
Defeats traditional finds

Imagine what should be
If only it would be
Patently do-able
With profits accruable
From action that certainly could be

Eventually becoming is
More than just summing
Up nerve to conceive
A task to achieve
With a lucrative future forthcoming

What already exists
Is a world that consists
Of political quakes
Attitudinal takes
Spurred on by words and then fists

A good voice could
If only it would
Say what needs saying
Not turning to braying
Cliches, but doing some good

People need telling
If not plainly spelling
Out what to do in
Conditions to clue into
Solution-al outlooks propelling

Approaching new ventures
Curiosity quenchers:
The question is how to
Approach so’s not now to
Encourage incurring indentures

Singing words intones
A message that drones
On if not melodically
Rhythmically, harmonically,
Lyrically spouting unknowns


Reach too far and lose
But remember then to choose
Something do-able
Not pooh-pooh-able
For which you’ll be paying some dues

Stretch the dimensions
The common conventions
Of where you can go
Zoom to and fro
Finding limits to reinventions

Gambling dens are run
Emitting funds and fun
To profit the owners
At the expense of donors
Who spend their dough by the ton

Whether to dictate
Perhaps participate
Is a common decision
Borne of derision
By balkers with time to dissipate

To write, publish or meet
Inevitably will greet
Obstacles to expression
By those in possession
Of power to simply delete

Making wellness happen at home
Might require browsing a tome
About cures without doctors
According to proctors
Who advise with a fine-tooth-comb

Making cures happen
Requires one tap in
To tomes written;
Refusing to be smitten
By symptoms serving to entrap in

Were I younger
I’d surely hunger
For satisfying love
To lift me above
My current old age-monger

Find a way to concoct
An idea that won’t be mocked
Exploring perspective
That won’t be defective
Leaving a listener shocked

How to make you fall
In love with me, to call
When I need camaraderie
Might be just the oddity
Juxtaposing words to install

When going for perfection
One might make a connection
To satisfactory acceptance
Just to see if a tap dance
Might satisfy the urge to a flexion

Reorganize morality
To suit a mentality
Called for by attitudes
Adopting new platitudes
For use in every locality

A New World Order
Spawns a border
‘Tween customs long held
Then recently felled
By those who would counter disorder

You who’d inscribe
Ideas to imbibe
Into people’s morality
Mind the totality
Of what not to prescribe

Writer: Seek to provide
A direction that’s wide
Enough with missteps
Which even the schleps
Can hike on when later applied

In lying down to die
Have no regrets or wonder why
If denied a Celestial bid
Living life the way you did
You hadn’t enough good works to ply

Wonder with imagination
What might be a ration
Of propositions on which
To act on enriching
Future existence, life’s next station

Try to discover
What’s under cover
That the Creator
Intended, but now not later
Become a Utopian Heavenly lover!

Die in a state-of-grace
Not with a pie-in-your-face
Created by sinning
In each fateful inning,
Confessing your sins just in case…

Desirable: to die
Quickly, painlessly why
Not do away with a life
While playing a fife
And a drum by which to go “Bye.”


To ration one’s self
Is like building a shelf
Upon which to put
One’s impulses a foot
Away but at hand like a delph

To ration one’s self is restraint
Away from bad habits feinting
As though
On a straight path to go
Aspiring to be a saint

What do you contribute
To your world, distributing
Virtuous acts, setting example,
Refusing to trample
On attitudes drawing society’s tribute?

Living in one’s world ev’ry day
Encourages one to make hay
While the sun shines upon
Opportunities apt that on
Any card might be one to play

What then, does one give
To a world where we live
That might be needing
Some rules to be heeding
Leaving benefits people might sieve

Life’s about having some fun
Eating the ice cream that one
Craves for the flavor
Becoming a raver
On joy ere it’s over and done

Whatever amuses one works
Within clear purview fun lurks
Waiting for exploit
By those whose adroit
Talents might profit in perks

The music of life
Opportunities rife
Play on harmonically
Not always sonically
Sometimes ending in strife

Rhapsodies contrapuntal
Might be confrontal
To music lessons
Which were but sessions
In exercise and scales affront-al

If God’s music stops
Angels’ effect drops
To zero from Heaven
Ceasing to leaven
Behavior which thereupon flops


The highest calling in life
With opportunity rife
Is to mimic The Lord
By creating, aiming toward
Perfection as sharp as a knife

Spirits await, imbibing souls
Turning halves into wholes
From broke metaphysical pieces
Because life never ceases
Going on, but then with new roles

The spiritual milieu
Is one including you
We will one day inhabit
So, pray like an abbot
Or linger around with things to do

Life ends too soon
Ere payed with a boon
Of consistent behavior
Required as a savior
Humming a Heavenly tune

Tired old-told tales
Keeping thought on their rails
True, though they may be
Don’t quite help us to see
Or avoid a direction that fails

To let one’s self
Get parked on a shelf
With viewpoints ignored
Is like being gored
Oxymorons playing the elf

Leaving the past, go ahead
Doing a new thing to tread
Into the future
Old wounds to suture
 Lying down in a fresh new bed

Good things await exploration
Imminent exploitation
By those who can vend
Their merit, comprehend
Value to civilization

Not just a job, but a mission
 Occurs to a politician
With values erected;
But, first get elected—
A crucially required condition

An idealistic firebrand
Rises on up to demand
Just applications
To oppressive nations
Applying an onerous hand

On little pieces of paper
One can commit to a caper
Of iniquitous thinking
Simply by inking
To a reader, a slack-jawed gaper

Poetry is totally unique
A voice with which one can speak
Relaying a message
Where writer’s confess-age
Might shocking novelty wreak

When in a poetic mood
With a pen, a gal or a dude
Ought to write down a verse
Which, allaying a curse,
A sensible thought might exude

What can one write that makes sense
That’s not too simple or dense
Transmitting a thought
To a reader who ought
To use it, exists forth, progressing hence

Inhaling to whistle
Will be healthful. This’ll
Strengthen the lungs
Enabling rungs
To be climbed without dismissal

We know not the soul’s direction,
Which behavior or defection
To sin might
End up a slight
To God’s wishes’ election

Even when the body fails
The mind continues on its trails
Indulging in dreams
Which thereupon seems
To calm corporeal travails

Ah! The Soul, a thing
For which the bells ring
When the body, long dead
In direction will head
To its grave for final resting

There always exists a way
Earth’s troubles to allay
The trick is to find it
Then if you don’t mind it
Arrange to put it in play

Destinies abound
Just hanging around
Awaiting invoking
With hot coals stoking
A furnace of cerebral sound

The warmth of a sweater
Gets better and better
As winter’s low temps
Sans sunshine’s attempts
To heat Earth up and snowfall unfetter

We know not what the soul
Might be harboring, stroll
Through streets encountering
What might be foundering
Spiritual ventures on patrol

Ideas are floating around
Waiting in space to be found
Then utilized forth…
East, West, South, North
Wherever they might redound

Elaborate houses are built
On Earth or up on a stilt-
Supported framework
Intending to tame working
Currents right up to their hilt

Pieces of paper invite
Setting down of the right
Way of thinking
Simply by inking
Directions’ rhetorical sight

Who, if not you
Can say what to do
By writing down rules
Or Approaches, schools
Of thought not to pooh-pooh

A world of thought to peruse
Fruits of which one might use
To initiate progress
Move on to or digress
From opinions or harmful views

Pieces of paper beg
For writing, giving a leg-
Up on thinking
Simply through inking
Novel ideas uplifting a peg

Hundreds of roads to explore
Begging for trav’lers, implore
Exploration to places
Where imagery faces
Up to what one can’t ignore

With words, there’s ever more
Subtlety right to the core
Of hearers or readers
Who might become headers
Of thinking they just can’t ignore

Life is easy, death hard
Gotta be on one’s guard
With occasions lurking
Conflicts a-perking
Right in your own backyard

All about fun, life goes on
Thru thick and thin, a bon
-Bon to be sure during living
‘Long as fate keeps-on-giving
Positive answers each dawn

Having a lotta
Fun, ya gotta
Pursue your destinies
Ignoring the rest, in these
Times when life seems “non-grata”

Go, love what you do;
If you don’t, then you
Have to find something other
In order to smother
Existence you need to subdue

In art you can say what you want
Thus managing ever to taunt,
Then artistically be with
Even those you don’t agree with
Up to a point where you daunt

Sing what you say in a way
That moves listeners. Play
Tunes with lyrical
Notes even pyrrhic-al,
Sponsoring disciplines useful today

Fantasy, Ah, dreaming
Its Neverland seeming
As long as one’s sleeping
To consciousness creeping
With new possibilities teeming

Dreaming dreams one may  
Hallucinate a new day
  Where things then conform
To one’s wants, a new norm
Adequately foregoing dismay

Fraternities need
To get up to speed
Adult supervision
Avoiding derision
Salubrious help guaranteed

Helping kids grow up
Might just be one’s cup
Of tea or a beverage
Exerting a leverage
O’er college behavior closeup

Of all the things I could have done
I then chose an acceptable one
That gave the most pleasure
Realizing a treasure
Rewarding me once it had begun

Things that are the most fun
Occasionally run
Onto dangerous high-ways
That then lead to flyaways
With landings a bit overdone

If the shoe fits, wear it
Simply grin and bear it
But how one looks in it
If causing chagrin, it
Might be a good choice to beware it

Getting advice
Might be nice
But making decisions
Could cause divisions
In attitudes once or twice

If impulses win
Putting you in
What could involve
Dilemmas to solve
Look for new tales to spin

Feeling avoided
Can leave one de-voided
Of choices to choose
Except just to lose,
Ending up, oh, sang-froided…

When one one admires
Shows up with flat tires
Consequently unraveling,
The vehicle traveling
A destiny simply expires

Growing old unhealthily
Best happens wealth-ily
Cause it’s not any fun
Especially when one
Feels death moving closer stealthily

Write down what you know
That others can read and so
Instead of by doing
They learn by viewing
Ideas where savoir-faire will grow

Go play all the parts
That you can to your heart’s
Content, on stage or in life;
Opportunities rife
Exist for impelling of starts

All of the parts life plays
Should be oh, fun, essays
Written down on existence
Which, with persistence
Might end up in Hades—ablaze

Live life, have fun!
After all, only one
Comes along in this chapter;
But then… everafter
Looming to atone with is begun

Impulsiveness might get
A door open to let
A talent be shown
That once it is known
A glowing career could abet

Getting to somewhere new
Could thus make one eschew
Habits of old
With a life more controlled,
Improving existence to ensue

Where does one want to go
Bouncing about to and fro?
Well, better decide
Which convenience to ride
If aimed for a future aglow

Fat, dumb and happy
We wend our way scrappy
As we’re allowed
Heads never bowed
Until a future looms crappy

Ideas come and they go
While decisions con or pro
Wait in the wings
While we’re doing the things
Ev’ryday’s forces deem apropos

Ideas, owning roads traveled
Their suggestions unraveled
By newer directions
End up in confections
Served up strained and un-graveled

The olden days are gone
When we depended upon
Institutions to care
For our needs thus to share
Boundless bounties to spawn

Stop looking back,
The future attack;
Think on what’s coming
So you’ll be humming
A melody on the right track

Gone are the days
When we used the old ways
To get what we wanted
Now we are taunted
Online by laptop displays

Prepare for the best
Or the worst, to arrest
Progress to armageddon
By getting your head on
Obliterating a harmful nest

Ha! A world sans forgetting.
I’m betting
Those who’ve been bombed remember
Every little ember
Of what was their home, regretting…

As I lay me down to die
I pray the Lord and wonder why
He gave me all the things He did
Since I was a little kid
With life as smooth as pumpkin pie

A view from an ice cream
Store comes across to seem
Like a series of flavors to taste
With nary a lick to waste…
Nothing but pleasure agleam

Limerick, a-measure
To ice cream a pleasure
Not a big jump
Once you’re over the hump
A lyrical tasty treat to treasure

More than descriptive, words,
Applied to conditions, curds
Left over, some cream
Introduced by a dream
Might even be sung by the birds

Words speaking thought to
Sensitive minds ought to
More than describe
But transmit, prescribe
Activity which then may be sought to

Writing words that mean
Something to minds, lean
Them toward causes
Where consequent pauses
Might avoid tragedies unforeseen

A savvy mind grasps
Vulgar thought, forming rasps
On readers’ intents,
Urging building a fence
Between sense and rhetorical asps

Writing’s its own reward
Plying logic toward
Sensible action
Resulting from traction
Verbally gained, amusingly soared

Exchanging mirage for a walk
Abstraction goes deeper than talk
Through an artist’s perception
Presents a conception
With vision as sharp as a hawk

With Jazz the mind dances
Harmonic romances
That carry the conscious
Melodious bus
To places of musical chances

Ev’rything is useful somehow
For beating a certain drum, how
To show a practical way
Finding words to say
Just the right thought to avow

The ultimate act of will
Might be a plot to distill
Thoughts into phrases
That turn into gazes
Afar, speculations therefore instill

Country boy don’t know
Any better and so
Puts his smelly feet up
On furniture to heat up;
Thus might be thought of as “slow”

City boy lets things slide
Going along with the tide
Of immigrants foreign
Or maybe deplorin’
Within himself feelings that hide

The ultimate act of will
Is cogitating until
What comes to mind
Consequently opined
Is then undertaken, a thought to fulfill

Creating a thought
That everyone ought
To have reasoned already
Though somewhat unsteady
Might even be kind of… a plot

Useful somehow, everyone
Civilian to barbarian
Steeped in speculating
Needs some regulating
Before becoming contrarian

Jazz goes nowhere, as it wants
Spurring fancy, so it taunts
Minds that are agile
Thoughts that are fragile
To intellectual croissants

Let the mind wander
Perhaps even ponder
A world where all
Get along forestalling
Wars in which lives we might squander

A world without forgetting:
Not something on which to be betting
Though eternal joy
Might be there to employ
Dispensing with suffering o’er which to be fretting

Raw wisdom untouched
With anecdotes clutched
Might be for the taking
Catastrophes braking
By following ethical conduct as such

Producers who cast
Ambitious young girls alas
Select… flirtatiously
Their actions audaciously
Flouting morality’s stuffy morass

What ingenue wouldn’t flirt
With a producer to help or to hurt
Her chances for stardom
To polish or mar them
Granting favors by lifting her skirt

Jazz, a tuneful combination
Aspires to tonal sensation
Presenting, exhaling a musical joint
Of rhythm, melody, counterpoint
Each time with a new presentation

If there’s only an act to do
By performing, then you
For the nonce have to be
A character we
Can spot and whose eyes to see through

Standing out, becoming,
A personal instrument strumming
Presenting demeanor to do
By pretending to something anew
Is a tacit sermon to preach ere succumbing

Taking hold of a pen
Go write an idea, then
Be it lengthy or terse
Present it in verse
To stimulate logic without an “Amen”

The ceiling under which
We survive is a rich
Horn of plenty
Bouquet-ish and scent-y
With treasures that might just bewitch

Once in a very great while
An novel idea occurs to beguile
Us like fruits needing picking
Ripe and juicy thus sticking
To beg acknowledgement as worthwhile

Writing words that mean
Something from which to glean
Logical thought, wisdom, advice
Is nice…
But actions speak louder and can be seen

Words, thoughts descriptive
To a logical mind conscriptive
Insisting their meaning
Pierce thought, intervening
In sense pose solutions up-zip-tive

Words speak thoughts still hidden
Firing bullets at limits forbidden
When more than descriptive
Strike pay dirt prescriptive
Previous behavior therefore overridden

Words speak as beelines
To open and free minds
With phrase posing logic
Reverse demagogic
Using rhetorical barriers as tree lines

From ice cream store to limerick
Not a long trip, a gimmick
To tricking the thinker
Becoming an inker
Of tasty thought lines to possibly mimic

Ice cream store, a wonderful life
Free of anxiety struggle and strife
Leads to the gimmick
Of writing a limerick
With zesty thought where wisdom is rife

Hopeful: A world without;
Then forgetting about
What could happen when
Competition again
Rises to bellicose levels throughout

When God created Adam and Eve
What was He thinking? A thing to achieve
Personified pure duplication
In body but not transformation
To Divinity yet? OK, maybe a later reprieve

Don’t all humans want
The same things: Locating a font
Spraying happiness and health
With eventual wealth
Appearing when playing a tune avant?

A world sans forgetting
With ceaseless abetting
Eternal joy, containing
Thoughts to deploy retaining
Good sensibility needs some further begetting

Growing up in an ice cream store
One gets used to wanting more
To life than humdrum existence
With a nagging persistence:
That of creating a tasty colorful lore

Writing, telling to the world
Is letting a flag be unfurled
Representing a viewpoint
That might be a new point
To make that begs right now to be hurled

In order to write
One first must ignite
A viewpoint deep down
Maybe first bum around
Getting the lay of the land day and night

When comes a time for “Adios”
To someone, don’t be verbose
Just minimally say
“I’m going away,”
Without condescending to the morose

Going, finding someone new
When one’s current one who
Being a marcher
Hints at departure
Is an unpleasant plight welcome to few

Write, saying what you can
That posits considering, an
Interesting viewpoint
Maybe even a new point
For viewing ere future’s even began

If you’re creative
Thoughts innovative
Keep coming up, appearing
Demanding a hearing
Possibly rising to be probative

Personal productivity
Results from sheer activity
Initiating from within
Pouring out to spin
Tales, or God forbid, insensitivity

When life gets miserable
And the end seems visible
Say what you’re gonna
Bequeath if you wanna
Poke a thoughtful viewpoint that’s risible

When death seems better
Than life as it is, just a fetter
‘Round ankles restricting
Going or doing predicting
The end, Mother Nature comes, so let her

All of life’s parts are fun
So settling on just one
For earning a living
Will wind up giving
Endless amusement be done

Growing old can be lots of fun
When illness stays out on the run
From daily activity
With a proclivity
To remain deserted from one

Feeling avoided by
One one admires, why
Not engage in
Activity to page in
More practical living hereby

When impulses win out
Very well they might flout
Established behavior
Requiring a savior
To plot out a different route

Being discreet
Might require complete
Adherence to manners
With flying of banners
Announcing behavior’s decorum replete

When impulses win
Out over chagrin,
Commit to a session
Absenting discretion,
That’s when the troubles begin

Shoe-fitting advice
Might not be so nice
As to wearing it, thus
Causing pain plus
Enduring results and their price

Wearing a shoe that fits
Is comfortable so its
Utility coincides
With pleasure, and provides
A bargain that never quits

What did you do or didn’t
That might have been forbidden
Incurring the wrath of snobbery
Bringing about thus a robbery
Of reputation-al currents then ridden?

Forks in the road
Of life might bode
Constructive choices
Or negative voices
Tempting away a positive mode

If the shoe fits then wear it
Giving in, grin and bear it
If not, walk away
Thus no fears to allay, so
Nothing with which to compare it

Feeling a little bit snubbed?
No wonder, if you’ve been dubbed
A creator of wrath
Which leads down a path
Where true believers were drubbed

A major fork
In the road is a torque
Exerting a force
Thus plotting a course
To avoid a directional bork

A few times in life
Come road’s forks, with a knife
Dividing the path
Into choices which hath
The boon of avoidance of strife

Being snubbed by someone
Admirable is a stun
To the psyche to avoid
For consequently destroyed
Is a budding friendship thought won

Playing a real Svengali
Might just have its own folly
If the chosen Trilby
As a subject will be
Uncontrollably (Roll eyes) jolly

The power of words
Conveying accolades, “birds”
Or lukewarm opinion
Expressing dominion
Might make geniuses wannabe nerds

The power of words to convey
Expression, opinion, “cachet”
Yet to be surpassed
Leaves elated or aghast
Readers or hearers in hope or dismay

Civilized alternatives beckon
By which society can reckon
Whether to pursue
And continue to renew
Behaviors in a split second

Racism, a waste
Of time meant to taste
Flavors of thought
Gleaning what ought
To be noticed and thereupon chased

There’s forever to be
Doing, just to cast “me”
Where one depicts bigger
Versions with rigorous
Craving for futures to see
Eschewing being, simply doing
Working, playing, wooing, boo-hoo-ing
Is quite enough to keep one busy
Just avoiding getting dizzy
From activities accruing

Take advantage of times
Where creativity chimes
At heights that conceive
What others perceive
To be impossible climbs

Create, make what you can
Out of nothing from which you began
Leaving an inventive state
To heirs who might then perpetrate
And execute a future plan

Growing up with comic books
Gives perspective laced with hooks
Which, catching the observant eye
Then culminating underlie
A potpourri that later cooks

A caricature rendition
Of a thoughtful proposition
Is a medium’s perspective
Skirting around invective
Stinging with pungent ammunition
Go play many parts in life
‘Cause opportunities are rife
On a stage for a long run
Or at a job just having fun
With obligations, even strife

Writing down what you know
Is a legacy, so
Others can benefit from
Your experience coming
Around noting whither to go

When someone you really admire
Avoids you as though you were fire
There’s just nothing worse
It’s as though a curse
Dropped you into a funeral pyre

If your impulses win
They can then land you in
Troubled waters for sure
To create a detour
Straight into a seaway of sin

Music is a common tune
By which any common lune
Can whistle melodic
Be even rhapsodic
With notes contrapuntally strewn

Convey with melodic
Refrains periodic
Dispatches with meaning
From which ears gleaning
Catch hints episodic

A way ere exists
If a thinker persists
In searching to get
To an answer unmet
Then heeds to of what it consists

Find a way to an end
In order to somewhat defend
A route to be taken
Before it’s forsaken—
A fix with which to attend

Destinies abound
Just hanging around
Yea wait to be chosen
By suitors still frozen
In kingdoms yet to be crowned

Our souls, those things
As the final bell rings
Tolling the end
Of life lived, portend
Existing with Devils or Kings

When the body fails
From maladies’ ails
The mind still functions
Arriving at junctions;
Predicting hereafter’s prevails

Dreams in which to indulge
Might encounter a bulge
Of the body reckoning
With afterlife beckoning
Admissions of sins to divulge

Music in the air
Waits to be captured where
It can be caged up, tuned
Harmonically pruned
To a point where it’s raising your hair

When it’s out of lead
Your pencil, it is said
Projects a lack of power;
Yet, that’s better than a sour
Commentary ere you’re dead

The music of life plays on
We hear it until we are gone
Thus existence more bearable
Melodics more wearable
Contrapuntally tuning to don

Life is fun, and nothing more
Interests splurging at its core
To pick up and run
Till it’s over and done,
When its adventures turn into lore

Living that amuses
Comes with its bruises
But the fun that you have
Can act as a salve
Bringing the zest it infuses

The world you live in
Might be a given
So when you contribute
Boons to distribute,
To Heaven’s gates you have striven

To ration blessing
Is adding dressing
To salads of living
By benefits giving
Tasteful caressing

A lifetime role
Under control
Could well have been cast
By God, then when passed
Might be one to extol

Cast in your part
Take control of the art
Living the role
Playing up to extol
Its perks ere you too soon depart

The role of a lifetime
Amounts to a hill climb
So you either ascend
Or come to depend
On what falls in its prime

A job suits one better
Nose-to-grindstone fetter
Than relying on chutzpah
So bid days “Konichiwa”
Rising up to be a go-getter

The role of a firebrand
Exerts its demand
Of pursuing a mission
With predisposition
To pull off a valiant stand

Reach too far and lose
At whatever you choose
But at least stretch
Dimensions to etch
Your mark into annals to use

Did you become
Something that some
Might consider useful
Or end up disgraceful
Nothing more than a bum?

Is existence
Just keeping your distance
Enough to supplant
Any troubles extant
Or do they require more resistance?

Grand opera and life
Inundated with strife:
Just different sizes
With disparate prizes
For valuable victories rife

Dream with marijuana
But then, what are you gonna
Do when it wears
Off and your cares
Remain sans the nirvana

Hang out with all the wrong kids
Then what’s found all along bids
Hello to a life
Subjected to strife
Existence serving to hit the skids

To unexpectedly die
Quickly saying “Bye-bye”
In a state of good grace
With Heaven the place
To go next is a wish to apply

Imagining, see,
You won’t disagree
When you discover
What lies undercover
That to your profit might be

When you lay you down to die
It’s not just to wonder why
You lived a life the way you did
To be denied a Heav’nly bid
But admit your choices went awry

As a meaningful scribe
Literarily bribe
Leaders in search of ideas
With possible panaceas
For civilization to prescribe

Statesperson’s choice:
Having a voice,
Does one conform
To a political norm
Or vote one’s mind and rejoice?

What’s more important to fund
What will leave the world stunned
Such as wars’ disagreement
Leaving parties vehement
Or trading in which they are dunned?

Medicare cash spent
By government
Can benefit citizens health
Contribute to personal wealth,
Estates’ decline circumvent

Spending money on war
Or even preparing therefor:
Prosperity untasted
Opportunity wasted
Pursuing objectives of gore

Spending money on Health
Is tantamount to wealth
Gathered o’er years
Allaying one’s fears
Of dying early in stealth

The brain a cardinal part
Of the body, comes apart
When thought spins awry
Logic going bye-bye
And sensible judgements depart

Browsing for links
To access what one thinks
Might address pressing needs
Giving thought that then feeds
Into new opportunities’ brinks

Tired of being alive
Doing tricks to survive
One gets to the point
Where it’s time to annoint
This life then the next one arrive

Sending a wire
On avoiding Hell’s fire
By behavior steady
Is doing already
Some preaching to the choir

As an aspiration:
Somehow inspiration
Will come, thus beauty
Inspiring a duty
To exceed expectation

Power expressed
By beating one’s breast
Gathers attention of course
But need I mention, the source
Might show an intention to jest

Witnesses awed by power
Might conceivably cower
Or possibly stand up
Extend a righthand up
Presenting a fist or a flower

October’s last night it seems
In Halloween’s dreams
We show ourselves bigger
Than life then we snigger
At peoples’ reactions and screams

Verbiage, a sport
Of scribes of a sort
Capturing fancy
Might be a bit chancy
Senses of humor to thwart

Ice cream might solve
Concerns that evolve
From magnified plights
Exploding in fights;
In tasting its flavors dissolve

Open ears listen
To thoughts that might glisten
Attending to notions
As wide as some oceans
Considering modes to rechristen

Rhythms entice us
On hearing suffice us
To act on them heedlessly
Conduct then needlessly
Coming to sinfully slice us

Beware of risky ends
To debate that descends
By steps into pockets
Of virtual sockets
Shocking in tone that offends

Times in one’s life
Come along, bringing strife
Upping and vying
With living or dying
On some days, choices are rife

Life was, well, what it was.
Hey! It does what it does.
Though it could have become
A virtual plum
About which the world is abuzz

Record discoveries ere they depart
Going there own way, as does art
Appearing elsewhere
Where they ensnare
Ardors going right to the heart

New ideas generate
A purely novel mental state
Appearing communally
Sort of “monsoon-ally”
As an optimum seasonal fate

Blossoming forth, real thought
Creates ideas which ought
In blooming thus appear
To spawn reaction, a frontier
Untrod but then with treasures wrought

Blooming buds of good ideas
Some times produce tortillas
Nourishing, when least expected
Zones formerly neglected
Tasting good, thus panaceas

Why does it take a life to solve
Problems which at first evolve
Then develop as conundrums
Hard as any carborundums
Utterly refusing to resolve?

A complication of existence
Botheration, a resistance
To living well might just intrude
Upon activity then chewed
To bits ere gaining any distance

Life, about fun
And you only get one
So live it up to its extent
Before assuming your ascent
Or plunging after death is done

Doing life wrong
Might end up a song
Sung with shrill voices
About making choices
To harken in hymns all along

Strolling through life, we
Humans with souls must agree
That adventures there loom
From cradle to tomb
So best to approach with esprit

Life: kind of a jungle
So best not to bungle
A path designated
By parents who’ve slated
Us for paths anti-fungal

Upon Impulse, Act!
Without regard to tact
Then… suffer consequences
Tearing down fences
Built to keep manners intact

Consider consequences
Of building fences
Between “unacceptable”
And one’s susceptible
Inclination ere it commences

The dictates of the brain
Lead one to abstain,
Not to take a header
Into sin, making better
Sense the boss of its domain

Spurring the heart
To its ends is a start
The brain initiates
And then officiates
While the game plays its part

Bouncing back like rubber balls
Rumors begun echo thru halls
Becoming distorted
Before they are thwarted
Resultantly spurring brawls

At-bats produce
A kind of juice,
Encourage competing
By virtue defeating
Non-participant disuse

Judging of pitches
Exposing glitches
In games people play
Prevents disarray;
Savoir-faire thus enriches

Words’ meanings transmit
What thoughts will permit
In doing, present
What utterers meant
Issuing forth to befit

Pictures can only present
Images, spew a scent
Of what speaker or writer
Intends, darker or lighter
Portraying a graphical bent

Urinary distress
Can make life quite a mess
One’s surely agreeing
That constantly peeing
Is an inconvenient stress

Adroitly go get
Something to bet
On when the race starts
Ere time departs
For winning a statuette

Adventures of fun
Races to run
Toward the go-gettable
Loom unforgettable
But caution! Take excess of none

Little bits of it all
Constantly fall
Awaiting recovery
And with that, discovery!
Solutions emerging in thrall

Sow’s ear to silk purse?
Naught, but hopes to disperse
Spur mental confections
Aye, prudent projections
Saving us from the adverse

From the addled mind
Come notions one might find
Useful at least
If not a feast
Of genius to be enshrined

Make the best of things
Catching gold rings
As the merry-go-round
Whirls, thereupon are found
Opportunities only life brings

Seek and ye shall find
Right within your mind
Apparent inventions
Yea, novel dimensions
Of cleverness there intertwined

Go look for gems to treasure
Look about, the full measure
Of what can be found
Just by looking around
Is quite useful, and a pleasure

“Seeming” is a food
For thought when a mood
Affects the serious
Life one has so-far accrued

Going inward, seeming—
Akin to dreaming
Might make one prayerful
Intellectually careful
Of going-out—beaming

The unexpected lies just
Around the corner so we must
Anticipate its consequences
Establishing preventive fences
Thus from future threats adjust

Upon your throne
Sitting all alone
Rule what you survey
Ere it might decay
Into something harmful-prone

Don’t look too far when
Horizon beckons, then
Invites exploration
With a subtle invitation
To a hungry lion’s den

Political life, a series of
“Angles” whose theories of
Shrewd and sharp negotiation
Consequently doom a nation
Whose government it wearies of

Children’s voices through the walls
Like music to the ears, enthralls
Mem’ries of rambunctious youth
From those of us long-in-the-tooth
Who yearn to yell our rowdy squalls

Life: a series of corners
To peek around, warners
Of dangers to be wary
Of  lest elements contrary
Leave us ending up as mourners

In life, so many doors
Provide alternate more’s
Or lesses depending
How one guesses, fending
Off misdeeds that one deplores

To live is to negotiate
By doing so associate
Loud aberrant voices:
Dead-ends from choices
That rackets can initiate

Polyphonous sounds
Spark epiphanous grounds
For salvations coming
Where simply strumming
One’s harp, Heaven abounds

Puns by which the clever
Oratorically endeavor
To show association
With ideas by “loquacion”
Might be lionized forever

Times change… But bang!
No bells rang
You said “Amen!”
Yet they come back again
Repeating a stürm & drang

When in dreams you reckon
Obstacles beckon:
“Come, jump over me!”
Conclusively see
How to soar in a second

Tables of plenty exist
Sometimes hard to resist
But watch! Along with ‘em
Is playing a rhythm
With a diabolical twist

Creativity requires
Sellers and buyers
To test its inventiveness
Thus its attentiveness
Snatched by its ply-ers

Refusing to scheme
As if in a dream
With no end in sight
After all just might
Land one in peaches & cream

Not giving resistance
To impulses’ persistence
One might come to be capable
Of crimes inescapable
From temptation’s insistence

Choices to be made:
Whether to be paid
For studying or flipping
Burgers if you’re skipping
School for the passing parade

Purveying thought, a choice
Giving one’s self a voice
For transmitting sense
Whose lessons from whence
Listeners can rejoice

Looking up one sees
What could fall, even trees
Reign above us
Or clouds that don’t love us
Rain down till it’s up to our knees

What could suddenly rise up
And getcha ere you wise up
Could come from the ground
Suddenly abound
With dangerous perils to size up

At the onset of life
Opportunities rife
Seek simple decisions
Avoiding collisions
With hostile perspectives or strife

Existence is kind of a dream
In which one performs to seem
As though reveries come true
In which one might construe
Great things to happen downstream

Always be the dreamer
Supposing… a kind of a schemer
In terms of plans just to
Make them come true
Ending up, who knows? A real screamer!

Idea inventing or
Plans Implementing:
Two diff’rent things
So each one brings
A solution it’s presenting

Death comes forth, peeks
‘Round the corner, speaks
First in whispers soft
Just a gentle waft
Then unmistakably shrieks!

God surely exists, ev’rywhere
His Spirit a-lurking there
Within or without
Man’s concepts—about
Counteracting despair

Man’s concept of God
Might to some seem odd
Using religion’s take
Just for goodness’ sake
To portray that He’s real, not facade

A God whose caprice
Is worldly peace
Might simply ignore
Those who implore
His Name to conquests increase

Wisdom resides within
But finding wherein
It dwells remains
An affair of our brains
So, go poking around therein

Die before you suffer
Creating a buffer
’Tween you and discomfort
A bargain to thwart
Fate before it gets rougher

Learn from the past
What will or won’t last
Anticipate future
Wounds to suture
Making what’s imminent vast

Genius in us all
Is having the gall
Being so gallant
To take latent talent
And plugging it in one’s thrall

Genius’ locale
Takes one down a canal
Rowing the way
Through rough disarray
With a calm rationale

Choosing to do
Many not few
Things in living
Without ever sieving
For gold might leave you blue

It’s surely no sin
To up and give in
To adventurous choices
Guided by voices
That promise exploits therein

Who sez life can’t
Be a bold rant
To naughty adventures
Capricious whim clenchers
Of fidgety ants in your pants

An enterprise for naught?
Okay then, so what?
No use to repent
It’s only time spent
On getting just what you got

Being this for awhile
Might spur one to smile
At what was attained
Or even obtained
In a singular domicile

Venturesome living
Is to one’s own self giving
A chance to exploit
What might be adroit
Bumpy-lumpy life-sieving

Giving up wanting to be
You might just agree—
Anathema to some
Just to become–
Is second-fiddle to free

If bows won’t do it
Tie knots to imbue it
With solid security
Signal maturity
And wed yourself to it

Don’t tie knots until you’re sure
What you’re doing will endure
Turning a trick
To trigger a click…
A propitious outcome insure

In your new life to come
Try to remember some
Of the fun things done here
Hence scorn the austere;
Go to depths neglected to plumb

Eras rush by
As we live “Oh my!”
Each little stage
Turning a page
With prudent advice to apply

Noting each era
With its chimera
Reacting with caution
We say to ourselves “Gosh” ’n
Resort to a wise firma terra

Ending existence
Requires insistence
Toward self-destruction
Enabling a suction
From life with persistence

When death backs you up
To a corner, sup
On its festive
Vittles digestive
Or sip from a vinegar cup

If what you do hurts
Its reaction asserts
A physical point
Then don’t disappoint—
Death hovers with just desserts

Dispense acquired acumen
After all, you’re human
With thoughts to transmit
Thus finally acquit
With perspicacity’s lumen

Heaven pending?
With choices constricted
One might be restricted
To ethical fences a-mending

Ah, if only to’ve been
Lonely enough in
Younger days
When society pays
To write about sin…

One could become
A player that some
People consider
A maximum bidder
Simply by beating one’s drum

As a loose cannon, speak
Illustrating some bleak
Conditions in which
We fail to enrich
Societal basic technique

Say what needs saying
Naked truth braying
Speaking frankly
Explaining what blankly
Spurs a cultural paying

Life disappointing
Wasting time “jointing?”
Find something better
Even writing a letter
To someone worth anointing

Chasing others’ dreams
Instead somehow seems
To dilute aspirations
Of realizations
Spurring unusual themes

Go, become, aspire
To what you’d admire
If looking from outside
At what would bring pride
Hurry! Don’t let it expire!

Which is more fun
If you only had one
“Becoming” or just doing?
Forget the pooh-pooh-ing
Go ahead, get it done

If you can’t get some sleep
Your cerebrum might creep
From neurasthenia
To schizophrenia
Result (Ooh!) a precarious leap

Resist tying knots
When having “the hots”
For someone attractive
Until hyperactive
Dashes calm down into dots

The secret of success:
Avoid making a mess
Just do-the-do normally
Applying a formally
Fix with finesse

Learn to give advice
Make what you say nice
Heed what you’ve said
Casting warm bread
Upon waters of ice

Courtship’s a battle
Psychological “rattle”
To bring incongruity
Of mental acuity
Turning love into chattel

A man and a woman divide
What Husband and Bride
Have acquired over years
Of marital careers
When destinations collide

Kind words, like salves
Soothe nerves, turn haves
Into haven’ts, all things
Considered fair brings
Division of wholes into halves

Words once spoken out
Evidence a verbal spout
Of feelings, un-retractable
Results thus actable
Upon, going their pursuant route

Proverbs inscribed
Are facts to be bribed
Upon brains to behave
In ways that deprave
Bad habits proscribed

Think, speak, infer
In words that incur
Actions, thus dramas
Pleasing, one’s Mama’s
Approvals to spur

Say what you’re thinking
Out loud, not inking;
Speak shadows quite visible
To feelings divisible
Thus leaving listeners blinking

Don’t be chained to becoming
Thus live your life humming
Your own tunes made up
Of bright lights to fade up
When time arrives for strumming

Creating beauty
Impressing some cutie
Is an end in itself
To be put on a shelf
Having sampled tootie fruity
(wiggle eyebrows)

Regardless what eyes of
Others devise of
Scenes they interpret,
Apply a sobriquet,
See what they really comprise of

Pick, make a choice
What to say: a voice
Stating what to choose
When faced with some do’s
Or don’t’s, then simply rejoice

Whimsy, when memory goes
Up and wittily bestows
Alternatives to blues
Which one can then choose
To create exclusive tableaux

Whimsically feeling?
Moments a-stealing
From cold logic’s pursuit?
Alas, “forbidden” fruit
Might just send you reeling

Want to do a whole lot of things?
Okay, but be aware that brings
Down singular achievement
Scaling heights, bereavement
Resulting in personal stings

Chain yourself to one thing
Throw your hat in a ring
Aspire to great heights
Go to sleep nights
Of attainment dreaming

The spice of life, variety
Maybe with notoriety
An unwanted flavor
A possible paver
Of a road to anxiety

Faking sincerity
Gains popularity
But ignores calculating
What one might be baiting
With verbal dexterity

Full living exacts a price
So here’s some tasty advice
Keep going till you’re dead
Making sure that your head
Applies a soupçon of spice

Your sex life
Or life with your ex-wife:
Nobody’s business but yours
So don’t be giving tours
Of your wrecks’ strife

When you fall, relax
To soften impacts
Of the floor as it hits you;
Resisting commits you
To feeling its whacks

Not nearly dead
Using your head
Still do this, that
Employing your talents at
Seeds to be spread

I’m no one wherein
Someone lives, within
Life’s resultant acts
Ending up in facts
Accomplished therein

Residing in all that we see
Proof of God you’ll have to agree
Proves that creation’s
His fabrication,
The Supreme Being’s Potpourri

Residing here in us all
The Holy Spirit, withal
Waits to be sought
For advice on what ought
To do or maybe forestall

Not what you become
But depths you might plumb
In life, what you do—
Savoir-faire you accrue
Counts ere you succumb

How you wear your hat
As you go to bat
Signals your thinking
In life thus linking
You to a this or to that

A good thinking cap
Is a way to tap
A way to coherence
Without interference
From pointless scholarly pap

Backwards hat-wearing
Is in fact baring
One’s not-knowing
Which way he’s going
Obtuseness declaring

Birthdays come, pass
We grow older, alas
And wiser, but then
What’s the choice when
Senility waits to amass

Writing one’s memoirs can
Bring back the years, the “then”
Previous to now
Reminiscing of how
We lived once—women or men

Creativity comes
Resulting in sums
Of thoughts added up
As we once gadded up
Or down castles or slums

Wearing down, the old body
Begins to get shoddy
Once we give in to aging
Obituary paging
Our heads getting shaky or noddy

The Everland trip awaits:
To a Heaven that creates
Us as we were in our prime
Turning back, the time
As heirs count on estates

Old bodies wear down
A result of how we tear down
That with which we charm
By living that does harm
To entities on which we bear down

When labeled as wrong
A repetitive song
Repeating an urge
Warbling a dirge
Of demise, go, move along

Death, absolute
But to the astute
Just a transition
To a different position:
Existence’s new route

Have Faith, go, live it up
Stretch limits, fill your cup
Never knowing what awaits
Gambling on resultant fates
Of afterlife you’ll sup

Rhythm takes you where
You might not ever dare
To gallivant
Perhaps enchant
Your life beyond compare

The internet’s the sword
For spreading The Word
Transmitting ideas
Verbal pizzerias
With wisdom conferred

War is naught but a deadly game
Played by those seeking fame
Any way they can
Thus growth overran
By ambitions therefore to blame

Encouraging war
Tyrants explore
Choices devoid of options
Thus battle, with adoptions
Of methods we’ve come to abhor

The party that wins the election
Faces but one direction:
Get right to work
Fight forces that lurk
In areas needing inspection

A proposal: less diversion
Done by casting aspersion
On personal yearnings
Resulting from earnings
Based on social perversion

Finding a niche
That scratches an itch
Exploit it with schemes
Fulfill people’s dreams
(It’ll sure make you rich)

Like playing the piano, life
With opportunities rife
Is a matter of finding
The right keys then grinding
Out tunes without strife

The time and the place
Where choices you face
To do just the right thing
Will maturity bring
And adolescence displace

Think it up and write
Fly it like a kite
Published on the Web...
As a minor celeb
You might pick a fight

What you’re thinking
Might just deserve inking
Launch it, see who smiles
Then how many miles
It’ll float without sinking

Open a locked mind
To imagination and find
Alternatives, not a bomb
Lo! Ideas, which can calm
Torrid waters of mankind

Which is stronger, a plague
Or an idea, even a vague
One suggesting alternate
Ways of addressing a threat
To thinking  that won’t lay an egg

Technology spreads The Word
On the Internet undeterred
So why shilly-shally
Don’t dilly-dally
Conviction remains to be stirred

Who’s smarter? Us or germs?
Medical science confirms
We’re staying ahead
Pursuing a thread
Fighting them on their own terms

Smart-ass kids playing tricks
With more than stones or sticks
Weapons of choice
Asserting a voice
…A bane to getting their kicks

Take the money from bombs
Give it to moms
Whose kids fight the wars
Society deplores
They’ll spend it without any qualms

Good qualities outshine
Eventually combining
With lives that progress
Beyond evil to bless
With an afterlife Divine

“Those” folks— Not “us”
Are ones we discuss
In private conversations
Determining relations
Verdict: minus or a plus

Fantasies: Not sins but
Depending on then what
They lead to, whether
They subtract or feather
A personal nest somewhat

Imagining and doing
Rewarding or ruing:
“Night and day” depending
On a consequent ending
Culminating in cheering or booing

The Better Way, thought up
Would be better brought up
So the world can see it
Then they’d agree it
Might work if it’s caught up

The day, upon us already
Is in fact a heady
Challenge: Do something
A “go” or a “come” thing
With a goal that is steady

Emotions lie deep
In places that keep
Coming back like a song
That carries along
Some sowings later to reap

Water, that quenches
Sometimes even drenches
Cools, threatens, washes
Topping off galoshes
Overflowing man-made trenches

God has many a-world
Each by His hand unfurled
Over which to watch
Ours is just a notch
In His galaxy a-twirled

When the brain is stilled
Whether naturally or killed
By external forces, stopping it
By simply lopping it
Off it prevents further life fulfilled

Holding up your side
With some thinking applied
To a conversation
Induces a creation of
Likely fixes to be tried

"What you gonna do for us?"
Just-a-minute, don’t make a fuss
Just the opposite, do for your own
Before you condone
Charity; first take time to discuss

Not to blaspheme
But doesn’t it seem
If this world were all
We’re allowed, best forestall
Any destructive scheme

Don’t be induced to kill
Those whose own free will
Tells them “Agree”
With those who foresee
Virgins in Heaven, a thrill…

Up for surprise?
Change how your eyes
See situations
Affecting foundations
Of fundamentals. Be wise…

Drug makers advertise
For doctors, so be wise
To the gimmick they use
Implementing a ruse
Piety thus disguise

Mining some veins of logic
Might find one analogic
Requiring resilience
With flashes of brilliance
Avoiding seeming hodge-podgic

Do as Romans in Rome
Then, arriving at home
Change your demeanor
Reflecting a keener
Rationale from your dome

Giving in to logic
Of minds analogic
Take advice… or don’t
Show you will or won’t
Submit to the demagogic

Living long enough
Surviving the stuff
Of life, give advice
Having paid the price
Charged, making you tough

There isn’t any them
So when we go condemn…
Who? There’s just us
Thus, making a fuss
About them is no gem

Adopting the new
Audaciously you
Abandon old culture
And then like a vulture
Feed on what one can chew

Those who proselytize
Somehow re-sensitize
Faiths that lay dormant
Becoming informant
Of sins to then penalize

Art — a release
With which one can fleece
Suckers who’ve sought
Prizes they thought
Their net worth would increase

Ideas spring forth from
Odd sources which come
To you like dreams
Eliciting reams
Of thought to sort …some

Wishing for things to happen
Occasionally we tap in
To areas that might
Call for a flight—
From webs to entrap in

Cyberspace limits alas
Lately present a morass
Where advertising now rules
No matter the tools
One uses to browse, thus to pass

Go, see if what’s there
Is what seemed, where
Promises made
Produce what’s portrayed
In the ads can really compare

We live where we seem,
In our minds sometimes dream
Away from the place
Where we are, thus face
Better horizons downstream

Our inner thoughts teem
With connections that seem
Consequentially give
To lives where we live
Potential for peaches & cream

Noting how fast
It went by, the past
Is a good lesson
A delicatessen
Of insights to be amassed

Make the most of today
After all it’s in play
Right now to be used
Somehow infused
With yield as it gets underway

Thinking things are the same?
…Quite alright if the game
Remains ever playable
Results that are payable
On demand, subject to claim

The past went so fast
With what you’ve amassed
Waiting for use
You can only induce
Activity unsurpasse

Illustrate beyond a doubt
What to do if “they” found out
That what you say isn’t proven
Circumstances thus removin’
Your assertions to reroute

Shreds of dignity retained
Occasionally keep one chained
To proprietary bearing
Without ever even airing
New adventures to be gained

Think up the words,
Thoughts that the birds
Profoundly might say
To put things in a way
Philosophy girds

Profundities rule
Especially in school
Where they are quoted
As logics then floated,
Proving a valuable tool

Thoughts, concepts inventive
Inspiring incentive
Come from the dark
Corners then spark
Warners that make one attentive

Could illness be a blessing
Providing for progressing
To mental mountain-climbing
Egad! maybe even rhyming
With your thinking digressing

The sooner one finds a metier
Apprehensions going away
It’s never too late
As struggles abate
For brighter times to replay

Belief in God can inspire
Behavior we can admire
Rather than acts
Whose end fast-tracks
Afterlife’s damning to fire

Spreading beliefs
By virtue of griefs
Incurred by the sword,
Whose ox is thus gored
Might react with beefs

Think yourself elsewhere
How you’d fare there
With new circumstances
Learning odd dances…
Want to tear your hair?

With ideas, ingenuity
Spurs cerebral acuity,
Quells opposition
To one’s supposition
Of fanciful promiscuity

Have you your own ideas
That spur panaceas?
Or do they who think
For you thus shrink
Insights to diarrheas?

“Spreading Faith by the sword!”
Bringing many aboard
Spurs conflict within
Consummating wherein
One’s personal ox is gored

Viewpoints affect
Therefore connect
All we hear, feel, speak
Eventually wreak
Outcomes to respect

What’s life all about
As we travel a route…
Material for lecture
Existential conjecture
Involving adventure throughout?

Concepts worth musing
About, thenceforth using
Without cogitation
Might bring on damnation
As fruits of mis-choosing

Hypothesize, believe,
Speculating, then cleave
To that which you will
With theories that fill up
Musings that may then deceive

Invest in sure things!
Spurn adventure that brings
Uncertain future!
Dodge having to suture
Together an aftermath’s stings!

Saying something to the world
By which ideas are unfurled
In a medium seized
Provides something squeezed
Into consciousness e'er twirled

Alone? Don't fret
You might just get
An idea to use
Keepin' the blues
Away thus their impact offset

Explore what might
Lead to delight
You never can tell
What luxuries dwell
Just out-of-sight

Why wait? Get moving
Existence is grooving
In case you forgot
Evolution does not
Happen unless it's improving

Go, find what you want
Pursue the most avant
Roads leading to themes
Seen only in dreams
With you ending up a savant 

Love, be loved in return
Reaping thus what you earn
Enjoy the prosperity
Before you finally adjourn

Only you can change
Thoroughly rearrange
The way you were up to now
And by doing allow
Life to proceed downrange

With no one left to impress
No need to obsess;
Old friends— all gone
To fates withdrawn
Enjoying their own success

Sitting outside, old friends
Avoid talking of ends
Instead discuss weather
Light as a feather
Rather than fate that portends

The presence of noise
Either builds or destroys
Life as it seems
Engendering dreams
With hope it deploys

Bugs live without fear
Would that we here
Could exist sans foreseeing
Ending up fleeing
A foreboding sphere

"How could you do that
In a world begat?
(Mother nature admonishes
In a word that astonishes)
Realize where you're at!"

Birds keep their distance
In a world where existence
Might hinge upon human
Demeanor, acumen
Compelling consistence

Jumping up and down
While looking around
Your perspective gains depth
You might get out of breath
But see from the view of a clown

Telling silent tales
About the world's ails
Trees expose errors
Habitatural terrors
Afflicting existence's trails

Killing those with whom
You disagree could consume
One's whole existence
Given persistence;
Sooner or later: "Kaboom!"

What kind of solution
Modern bombs' evolution
Bringing destruction
Creating a "suction"
—Humanity's diminution? 

Vehicles with noise:
Invading life's joys
By their existence
Spur a resistance
To a mood that simply annoys

Noise in the psyche
Ending up spiky
Pokes holes in awareness;
In all that is fairness
Warrants a-sneaking in Nike

Seizing the medium
Don't be a hum-drum
Say what you must
In order to just
Indicate what to become

How you worship God
To some may seem odd
But if you're sincere
You'll be far from queer
The Almighty giving a nod

Trying everything available
Some not so sale-able
Leaves one with experience
When, using common sense
Decisions are prevail-able

Looking up, down, around
Decisions can be found
Result: conclusions
Avoiding confusions
Aha! Revelations abound!

"My God beats your God"
–Theoretical façade
Whereby religions
By nit-picking smidgens
Differ in which road to plod

Divine promises and rules
Are Heavenly tools
By which we're controlled
With outcomes extolled
To keep us from acting like fools

Revolutions impose
Somewhat radically, those
Novel solutions–
Result: constitutions
Civilization bestows

Ev'rything thrives
Therefore survives
On something else living
Selected by sieving
Food from what it contrives

Kindling emotions
By building on notions
Of both love and hate
Perplexes paths straight
Stirring behavioral oceans

Subtracting mythology
From human biology
Might help evolution
Open up execution
Of new anthropology

Some things just are
Or aren't done, par
Being a level
Proprietary bevel
Curbing behavior bizarre

We members of Fence
Aren't quite so dense
We don't know when we're being
Conned into agreeing
With something that doesn't make sense

Life has come to move fast
Making "now" into "passed"
We act upon scenes
Displaying some means
That might leave our parents aghast

Idealists' plights
Might end up in fights
O'er absolutes sought
Which might or might not
Incur cerebral delights

Distributing love
A light from above
(It's a well-known fact)
Affects how we act
Granting graces thereof

Perform in right places
Displaying bright faces!
Blooming success
Alleviates stress
Afflicting all races

At the right place and time
Propagate the apt rhyme
For a message to bloom
Leading minds to presume
Poetically ever sublime

When things go awry
Just refuse to comply.
Revert to the radical;
In an old attic you'll
Find a quick fix to apply

Escapades occur…
No use to demur
Use them for mem'ries
To file as with emory's
For reminiscence's burr 

Seeking The Ideal
Don't be afraid to steal
A good idea. Use it
Hoping people will peruse it
Newer paths yet to reveal

Of any ideal you seek
Only one exists to speak of
Yet come variations
Complementary incarnations
At which to take a peek

How much? How many?
How well? How far?
How High? Low?
Well now, whither you go
Depends of course on
How much you know…

Lucky us. Choices
Able to shriek our voices
Calling forth spirit
To where they can hear it
Even in gaudy Rolls Royces

Electric gizmos ruling our lives
Display information from which derives
Improved existence alas
Using which we can amass
Progress, on which survival thus thrives

Could we exist without
Theories which cast a doubt
Upon well-ensconced bents
Which used to make sense
But are riddled with shame throughout

We exist in a jungle
So we'd better not bungle
That which infects
By uniting connects
Us to substances fungal

The forest of actual things
Ultimately brings
Us 'round to seek aids
To conquer blockades
Where progress' deficiency clings

Writers set forth in print
That which might have a glint
Of wisdom, thus convey
A new and different way
To do, at least give a hint…

Aim for wisdom, thus
Convey a novel plus
Making sense to those
Who might have chose
Unfortunate paths, hurting us

Brandishing sabers
In due time belabors
A war whose proportions
End up in extortions
Then killing of neighbors

Just to gain fame
To kill and to maim
Shocks even God, Who
 Admonishes us: "Do
What's right in My Name!"

Invective applying to life
Could very well end up in strife
If said the wrong way
To falsely-portray 
A barbarian holding a knife

Universally said
Thoughts way ahead
Of current logic
Might lead to hodge-podgic
Interpretation instead

Go, blunder existence
Creating a distance
'Tween self and reality
Create a duality
With constant resistance

Ignore advice of sages
Approaching life in stages
Learning by doing
Though ending up ruing
Not reading definitive pages

Swimming with fish
Might get you your wish
Till you find out they're sharks
That are out there on larks
With you a delectable dish

Caveat Emptor, consumer
Attend to a rumor
Containing a truth in it
Which, once you begin it
Uncovers a fiscal tumor

Pawning your valuables
Drowning your troubles
Finds what they're worth
But might also unearth
Entity's bursting bubbles

Rhythmic insistence
O'ercomes resistance
Presented by tunes
A singer croons
In spite of melodic persistence

The tambourine tops
Syncopatingly chops
Orchestral choruses
Rhythmic thesauruses,
It delightfully hops

Cheaters always win
Sans suffering chagrin
If no one ever catches 'em
With evidence that scratches 'em
From games they play therein

Then was then and won't return
Take a note from what you learn
Use experience
Deriving good sense
For the future to discern

Numbers tell logistics
Backed up by statistics
Where we were when
What we did then
Ended in characteristics

Touching your innermost
Soul, then diagnosed,
Roam in your marrow
Fill up your wheelbarrow
With what would have you engrossed

Exploring your essence
Divine the quintessence
Of who you might
Be to go fight
Powers that be in senescence

Essential senses extricate
Us thereupon eliminate 
The threats from harms
Setting off alarms
Result: temptations that abate 

Potency's false claims
End in thought that inflames
Legitimate minds
Then finally blinds;
Result: a shot that mis-aims

Think ahead to solve
Dilemmas that evolve
From false maturity
Enjoying security
As problems simply dissolve

A crucial homecoming
Emotionally numbing
Begetting occurrence
Of tears' transference
Hints problems forthcoming

Tears expressing cafard
From family disputes charred
Deserve a disposal
Perhaps a proposal
To totally disregard

Revving spirits, gladness
Can counteract sadness
Putting one in the now
From the then, disallowing
Descent into madness

Tweet tweet to someone
Who might even come one
Day to see you
And say "Gee you
Look good, old glum one!"

Cling to habits
Like lil' rabbits
Ignoring advice
Given by nice
Well-meaning abbots

Ego contemplation
Invites a creation
Of sundry digressions
Inflated impressions
Thus self-admiration

See around corners
To contemplate warners
Of dangerous images
Avoiding miscarriages
Resulting in mourners

See things as real
Before they congeal
Into deceptions
Suggesting perceptions
That dull their appeal

In old age go write
What possibly might
Be wisdom acquired
So those you have sired
Can then see the light

Spur locomotion
Inciting devotion
To riveting passions
Distributing rations
Of practical potion

Go on a mission
Write erudition
To play down a fear
Thus later endear
Even an academician

Prosperity beckons,
Nominates seconds—
Opportunities vast
For fortunes amassed
From downfalls it reckons

Never love, nor lose
Skirt crying the blues
Go on to better
Chance to unfetter
From syrupy shoes

Part of life: pain
Leading one to complain
Instead of offering
It up, proffering
To let it remain

To the edge of abyss
Tiptoe just to dismiss
Fright of its limit
Perhaps inimit-
Able rapture to kiss

Dark perils lurk
Where temptations perk
Signaling whims
Boiling over their brims
To the edge of berserk

Shadows of life hide
Things that coincide
Details that inhibit–
A chance to prohibit
A peril with which to collide

Disregard scorn
Go forth and adorn
The art of the dream-able
With what might be seem-able
Even if yet unborn

Art is for naught but
To seek battles somewhat
Yet haughty resistance
Demonstrates distance
From images one ought to cut

Using imagination
Didgeridoodling creation
Faith cooks up potions
Summing up notions
Of causative earthly formation

Setting forth thought
With images fraught
Inspires conceptions
Lo! New perceptions
Visually brought

Summoning eminence
With pious reticence
Go, set forth thought
Explaining what ought
To become consequence

With nothing beyond the pale
Let us begin to assail
Shibboleths heretofore sacrosanct
With truth out of which can be cranked
Well-being to then prevail

In poetic disguise
Disseminate wise
Thoughts that occur
Perchance infer
Pointers to then advise

One pretending importance
Keeping up an appearance
Purporting an image
Must maintain a carriage
Or end in humble admittance

Ending up in a druther
Some theses tend to smother
Digestion of thought
With pollution fraught
From one end to another

Harboring content
For fate's usage meant
Brains collect matter
For later to splatter
With potent dissent

Begging alignment
To modern assignment
The Golden Rule waits
Fomenting debates
About refinement

Without Heaven to go to
Or rules to say no to
Would a Hell exist
Or a church persist
Naming sins to say "Whoa!" to?

To snap back from perils
Have fun – in barrels
Scoffing at doom,
Merrymaking exhume
Singing Holiday Carols

Human stand-ins for God
Who create a façade
Bamboozling ghettos
Perpetrating librettos
Should be censured as odd

The net effect
That ought to be checked
Before it's conceived
Is that what's believed
Before Earth is wrecked

Believe what you will
Giving credence until
You find here on Earth
There might be a dearth
Of proof to fulfill

Killing of many by one
Once it's begun
Catches on like a virus
Oddly thought as desirous
By a lunatic toting a gun

Things also have rights
To mere existence thus fights
To keep them surviving
Rather than driving
Them into intolerant flights

Constant media gobbles
Up spicy baubles
Consuming puissance
 With bland nonchalance
Making for subsequent troubles

Creativity devoured
By media, empowered
To influence thought
In some way ought
To be occasionally scoured

Over-rated, creativity
Just requires activity
To be stimulated
Otherwise, deflated
It tires, losing relativity

When it is trapped
Remaining untapped
A notion with credence
Suffers impedance,
Its ideas remaining inapt

Sent out unprepared
With destiny bared
In a life without tools
At the mercy of fools
One ends up ensnared

When ill prepared, improvise
Where such endeavor applies
To a world impeding
On life, stampeding
Masses of sham in disguise

It's a fancy, writing
Down one's ideas, lighting
The way for a reader
To heed, a feeder
Of hungers, inciting…

This is what dying is like
You say when you're set to hike
A last trip to wherever
You'll live, and endeavor
To end up, on down the pike


Run your life wherein
Decisions within
Found circumstances
Help make advances
To an inspirational spin

Begging to be had
Life's moments, good, bad
Can then be contrived
Out of which is derived
Stimulation to add

The farthest frontier
Beckons a career
Of adventurous
But treacherous
Risk to a pioneer

Tunes' composition
Go on a mission
As far as awareness
Of notable rareness
Sparks mental ignition

Exactly how far
In space where we are
Can consciousness take us,
Unescorted to make us
Seem less than bizarre

Blind to what you see
Being what you be
With feasible precision
In your mind envision
A mental potpourri

Think. Imagine what comes
With the beating of drums
Presaging events
That soon could commence
Leaving little but crumbs

Getting money's worth
A struggle from birth
Starting with haggling
Causing bedraggling
Lifelong chagrin to unearth

In God's case
For religion's embrace
Existence now counts
In what then amounts
To one's wrongs to erase

Be a writer! The choice
Is cause to rejoice
But selecting a medium
Can drive one to tedium
Transmitting the inner voice

​Kill God? No way
No matter what you say
Faiths live in firmament
Ultimately circumvent
Divine demise come what may

In a cyber world
New faiths are unfurled
Ours is not to ignore
But surely explore
Making sure they're properly twirled

Born to be a writer
Avoid being a fighter
Win wars with words
Sharing, like birds
Ideas that make burdens lighter

Tell the world what-to-do
Invent ways of how to
Run things without
Disagreement throughout
Engendering "Boo-hoo-hoo"

Will the world listen
To new thoughts that glisten
Run things how they ought to
When told just what not to
Do in a new wave you christen?

​Music's emotions
Transmitted like potions
Harmonic committals
Feed hearing the vittles
Of nourishing notions

Imagine being dead. You can't
To another world transplant
Still living and knowing
Not actually going
Just thinking a different slant

Life, writ large, exists
In the mind, yet persists
In presenting,
Supposing, inventing
Eternity's various twists

Democracy's possible ruin:
Just goin' ahead and then doin'
What seems right at the time
But when studied won't climb
To a bold new life debutin'

Aimed ridicule
Is naught but a tool
To embarrass the subject
Who then acts to correct
Situations uncool

Prophets of doom
Gathered up in a room
Seem like united
 Prey unrequited
Who by their edicts entomb

Tools, first meant to fix
Found in a villainous mix
Are yanked when they're caught
Being used in a plot
With which their purpose conflicts

Implements of want
Come around and taunt
Clouding situations
Of need, thus frustrations
Inhibit the avant

Skipping the inane
Say something germane
On subjects worth discussing
Reflectably not fussing
O'er minutia to constrain

Righting wrongs, make a plan
Within one life to span
Time at disposal for fixing;
Kick the ones that need nixing
Down-the-road a tin can

Note your ambition
What sparks your ignition
By the criteria
Of those who fear ya
Might lead an atom to fission

Live-it-up until you die
Enthusiastically, go ply
A trade, a purpose or métier
But careful not to go astray
Incurring Godly wrath thereby

Mad cows stomp hooves
For improvement of moves
Good eating to jolt
With a bovine revolt
Demanding their life improves

The good times were then
Remembering when
'Twas as good as it gets
But now sans regrets
We look on to "Amen."

Musical notions
Concocting their potions
Affect ambiance
Appearing at once
With stirred-up emotions

Words might get in the way,
Affecting thoughts which play
In the realms of fancy
Heretofore chancy
But ultimately pay

As counterpoint to dark
Oncoming, saying "Hark!"
Light serves a function
Seeming a junction,
A depot from which to embark

​When it comes to shrift
You would think a gift
Horse would be given
More to be driven
Reining in ways gone adrift

Melodies abound
Hanging all around
Like fruit ripe for picking
Musically licking
Sweet juices in sound

Door opens a crack
Click! Snapshots a stack
Of a feast that might be
When exposed to light be
Goodies, quite a snack

Angles of vision portray
Then upon probing convey
From a different perspective
Culminating defective
Leading to final decay

Some secluded crevasses
Where the unknown amasses
Conceal hidden treasures
With inklings of pleasures
Gained from former impasses

Divine inspirations
Construct good foundations
Even some sinners
Convert, ergo winners
From past depredations

"Why didn't I then?"
We ask ourselves when
It's too late to retract
A reputation cracked
Regaining stature again

If something exists,
Of which it consists
Can be somehow observed
Be it straight-line or curved–
Physicality persists

Jump into gee-whiz-dom
Whether her or his-dom
Plots spawn, flourish, evolve
Go no place or resolve;
Aim somehow for wisdom

Here a taste, there a sample
Subjects abound, are ample–
Dreams The Dilettante:
Sop up by nonchalant
Imbibing, for example

Proof of a mystic:
See futuristic
Notions come true
Good things ensue
So aim optimistic

Like in The Bible
Customs are liable
To later beget
Others, thus set
Rituals tribal

Life becomes, tho incrementally
Look ahead, experimentally
Contemplate what's coming
Intellectually thumbing
Thru likelihoods, fundamentally

Life's tuneful themes
Cross vistas, it seems
Lyric plots that flit
Might not always fit
Harmonies of our dreams

When it's fin'lly told
Tall buildings might hold
Short answers to hurdles;
But when their soup curdles
Piddling gains unfold

With reconsiderations
Intimate situations
Begetting pledges
Approach the edges
Of later abdications

See what's to be seen
From its pointers glean
What there is to learn
Before you adjourn
Back to your routine

​Round and round they spin
Revolving again and again
Wheels, worlds, merry-go-rounds
Providing regional sounds
To share in, to lose, or to win
Be patient, because
Surprisingly, flaws
Provide opportunities
For which communities
Offer enormous applau$e

Thinking to cruise?
Singing the blues?
Flatness, your friend
Might help you to wend
Your way around some taboos

Building with bricks
And mortar depicts
Something real to expect;
But what then to erect
From words and ideas, just kicks?

Reality provides
A place to take sides
Trains to jump onto
With journeys then gone to
By relevant roundabout rides

Trains carry a world
Thru countrysides twirled,
When passing tableaux
Of dreams apropos
To expectations unfurled

Politics: nominated
Fortunes accommodated
To current circumstances
Exploring the expanses
Which can then be dominated

Music of existence
Overcomes resistance,
Life sounds abounding
Ever compounding
Provincial consistence

Trod a path trampling
Foliage, sampling
New fields to dream
Ever agleam
With visions exampling

Look up! You will see
 What there might just be
Beyond a horizon
Indulging your eyes on
Exploitable potpourris


In your humming, tunes
Come forth, wee cartoons
Presenting your ear
With songs that adhere
Sticking like harpoons

Whistle a strain
Mining your brain;
With melodical pieces
Reminiscence increases
Cerebral legerdemain

Just sitting and thinking
Extrapolates linking
Possible allusions
Logical conclusions
That then leave you blinking

Pondering foments
Those "Aha!" moments
Which spring to existence
With mental insistence
On noble components

Doing what you want to
Might be too avant to
Avoid what you ought to
Even what you're taught to
Appear nonchalant to

It's no sin to yearn
T'ward horizons, learn
Of new ways to
Dance ballets to
Old steps to then spurn

Storing wherewithal,
Minds yearn to recall
Solutions to use
With which to suffuse
Then outcomes enthrall

The burning question
Affecting digestion:
"What's the takeaway?"
If it's a break-away
Have you got a suggestion?

Fish for inspiration
Countering frustration
Guess what! It'll come
Maybe by the crumb
But snagging just a ration

From mental diarrheas
Unjam panaceaes
Using levers abounding
For thinking, founding
Original ideas 

On it's turn to serve
Jazz throws up a curve
Purposely misleading
Although not impeding
The way to a tuneful hors d'oeuvre 

When death shows its face
Keep existence apace
Let it hang out
But resisting the route
Indicated to the next place

After death, Heaven, Hell?
How'd you behave? Well,
Just desserts
Of one's conduct averts
One as a place to thence dwell 

 'Tween now and Hereafter
A barrier rafter
Supports a roof
Over which there's no proof…
But echoes of Cherubic laughter

Wait, something's bound
To finally come 'round
And happen to you
Hitherto you
Might have upon frowned

Our world won't stand still
Marching onward, it will
Bring forth activity
Sorrow, festivity,
Future fortunes fulfill

The Light that is God
Could have us all awed
At what might have transpired
Had Creator-desired
Undertakings been merely façade

Over corpses levitating
Souls eternal, ever-waiting
Corporeal disappearance
Thus everlasting clearance
From sin away-a-skating

Sexuality, no one's biz
What's done in bed surely is
Privately enacted
By mutually attracted
Mates with their own hers or his

Keys: they open or shut
Doors which just may abut
Aspects of life
Heretofore rife
With opportune chances to strut

Life: a series of choices
Following inner voices
"Go do this or that"
Ending up "Where it's at"
With naught or Rolls-Royces

Might lead to migration
From sensible thought
To what might be, or ought
To bring on eternal damnation

With unrivaled perspective
Uniquely subjective,
Comic books lend
An artistic blend
From a viewpoint selective

The Fast Life: racing
To the grave, chasing
Yesterday's images
Boarding carriages
Mired in retracing

At a price, demise
Costs a whole life so skies
Unlimited tender
Chances to render
Recompense after one dies

Live each life well
'Cause Heaven or Hell
Looms in the distant
Hereafter consistent
With that at which you excel

God-inspired, one writes
Of intellectual sights
Dreamed-up from naught
And consist of what ought
To turn wrongs into rights

Wisdom in poetic form
Sidesteps an aesthetic norm
Transmitting to minds
Whose strict logic finds
Other media merely lukewarm 

The past is gone
So dream and live on
In the present, going
To a future that's glowing
With trophies yet to spawn

Oh go cry for past life (!)
With missed chances rife;
Ignore what was done
Reminiscing on one
Or two moments of strife


The worst of life
Even in strife
Has chances to come
Back with yet some
Opportunities rife

The best of life
Foregoing strife
Arises to come
Forth with yet some
Opportunities rife

Breaking on shore, waves
Launch a flow that behaves
As they creep under-toes
With a danger they pose:
Swimmers to watery graves

Religion's daunting foes
Loom to ever foreclose
Upon faith in our hearts
That a logic imparts,
Divinity thus to depose

It couldn't be plainer
That in a container
Weighted by density
Showing intensity
Credence becomes a no-brainer

Now's pledges
Oft lead to edges
Beyond which one might
Not wish to take flight
Hiding thus behind hedges

Flat planes give full view
Of what's happening to
Those out in the open
Who might just be gropin'
For whatever then might ensue

Lower depths roil
And in doing so, spoil
Bringing on a new scuffle
Ending up a kerfuffle
To wholesomely nourish the soil 

Frames lend gravity
Surrounding a cavity
Thus formalizing
Hence normalizing
Other-regarded depravity

Life's objective is fun
After all, only one
That good sense will allow
Lets you live it up now
Ere afterlife has begun

As life proceeds
Take care of needs
Then service desires
With what life requires
Keeping shy of the weeds

Consider the hands
Obeying commands,
Of doing the bidding
Thus dodging the skidding
To passion desired by the glands

Consider the feet
How they might treat
The body to boons
Eliciting swoons
With episodes' thrills' replete

Life is flashing
Fifty-yard dashing
Before your eyes
So gather the highs
Ere dreams are a-smashing

How much do you need
Or ought you to heed
Buying your happiness
Ere some crappiness
Seeks to impede?

After rich you've gotten
Delight in high cotton
Or is still more an option?
Thus greed-adoption?
Descending to rotten

"Talent" is proclivity
Spurring activity:
Working hard at technique
To the point where unique
Inspires creativity

Relinquishing pride
Push swagger aside
Opt for reality–
Modesty thereby applied

Compensation surpasses,
Overcoming impasses
Resulting at length
A swapping of strength
For whatever "class" is

Not end-seekers alas,
Forgers-forth yet harass
Conditions that be
Till all can agree
Current troubles will pass


The nature of song:
Tunes won't go wrong
If they haven't been
To places wherein
They prod us along

Tunes going some-where
Our spirits ensnare
Showing us novel
Places to grovel
Exposing new depths to bare

Tunes' stimulations
Bring tonal elations
Take the listener's soul
Bringing forth a new role
For the nonce's sensation
Morbidity traps spirit
No reason to fear it
Just go with the flow;
When doldrums plateau
Blue skies come to clear it

Words dilute tunes
But then can be boons
To a musical notion
Concocting a potion
Arousing our personal loons

Music is a release
Setting us at peace
From the bondage of thought
Involving what ought
To go forth or just cease

Trapped amid walls
A voice echoes, enthralls
Those who might hear it
Then ergo revere it
O'er tones it forestalls

Destined to soar
With new heights to explore
Overcomes being strapped
To a principle, trapped
In doctrines of yore

Come up with a notion
Formulating a potion
Distill an idea
Into panacea
To solve a commotion

In pursuit of lofty goals
The pompous pol extols
Worldly solutions
With noble ablutions
As one of his multiple roles

Clouds seethe
Their moistures unsheathe
Cars swish through puddles
Managing muddles
Meanwhile, we just breathe

Introducing a notion
Like making a potion
Requires introduction
Lo, bits of seduction
 To spur locomotion

Develop a thought
Into what you think ought
To mean something practical
Not perforce tactical
But moreso than nought

Thought stirs imagination
Leading to agitation
On which one might lecture
 Toward mental conjecture
Bringing forth admiration

Why propose plan A
When another way
Comes anew to be
A breakthrough to "B"
That you could purvey 

Ah! To have choices
–A series of voices
From which to select
Perhaps to connect
And bring on rejoices

New forms of unity
Arrive with impunity
From final damnation
Begging creation
(Now there's opportunity)

Look down and behold
Tools of untold
Modes of creation:
Arms' ends – embarkation
To bounties of gold

"This is the way that it is"
Say scribes, but golly-gee-whiz
Sometimes the way that it's not
Is the message that maybe just ought
To be viewed as the pertinent biz

Looking back over your life
With all it's trouble and strife
Do you wish you had had
Added fun to be glad
To enhance an experience rife

​Go for a ride in a stolen car
Suddenly thereafter you are
Part of a crime
For which you'll do time
Whose scant repercussions reach far

Obstinacy, not flair
Can act on one's despair
When talent won't do it
In which you might rue it,
Assisting with leeway to spare

Choosing a path to pursue
With what then might accrue
Requires persistence
Entailing existence
In circumstances anew

Blurred moral vision
Can effect a derision
To do, or refraining
Thus rue, or attaining
An advantageous decision
Avoidable harm, springing
From tactlessness bringing
Surprising displeasure
In uncertain measure
Is countered by mud-slinging

I am that who I don't
Pretend to be, won't
You see that my front
Is only a stunt
From my real self cloned

Repellant living,
Flat unforgiving–
With no need to avow
Goes ahead to then plough
Life with not a misgiving

A series of gambits, being
Thinking, doing, seeing
Results of one's acts
Confronting of facts
Or finally from them a-fleeing

Transmitting values, books
Are not to be judged by their looks
But by their ideas
Cerebral tortillas
Filled with informative hooks

Naught from naught leaves naught
Taking no notice of what
Was waged or withdrawn
Came or went gone
Or what conclusions were wrought


A virginal soul
Devoid of a goal
Is the focus of creeds
Where each prospectus leads
To Heaven or down in the hole

Next time I'm born
I won't be forlorn
Having learned from exposure
Foregoing foreclosure
Of bygone apparel unworn

Nothing left but the will
To live beyond until,
When things have occurred
That can't be deferred
Thus all your dreams fulfill

The clotheneth of death
Of drawing latht breath
Thpurth legathy'th thought
Of who and who not
To bequeath more or leth

What to leave behind?
Things born of the mind?
Or that which one earned
With enterprise turned
To nuggets that shined…

"Worthiness" – Oh my gosh
Grace and good deeds awash
In "Holier-than-thou"
Assumed in the now
Rather than afterlife slosh 

Scribbled graffitis
Opinion entreaties
Serve to remind us
That right behind us
Lie jingoist sweeties 

Ideas, mental tender
To which we surrender
Buy tickets to minds
Whose ownership finds
Intellectual splendor

The future of demise
After final goodbyes
Anticipates reward
Collected in accord
With what past conduct buys

Full of promise, life
Circumstances rife
With chances of redemption
For all one knows, exemption
From sins committed in strife

Thoughts and things of others
Deserve respect if not your druthers
Anyway, treat them
(You don't have to eat them)
Un-consideration smothers

Think beyond superficial
For often, initial
Impressions uncovered
Disclose answers hovered
Over by ghosts beneficial

The pursuit of nuances
Can engender responses
Beyond superficial
Perhaps beneficial
To attitudes it ensconces

Conserving the vitals
Most surely entitles
Peace of mind
In lives we find
With their profits' recitals

Share nature's largesse
Though not to excess
For nothing's e'erlasting
A soupçon of fasting:
Thus Earth can progress

Conundrums beset you
Eventually get you
To better or worse,
Ending up in a hearse
Either way I'll bet you

Change from within
Extirpating the sin
Or perhaps from without
An existence reroute
Plotting conduct therein

Can we produce
To maybe induce
Better manners for all
Sorry outcomes forestall
Or is that just too abstruse?

Test and observe
A sample o'er d'oeuvre
Of what passes by
Or else goes awry
To, or not to, preserve

Rowing your boat downstream
Life is a merry dream;
Be gentle with steering
From obstacles veering
Becoming ergo, what you seem

​Life, beginning at nought
Progresses forthwith to what ought
To then be involved
With dilemmas resolved
Therefore avoiding a plot

Suiting your talents, a medium
That won't end up in a tedium:
Creative endeavor
Which, if you're clever
Avoids being judged by presidium

Somehow making a point
That won't rattle the joint
Transmitted as story
Even if hoary
Suggests a new theme to anoint

Music goes right to the soul
Abruptly taking control
Of secret emotion 
Concocting a potion
For one to digest as a whole

Hike in the forest of sound
Ride on a merry-go-round
Musical ramble
A personal gamble
To ditties and beats to be found 

To far-fetched abysses
Tuneful reminisces
Carry spirits along
On the pinions of song
Spurring occasional kisses

Euphonious airs
Quite often bring tears
Aye, rendings of hearts
From which love departs
Enduring survivals it spares

Harmonic diversity
Dispersing adversity
Vibrates the ear;
Mishaps disappear
Countering perversity

Life is given to savor…
With variations of flavor
So don't dwell on defeat
Cause the future's replete
With chances to timid or braver

Self-purge of doubt
Roads thus re-route
To objectives where gifted
Contenders are sifted
From lackluster prospects throughout

The road to success
One might address
Littered with proposals
That might be disposals
Could surely lead to distress

Musical gratification
Fabricating an elation
Playing feel-good tunes
Eliciting swoons
Is a getting-it-on sensation

Driven, chauffeured
By precipitous urges
Where sentiment surges
Things are done, regrets incurred

Music is a trembling
Of the air resembling
Weather-borne reactions
Albeit in abstractions
Hidden drifts dissembling

The body's in touch
Although not as much
As the mind when tunes
Composed to the moon's
Charms are in its clutch

Schoenberg's imagination
Brought forth emancipation
Of a dissonance
Leading to expanse
Of harmonic appreciation

Don't believe in dying;
For at final sighing
When whisked away
To a place faraway
New reality's underlying

Wrong notes move on
Landing upon
Tones in harmonic accord
Presenting their award
Of new songs to spawn

There's no bad existence
Merely one's persistence
Through alleyways strode
 Where poor seeds are sowed
For outcomes needing assistance

Form the foundations
For choosing careers
That bore us to tears
With attendant personal frustrations

Engineering to fit
Things that permit
Networking accords
Can trigger rewards
Beyond what's merely legit

Fitting in, finding a niche
Is a valuable talent which
Can be passed along
Bequeathing lifelong
Survival to thus enrich

Fabrication of thought
Is something that ought,
Producing conformance,
Smoothing performance,
To generate better than nought

Without a joie de vivre
Even approaching naive
You die a little each day
So as April turns into May
A soupçon of life perceive

Engage in something you love
Partaking the pleasures thereof
It may not pay
But it's closer to play
Than having a burden to shove

If a plan just won't work,
Makes you look like a jerk
Don't be a fool
Use an alternate tool!
Upshot: you won't go berserk

Hey it's only a blog
Thus merely a cog
In a wheel, never near
What one later could fear,
Just a mere flea on a dog

If you don't work at your dreams
 They're just illusions, it seems
So get up, get going
Start rows a-hoeing
With opportunity's teams

Order up life with "the works"
Like a hot dog with perks
That enliven the taste
Circumstances embraced
Ignoring impertinent quirks

"Situations" can resolve
Possibly even evolve
With contentment to all
Thus avoiding a brawl
Where old friendships dissolve


When viewing a veneer
It pays to persevere
Deep down to impressions;
What look like expressions
Could up and disappear

Surface runoff goes
Wherever those
Which choose to flow wildly
Rather than mildly
Their determination impose

Surface areas abiding
Occasionally hiding
Buried treasure troves
In barely obvious groves
Entreat special guiding

Search deeply, there find
An uncommon kind
Of valuable things,
Aye, virtual springs
That later might be enshrined

Overplaying eloquence
Begets deserving consequence
Not merely vague
But begetting a plague
Of unbidden benevolence

Rough surface might bode
Likelihood to corrode
Dense meanings beneath
Whose ideas bequeath
A near mother-lode

Musings surface on their own
Newly born already prone
To give unsolicited
Direction elicited
From experiences home-grown

Ride the waves of circumstance
Hit the heights! Do the dance!
If we live but once
Don't end up the dunce
Slip in a little romance

Climb the rocks of thought
Imagining what ought
To occupy the mind
In order to grind
Stones that beg to be bought

Perceive a new path
A verbalized math
Anticipate sums
When destiny comes
Avoiding injurious wrath


Acting out caprice
We dance the piece
Of music that's played
In which is displayed
A passionate release

Meat is created
When life is negated;
The killing floor
Is the source for more
Until stomachs are sated

Political tactics
By zealous didactics:
Controlling the floor
By those who want more
Cause legal anticlimactics

A form of insanity, writing
Proposing effects more exciting
The talented scribe
With a logical bribe
Lights fires worth reigniting

Charge what-the-traffic-will-bear
Then the customers you'll ensnare
Won't be the frugal
Who are shopping on Google
But those who just aren't aware

Doors to life-after-earth
May reflect a dearth
Of religious rewards
Even strike the same chords
But harmonies fail to give birth

To ascertain whether
An idea's altogether
Effective for use,
Simply deduce
Its score at the end of a tether

Never have to decide
Nor need to abide
By rules that are stated
Until now created
But simply go 'long with the tide

Open doors show
The path to go
By those who assume
A field that's abloom
With a future aglow

Closed doors yield to money
Make futures e'er sunny
To those who subscribe
Then the potion imbibe
Goin' down smoothly as honey


Floors are for trading,
Supporting; evading
Descent to abysses,
Thus one simply misses
Decay that's pervading

Cash flows at full tilt
And no coin is spilt
Where arenas of swap
Function non-stop
Thus lucrative empires are built 

Floored we were
At what could occur
When out in plain sight
We witnessed a fight
'Tween a sir and a her!

We were shocked at what transpired
When someone we admired
Performed an act
Devised to detract
From an image that till then inspired

On the floor of the ocean
Fishes' feces, a potion
Scavengers consume
As nature's broom
Keeping life ever in motion

From floors we can climb
Out of the grime
To heights only dreamt
Consequently preempt
What might end up as crime

Floors cover earth
Protecting what's worth
Saving from decay
That to which we lay
Plans that submit to rebirth

Floors are but stories
Where inventories
Of life's activities
Stockpile proclivities
Awaiting their future glories

We pursue existence
Overcoming consistence
To tempting "pure virtue"
That could one day hurt you
In the path of least resistence

Dance-floor antics
Gyrational frantics
Might show intent
To later augment
Actions between romantics

​Engage in activity
That results in proclivity
For changing the world
As if you'd unfurled
A flag of festivity

Soldiering on
In a world every dawn
A crippled society
Maintains propriety's
Hopeful effects thereupon

Life's rhythms alas
In total amass
To complicate things
Until someone brings
Answers to troubles surpass

Dance to life's oddly
Rhythms so Godly;
Melody plays on
Till quietus preys on
Us laid to rest sod-ly

Firmly committed
Wholeheartedly pitted
'Gainst opposition
The only ambition:
Being nobly acquitted

With wires draped o'er
Our lives we explore
Currents that bring us
Lo! Gingerly fling us
To realms containing much more

Brighten your outlook!
Roads might be took
Curiosity quenchers
Bringing adventures
In which exists– a book!

It's all imagination
Forming the foundation
Of a life lived well
Which we later tell  
With extravagant elation

Electronics thrive,
Their powers derive
From human ability
To forge a facility
That keeps them alive

We kneel to sounds of life
In many cultures rife
With rulers unable
To curb thus disable
Their flaw for continual strife


Imagining more than you are
Beats complacency by far
But don't make the mistake
Of cutting a break
To the you that might be subpar


Reflection wards off demise
Keeping one from goodbyes
To earthly existence
Making for distance
'Tween now and whenever one dies

Seeking variety
We of society
Try everything once
Eliciting grunts
Just to maintain sobriety

Don't be afraid to dream
Seeing horizons agleam;
That place in your mind
Could jump from behind
Abruptly appearing downstream

Transmitted awareness
Of one's debonair-ness
Displayed over time
Comes across as a crime
Of doctrinaire-ness

Consider life a blank screen
Upon which to write a scene
With you as lead role
In total control
Of what you permit to be seen

Those who help us become
What we be and then some
Deserve to be thanked
For the times that they cranked
Out notes with a meaningful strum

Inhibiting life, frontiers
Obstructing what then appears
Prohibit outlooks
 Thus setting in hooks
To be overly cautious fears

Walls beg for surmounting
Accomplishments counting
Embellishing life
With victories rife
Over drawbacks amounting…

Inhibiting life, a wall
Contrives in a way to forestall
Exhibitions of drive
For those who would strive
With commitment henceforth to enthrall



Good conversations
Brook no limitations
"Out of bounds" nonexistent
With ideas thus insistent
Upon close considerations

Sensitivities rule
The mind of a fool
Unrestricted by sense,
Free rein given thence
To rejoinders uncool

The host who invites you to dinner
Might not be an absolute winner,
But hey, the food's gratis 
Consider your status
Enacting a role of tale-spinner

Being old and infirm-ish
Avoiding a skirmish
With youths who are sturdy
Might tag one as nerdy
Feeling a little bit worm-ish

Worrying's the fun
Of old age if one
Lives to senescence
Before obsolescence
Attests to "over and done"

Kiss me one time more
Thus romance to explore
In my mind anyway
Whose thoughts go astray
Reminiscing mementos of yore

The spirit persists
While the body exists
But gives way to affliction
Consequential eviction
To thence and of what it consists  

Faith is God speaking
Wrongdoing harm-wreaking;
It's all in the mind
Then logic will find
Behaviors thus tweaking

A wisp of a tune
A singer might croon
Livens the space
In any old place
Where gloom had been strewn

Melodies upon the air
Take hold of ears where
Songs might affect
Behaviors, connect
With emotions to repair


Spend your spare time
While your in your prime
Think up profundities;
Folks won't be un-at-ease
And they cost nobody a dime

Ah, the pleasures of napping
Lying flat, recapping,
Pleasures reliving,
Errors forgiving,
Objectives unwrapping

Ambitious dreams
Might unravel schemes
From which to gain
Thereby ascertain
A path to extremes

Happiness – delusion?
Or merely confusion
'Tween that which seems better
Than problems which fetter
One's life with illusion?

   Reverting to yelling and screaming
Cursing, blaspheming:
No stand-in for thinking,
Discerning what's stinking
Then remedies up-and-a-dreaming

Acting's becoming–
For the nonce strumming
Chords in the minds,
Of patrons whose blinds
Are removed then set humming

  Why become, when you can be
Something otherwise that we
Can enjoy observing
On a stage thus serving
To enlighten and set us free

 Being… is just living
To existence in-giving
But becoming is more
 With worlds to explore,
Sands of the earth a-sieving

The judiciousness of knowing when
To shut up might just then
Bode well for conversation
Leaving a robust summation
To be used before "Amen!"

 Watch entertainers
Becoming campaigners
Draining fun from their guises
Reducing their sizes
To "booster-retainers"


Beckon to inspiration

In a kind of flirtation:
"Hey, come, live in my brain
We, both, can then attain
A kind of reincarnation."


Mine your brain for a lump
Just a hop, skip-and-a-jump-
Away from original hints
Displaying creative glints
That could get us over a hump


Enjoy making sense
Reasoning thence
To open a mind
That might be inclined
To reside on the fence


Enjoy riding the horse

You pick sans remorse
Running the race
Full speed just in case
You don't get to finish the course


Life is all about fun
After all, you only get one
At-a-time anyway
So what you do ev'ryday
Counts when it's over-and-done


If there isn't any God
And faith is just "façade"
There's no Heaven to go to
Nor a Lord to bow low to
Then roar thru your life roughshod


Sometimes it's not what you say
When your points you convey
But how you express them
When you address them
That help you to carry the day


Life's utter fun for some
Who to all temptations succumb
Not thinking of dying
Opportunities plying,
With chords just awaiting a strum


Even failure can be fun
Spurring projects once begun
To levels of pure fancy
Swapping certainty for chancy
Rousing tales that can be spun


Check out life on the edge
Discover a risky ledge
From which you could jump
But o'er which you then trump
Fulfilling a previous pledge


The musical minimalist can claim
Still playing within the game
The maximum use
Of cadential juice
While keeping the jingle aflame


The Holy Spirit within
Speaks for God to begin
Logical dialogue
Supernatural blog  
With divine solutions therein


What would God do here
To make it patently clear
That problems are solvable,
The world is revolvable
Coercing results to appear


The time we're allotted is short
Entre naissance a le morte
Have you then, made use
Life's engine to caboose
Or did you merely cavort?


Appreciate you
As a social skew
From a world that is straight
Yet may hopefully wait
For a notion that it can pursue


Cautiously grow old
Your experience rolled
In a ball of good sense
Be prepared to commence
To wherever paroled


Books about deduction
With deliberate construction
Hold your attention
With auras of tension–
(Aha! Reader seduction)


Sing the inescapable
As long as you're capable
Of carrying a tune
While you're in a saloon
Where there's nothing re-shapable


Are you havin' fun?

Let's be serious, hon
You live only once

So don't be a dunce
Once it's over, it's done


The color of thought

Could elicit what ought
To be pondered
Once it is wondered
Beyond what is basically taught

Writers paint pictures with words,
Conjuring formative herds,
Sacred cows of ideas,
Grazing panaceas
Removing emotional girds

I'm dreaming of you
A-lying there too
Dreaming of me
But I can't guarantee
What fanciful notions pursue

Live the life that you do
As if somehow you knew
What lay up ahead;
Be willing to tread
A path that might ensue

When it's all done, depart
But ere it's over, impart
The knowledge gained
From heights attained
By living to finish from start

When bodies up and die
Souls somehow rely
On someplace to go
Up above, down below,
Or a mortal thence to supply

In passing, do we cease to be
Becoming human debris
Or progress to dimensions
Fulfilling intentions
Religion might guarantee

The essence of "me"
I think you'll agree
Can't be contained
Unless forcibly reined
By Faith's guarantee

 "I was" won't occur.
No chance to demur
Cause death's not an option;
                        Existence adoption                        Isn't a choice to prefer


After this life we go on…
To a place whereupon
Other entities dwell
Call it Heaven or Hell…
A conclusion that can't be foregone


How would you react

To being on the wrong track
Suddenly finding
Life a-winding
To a destination-al black?

Their comes on occasion
A novel invasion…
Original voices
That signal new choices
To a different persuasion

The name of the game: attention
Resulting in comprehension
Displacing vile acts
With renditions of facts
In a present-day novel dimension

Try to see things as they are
No matter how bizarre
You might think them
Don't try to shrink them
To items entitled to bar

In a complicated world
Many attitudes are swirled
Together in a mix
That frequently conflicts
Internally when finally unfurled

If you can, write a book
About adventures undertook
Telling how life went
At least to the extent
Into which you want to look

Tell it how it is
Lay out the real biz
Of how life goes down
In your part of town
So then we can say "Gee whiz!"

Before you pass away
Endeavor not to weigh
Too heavily on goofs
Representative of proofs
Of when you went astray

Conformance or rejection…
Performance to perfection
Naive personnae mount
In order to then count
In surviving retrospection

Freedom of fancy
Could be a bit chancy;
Size up repercussions
That set off discussions
Far from romance-y


Compromise: that which rogues

Hide in their brogues
Stepping on notions
That stir locomotions
Thus dampening vogues

Scoundrels do "whatever"
As they endeavor
To find refuge
In subterfuge
Turning out merely clever

Having a whole lotta fun
In existence is one
Way to live life
Avoiding all strife
Until it's over and done

In your life's wandering
Don't ignore pondering
O'er spiritual meaning
Perhaps intervening
Thus fending off squandering
In wandering try not to hurt
In stead to convert
Your travels to know-how
Thereby to endow
Successors with their desserts

At some point in being
You might end up seeing
That keeping score is
Apropos to what war is
Ergo wind up fleeing

Surviving regret
Can often beget
Renewing existence
Providing assistance
You'll scarcely forget
Things you wish you hadn't done
Pop up in mem'ry one by one
But they're part of the past
So don't be harassed
Forget 'em, a new day's begun…
Hey, whattayagonna do?
The world comes to you
So like it or not
You have what you got
Go look for an end to pursue

Existence comes on ya
Maybe to spawn ya
A valuable moral
To cling to, not quarrel
With choices that con ya


Try to say something quotable
That others might find notable
Creativity entice
Slip in some advice
Thirsty minds ponder as potable

Open your mind up
Or you could wind up
Trapped in a prison
Im-pensive, un-risen
With nothing but ignorance lined up

 Inspiration rarely comes
Unless you can scoop up the crumbs
From loaves of ideas,
Transform panaceas
For suitably sensitive tums

Ah, Heaven, the place
Located in space
Where you might wind up
If you have signed up
Storing away enough grace


Relationship gauging:

A matter of waging
A war of ideals
To see what appeals
Then fellowship staging

Just do it!
Dive right in to it,
Don't wait
Until "OOPS!" When you blew it

Take a trip down a road
What e'er that may bode
Work through the bults
Emerge with results
Ensuingly showed

Something useful done
Can benefit one
Who, seeming nervous
Ne'ertheless does a service
For a needful heart to be won

A mental atelier where
You can go declare
Just what you surmise
To your own surprise
Might bring about a scare

One plight of old age:
Keeping cogent to wage
Advice on young minds
Until each one finds
A place on life's page


If you put bad stuff
In your head enough
You might just continue
To keep then within you
That which might make you tough

Unafraid to be
A he or a she
Clown your way
Thru life's ballet
With a vivre d'esprit

Problem of old age:
How to assuage
Impending irrelevance
Not to mention inelegance
As functions disengage

Life's such fun so far
Just as long as you are
Prepared to enjoy;
Proceed to employ
What might even seem bizarre

Failure might even be fun
Seen from "over-and-done."
Plunge into the new
Finding something which you
Use to old mem'ries outrun

Living out on the edge
Of life's e'er present ledge
You might be tempted–
Like that be redempt-ed
If sorrow you'd only pledge

Maximum use of allotted time
Getting the most out of your dime
More than an aspiration,
These days is an aberration
If you don't have a ladder to climb

Are you selling what people want?
Or offering something just to taunt
Buyers with goodness
Or what-you-would-ness
In deed if you're not a savant

Go ahead, play God
Affecting a knowing facade
Anticipate all–
Enough to enthrall
Followers whom you might prod

Go ahead, purport
To solve problems, transport
Live minds to solutions
Effect evolutions
Thus to new thinking cavort

Hearing Music, one's inspired;
No active effort is required,
Opening ears
Visiting spheres
Reverie thusly is rewired

See the water hanging
In the air, a-ganging
Up on pollens
Allergies a-fallin'
Prey to sturm and dranging 

Life's an ice cream cone
Of a flavor unknown
Until sampling first licks
Where piquancy pricks
Tastebuds heretofore prone

Airs of self-righteousness
Step on polite-ousness
Becoming vain winds
Declaring new sins
 From way-out-of-sight-ousness

Is life to achieve?
Or maybe just to weave
Tales of exploits
By use of adroit
Memories to retrieve

Brought into this world
Ego, once unfurled
Faces up to truth
From birth to long-in-tooth
To strike at fateful pitches hurled

Predictions on-the-money
Showing life e'er so sunny
Are rarely expected
To elicit perfected
Existence of milk-and-honey 

But a thin line
Seems to define
The diff'rence between
Heaven foreseen
And morals' decline

Growing older one must
Widen routes of disgust
To which we're exposed
Becoming disposed
To simply give in and adjust

Shadow bespeaks light
By which we then might
Seek to apprise
Thence to advise
Of existence's fateful plight


When being depressed
Turns into obsessed
It's time to renew,
Thus bidding adieu
To matters distressed

When death would better
Existence's fetter
Why on earth snuff it?
Go forth and rough it;
In doing become a go-getter

The drama of life–
With comedy rife,
Tragedy too if you want;
Or farcical, nonchalant
Unless indulging in strife

Actors indulge
In roles that divulge
Parts we all play
In which they essay
Life's battles that bulge

TV viewers are captive
Sensually adaptive
To what is presented
Unless they're  prevented
From cravings entrap-tive

 Studded with cash
Politicians can lash
Out at opponents
Playing proponents
Of progress that turns into trash

We buy what actors say
When they portray
People availing
Of products entailing
Outlay of cash, by the way

TV can entice
Into paying the price
Of our valuable time
To be watching a prime
Story of profligate vice

Plain people try "funny"
To come into money
Intending to thrive
On Saturday Night Live
Making life ever so sunny

Do we care
On becoming aware
Of what's going on
Or are we drawn
Away by the hint of a scare


Comicbooks bring ya
Stories which sing ya
An ultra-reality
Yea, a modality
Into which they can string ya

Telling tales out-of-school
Might well turn the fool
Cast as the butt
Embarrassed somewhat
To come back and be spitefully cruel
At the mercy of the system
The choice: Go with 'em
Or stubbornly resist
At which point they'll desist
Then you'll be off to abyss-dom

Blunder onward, fools!
Breaking all the rules
That were set up
In case you met up
With Devilishly two-timing tools

By simply admitting
Without any kidding
What we actually are
We can ergo go far
To who we will be without quitting

In choosing not to do
This or that, did you
Regret your decisions
With next-day revisions
Seen clearly in rearview?

Having chosen other stuff
You might not have scored enough
In doing what you did
After being just a kid
Seen as a diamond in the rough

Finally bereft at the end
Taking last steps we wend
Our way to unknown
Destinations alone
Hereafter to worthily spend

What the future seemed to be
Isn't always what we see
Looking forward and predicting
The outcome depicting
What our fortunes would decree

If your job is your passion
You'll sure get your ration–
An additional perk
Of pleasure from work
Before and after a fashion


A limit non-resistant,
Creativity insistent
Goes where it would find
Whatever comes to mind
Hitherto nonexistent

Consider possibilities
Disdaining all civilities
Until they impinge
Affecting the fringe
Of raw sensibilities

Using available tools
Try breaking the rules
Thence changing the world
With new concepts hurled
At hectoring gullible fools

Yoking spirits together
Let us all tether
Ourselves to new ways
With intent that conveys
Respect for  whatever

Beckoning change
While time remains
Thrust to adjust to
That which we must to
Wasteful worldly habits rearrange

All of the best of life
(Along with the rest of life)
Happens, so it goes
In the mind, so it shows
As a sort of test of life

Not for sissies, growing old;
When you get there, you behold
Confrontations anew
From goofs that accrue
You never could have foretold

Thoughts in idle musing
Not always of our choosing
Pass through fertile minds
And by them one finds
New paths to be cruising

Conjecture, is it sinning,
Fancy tales a-spinning
Without consummating
Yet scenarios creating
Conclusions over winning?

Contemplate-able caprice:
Gives cognitive release
From realities borne
Of circumstances forlorn,
Thus saneness to increase


Cease to be who
You might have, do
Something other
Than what dad or mother
Might have forced you in to

School thinks it's teaching you this
While ignorance of other is bliss
But the lessons you learn
Might be of concern
In perceiving that they were remiss

The things I had thought
Important were not
Enough to upset
Or offer a threat
So better they be forgot

By gosh, trivia
Oft' times can give ya
Vacation from relevance
Help you forget events
Threat'ning to outlive ya

Winter upon us
Might very well spawn us
Vigors for lifting;
Snow that is drifting
Outside will have drawn us

If you know not
And are willing to forego not
Only bare essentials
But subsequent potentials,
Naiveté you'll outgrow not

Unbearable resistance
Overcomes existence
Acquiescing to death
When taking a breath
Is in need of assistance

Conferring affection
Reinforce a connection
On characters who
Are closest to you
With osculatory confection

Aspire to sagacity
Develop capacity
Trav'ling new roads
Thus adding abodes
To cultured voracity

No God existing
There's no law consisting
Of what He'd dictate
Entrusting our fate
To naught but subsisting


Like a flat rock
Taking a walk
Skip o'er a smooth pond
To a future beyond
What can be seen from the dock

To up and compete 
Don't sink down and cheat
Be bigger, faster, more, less
Unafraid of largesse
In giving yourself a front seat 

When competitive pace
Gets up in your face
Yet, winning prizes
Within sight arises
Simply invent a new race

Be a new tune
The world can croon
Catching its ears
All at once switching gears

To the song of a diff'rent loon

Music played survives
Describing a time it revives
A mem'ry, evoking
Coals ripe for a stoking
Coaxing them back alive

Songs of existence
To be of assistance
Need rhythms to go with
Otherwise no myth
Caters insistence

Music can seem messy
Not just since Bessie
Sang us The Blues,
Even if what then ensues
Resolves to harmonically dressy

Oft times one's needs
Seek an end which exceeds
Bounds of rapport
And thus need to soar
To the point of misdeeds

Ripping branches from trees
A Relentless breeze
Strikes externally
Swirling nocturnally
Heavenly gods to appease

Go, be the romantic
Theatrically antic.
You won't be alone
Nor have to atone
Unless you play it as frantic


Better as my dream girl

Relic of a starry whirl
I'm glad you got away
For now you'll ever stay
An ever-gleaming pearl


In my dream 
I curiously seem
To get more pleasure
Thus later treasure
My survival to redeem

Like the birds, we
Travel from tree to tree
Availing ourselves
As each of us delves
Into gettable fruit for free

It's life on-the-wing indeed
As on each flow'r we feed
Like butterflies relish
Whate'er we embellish
Simply by spreading our seed

Casting lots with diverse creeds
Which with God intercede
Go then, to churches
Embarking on searches
Fulfilling your spiritual need

Faith, a spiritual thing
Which to the soul can bring
Peace and contentment
Offsetting resentment
Of arduous burdens that cling

Perceiving a Heavenly voice
Fall on your knees and rejoice
In faithfulness when you
Are spoken to, then you
Be thankful if given a choice

Shiver in the bitter cold
Of life when growing old
For then it's a cinch
To warm up in a pinch
With the prospect of Hell to behold

As a fire-starter
A player who's "smarter"
In kindling blazes
With meaningful phrases
You'll possibly wind up a martyr

What sunshine discovers

As Spring, alas, hovers 
O'er remnants of slush
That will  turn into mush,
Summer in due course recovers


​Depressed with your life?
Predicaments rife?
No reason to end it
Find ways to amend it
Without engendering strife

If living the life you do
Results in depressing you
That's no reason to snuff.
When you've had enough,
Just find a new road to pursue

The drama of existence,
Once you've gone your distance
Funny, sad, absurd
No matter what occurred
Flirted with consistence

Do we care what is?
Golly, gee whiz
What only seems
Occupies our dreams
Even if none-of-our-biz

To bordellos you might roam
Rememb'ring in the gloam
How they robbed your illusions
With sexual infusions
You might have faced up to at home

One day a year, one time
You'd like your Valentine
To be yours alone
Your solo voice intone;
Reciprocated love enshrine

Life is all about fun
And you get only one;
If you play it just right
You conceivably might
Live-it-up ere it's over and done

Mystery novels, educational
Sometimes confrontational
Are books about deduction
Conceivably instruction
In a lifetime operational

Laughing as he danced
To the rhythm he pranced
Face playing the tune
Like a living cartoon
In-the-moment entranced

A titillating kiss
Ah, a moment of bliss
Stoked a furnace within
Intense burning wherein
One could e'er reminisce


Adapting to one's mortality
Accepting corporeality
Doesn't come lightly
So we say our prayers nightly
In case we might face a finality

Music isn't the horn
Or virtuosos who adorn
Their melodies with trills;
What really thrills
Is a classic tune reborn

Music, a notion played out
Is, without a doubt
A tuneful message sent
To robustly represent
A composer's artistic spout

The horizon always looms,
E'er constantly resumes
Showing up afar
Hovered over by a guiding star
Yet accessible, one assumes

Comic books portray
An ultra-reality which may
Lead to thinking outside-the-box
Prompting shocks
To current attitudes in sway

The telling-of-tales
Out-of-school derails
Friendships which
Brand one a snitch
Thus discretion assails

Fools that some may be
With vast opportunity
Just blunder forth
With their own magnetic north
Guiding their disunity

By simply admitting
Meekly submitting
To what we are
We can go far
Toward progress-permitting

Back then, what lay ahead
If left unsaid
Might have led to events
Making serious dents
In what really happened instead

What expectations we had
Whether good or bad
Eventually panned out
Along fortune's route
Hey, we're here, so be glad


Funny what comes to mind
Sounds and images left behind
Until they pop up
Abruptly crop up
E'er to oblivion un-consigned

Suicide bombers bargain with fate
Hoping that virgins eagerly wait
For their coming as victors
Convinced by predictors
Using dogmatic religion as bait

To spite my face, I cut off my nose
Then all of a sudden a thought arose
Why not also poke out my eyes
The results of which will then comprise
Less sensory perception at what I've chose

If no Almighty exists
Look at all you might have missed
Restricting your living
Dodging sin by not giving
In to temptations which ever persist

If we simply became
We've no God to blame
Or kneel down to pray to
Nor later go 'way to –
A Heavenly afterlife to claim

A Holy Spirit now exists
In our consciousness persists
In helping us behave
Energizing us to stave
Off sinful acts we thus resist

Religion goes only so far
Depending on how bizarre
It seems to portend
Here's eventual end
Then another existence afar

When other roads beckon
One might take a second
To stop, reconsider
An alternate bidder
For values to reckon

Lessons you learn at school
Provide you enlightening fuel
But those of the street
Might help you to beat
Situations of playing the fool

Aspire to ingenuity
At risk of promiscuity
After all, exposure
Offers full disclosure
Developing acuity


By admitting "I am me"
I.e., the very thing that we
Actually are
We can go far
Into the person to BE

"If it weren't for me
You wouldn't even be"
Said both dad and mother
As one voice together
To progeny on their knee

"There once was a woman from Sidney…"
Oh come on, please don't kid me
Have a little respect
Cause I'm up to my neck
Of dirty lim'ricks I'm trying' to rid me

If you had actually done 
Some of the things you'd begun
Instead of stopping them
Finally dropping them,
You might have had more fun

What the future seemed to be
Then ain't necessarily
How it turned out
But one cannot doubt
 What it became, you'll agree

Swindlers use religions
Turning fools into "pigeons"
With messages carried
From those who are buried
Extracting donations in smidgens

If your job is your passion
You're likely to cash in;
The pleasure of working
Even soda jerking
Of tasty fun has its ration

Life: an escapade
One long promenade
Down streets of dreams
Or thusly it seems…
Merely a masquerade

In good or bad times, choose
That least likely to give you the blues
Live on, then, down the road
To whatever life may bode
As experience accrues

Living in the moment
Could possibly foment
Greater expectations
Than actual sensations;
(Sorry where your dough went)


Life's but the choice of a lark
On which to embark;
Living thus on the edges
Society alleges
Will constitute making a mark

How can we view things
As they are and not
How we wish they'd be?
Undressing them brings
The facts to a spot
Where everything we can see
Try to see all things
No matter what life brings
As they are for real;
Ignore how you feel,
Checking what waits in the wings

Better mousetraps attract
Bolder mice, in fact
Those pathways they beat
To your door will greet
A family of them intact

Enjoy your life as though
'Twere its twilight, go
Do things you were craving
Instead of saving
Them up for an afterglow

Another road beckons
Where you could reckon
To be who you might
Or briefly take flight
Even if just for a second

Lessons you learn from existence
Contribute later assistance,
Addressing affairs
Pointing out snares
From which to keep one's distance

Sometimes trivia matters
Especially to batters
Up at the plate
Where the bait
Might be straight or in tatters

Brood not on setback
Devising to get back
Days where lights faded;
Perspectives thus jaded
Demand to be let back

Aspire to sagacity
Showing voracity
For new paths to travel,
Enigmas unravel
With abstract audacity


Stop what you're doing
…A new air is brewing
Go write down the tune
By that act commune
Harmonious interest ensuing

Avoid keeping score
Conniving for more
Else personal peace
Will ever decrease
Reducing your chances to soar

Existence happens to you
So whattayagonna do?
For better or worse
Go forth or reverse
Before you bid life adieu

Honor, ranked higher than life
'Specially in times of strife
But what good is it
If the length of your visit
On earth is cut short by the knife
Growing old, call up friends
Bringing back, as life ends
The image of youth
Distorting the truth
Disregard what the future portends

One's spirit seemed defeated
When from risks it retreated
Although, the surrender
Was not a life-ender;
Endeavors could still be repeated

Righteous people don't consider
Life goes to the highest bidder
Thus virtue professed
Might never be blessed
When combating a quo-pro-quidder

In being a writer
Instead of a fighter
One can avoid wars
By opening doors
To options much brighter

What you thought was, was not
In spite of what you were taught
The world's topsy-turvy
Straight arrows veered curvy
With scant chance to be re-shot

An original voice
Gives mankind a choice
Of a new point of view
There: a path to pursue…
A manifest cause to rejoice


Ego, once born
At the outset forlorn
Broadens to principle
Then to invincible
Thusly resistant to scorn

Bad premonitions
Beget suppositions
Of evil deletions
Of project completions
Before their fruitions

Ardent faith, no less
In which the pompous dress
Inspires discrimination
Which is naught but a mutation
Of chauvinism to excess

We who yearn for love
And the benefits thereof,
Merely tolerated
Constantly de-flated
Strive to give romance a shove
The older one gets
The less one frets
Over something "disgusting"
Therefore more trusting
Devoid of all kinds of regrets

Where light exists
Science insists
There must also be shadow
Of things that are mad. Oh
Yes for ideas to assist

Where there is life
With energy rife
Death also appears,
Perceptively jeers,
So encouraging telluric strife

Keep waiting long enough
Incurring living's stuff
Ev'rything will finally come
To those avoiding being glum
Seeking diamonds in the rough

In a world where dreams abide
Furtive new ideas hide;
In due course spark reality
And with a fresh vitality
Improve the mortal human stride

Enjoy the now
Realizing the how
Of where the pleasures
Come in good measures
Jubilations to allow


Life offers so much
Variations to touch
A flame to and light
The myst'ries of night
E'er to capture and clutch

"When I think of you
Remember me too"
The broken-hearted intone
O'er lost loves once known
(Oh spare us the boring "Boo-hoo!")

In music each thing
Is a singular fling
Going else-where
To possibly snare
A mood on the wing

When I need a buddy
I turn to the study
Of musical harmony
Lending a euphony
Making life pliant as putty

It's a sad state of affairs
When you realize no one cares
All you've left is yourself
With naught left on a shelf
Other than what you declare

Life is a long adventure
Begging for you as a clencher
A willing pioneer
Devoid of all fear
Its thirst demanding a quencher

Life is a barrel of fun
Too soon over and done
Taking it too serious
Could be deleterious
"Tra la la" from age 81

Fulfilling a fateful need
Butterflies live to breed
So go be Cio-Cio san
Tasting each flower, Hon
Then to the next blossom proceed

In life to credibly play
At being some one, okay
But too many things beckon
For one life to reckon,
Keeping all others at bay…

Life is surely a ball;
If you only get one and that's all
Take utmost advantage
Of occasions to manage
Keeping in mind "It's your call…"


Think out-of-the-box
Away from the flocks
Of drones marching lock-step
Presenting a crock-shlep
Of little that shocks

Banned contemplations
Breed complications
In minds of real thinkers
Whose fantasies tinker
With fathomed mutations

In between notes
Lie hidden cotes
Where wild tones lurk
That border berserk
Yet a novel melody floats

Not to fret, I'll be back
As soon as I find a crack
In the wall of existence
Removing the distance
 Unveiling a suitable track

When I show up again
You'll know me, and then
Without hesitation
A new affirmation
Will prompt you to utter "Amen."

Write down who you might be
Reviving your family tree
Stir up your ambition
E'er going on a mission
A brighter future to foresee

All of our bodies wear out
Of that there's surely no doubt
But what passes for death
Might give us new breath
Where a re-nascence will sprout

If you don't believe in God
Thus Heaven's paths to trod
Now's the time, make hay
Get going, don't delay
Making sure you're properly shod

Go. Try saving the earth;
See what the project is worth
You'll find that most
Have intentions grandiose
But of actions there's plainly a dearth

Humans who breed more
Surely should heed more
Economic rules
Instead of making fools
To have to feed more


Music reminiscence
Returns you to whence
And where you might never
Care to endeavor
To go back uncomfortably thence

Being happy entails
Finding new trails
Trudging them then
Thru meadow and glen
Proceeding thru vital travails

Courting money or fame
Became a kind of a game
Eluding enjoyment
To favor employment
At whate'er it was you became

"I'm going to be downright insane
Do something that's clearly inane
Bring off choices now given me
By demons who've driven me
To purposely crashing a plane."

"No one understands
What an troubled mind demands"
Says the fool who then judges
The world by its grudges,
Equipped with a bomb in his hands

Is going crazy a choice
Of a man's inner voice
Or is that controlled
By forces so bold
Giving him cause to rejoice?

Like bricklaying, existence
Requires rules of consistence
Resulting in building
Erections then gilding
With elemental resistance

Step back, appreciate
What you've accomplished to date
Devise something novel
So you won't have to grovel
To put something else on your plate

Stay playful and youth
Is well-assured (It's the truth)
Prospects to keep being
Are related to still seeing
Life when you're long-in-the-tooth

Write down that which stirs you
Voice a notion that infers you
Have a point that's worth expressing
On a problem worth addressing
With a bottom-line that spurs you


Limericks: nothing but thought
Turned into poems that ought
To say something pithy
And therefore forthwith-y
Stimulate that which was not

Think with a rhythm, love
Get with the beat thereof
Rave like a fool
Thus find that you'll
Have given your psyche a shove

It's the ultimate drug
You can stick in your mug
So enjoy while you taste it
And Heavens! don't waste it
Ice cream the nectar-lust plug

Artistic people can't escape
The niggling inkling to reshape
A world they find
Thus left behind
By progress at the final tape

Only artists are we
Being the ones who see
What lies ahead
Beyond daily bread
Inventing new roads for a spree

In your medium, think
Then committing to ink
What you invented
To thinking augmented
Taking us right to the brink

"Friends" to the artist–
Not always the smartest
Choice of activity
With the proclivity
To be diluting the stardust

Appreciate you
As a social skew
From a world that is straight
Yet may hopefully await
An idea that it can pursue

If you need to chat
To discuss "Where it's at"
Look in the mirror
Speak to the hearer
Of whose ideas were begat

Where you are
No matter how bizarre
Is not the same as where you're at
When you're coming up to bat
And the time is ripe to star


While flossing your teeth
Clearing morsels beneath
Think of how bright
The future just might
Be with a smile you bequeath

In playing God I flush:
"Wherefore's my broad brush?
Ah! I'll go online
And with the old Divine
Routine make my critics hush."

What then, is perfection?
With God, a connection;
After all, aspiration's
The real transportation
In Heaven's direction

Getting to the better life:
A matter of personal strife
With death in the middle
And you with a twiddle
Considering options rife

The better life, alas
Is right here, in the grass
Of Earthly notions
Not far off oceans
Of depths one could never surpass

Lie in a hammock looking
Up at the clouds a-cooking
Up a good storm
To later transform
Our world into babbling brook-ing
How vast is infinity
In the mind of Divinity?
Has anything "Meaning"
Or are we just leaning
Toward "Natural" affinity?

When my days are o'er
My rhyme-time no more
It's then up to you
To continue to do
What I started before


"Take drugs," say the ads
"Ask your doctor" when you feel bad
So it's physicians and dope
When you need to cope
But in charlative decency clad

Dope may not kill you,
 But in taking it will you
Face altered states
Accepting of fates
Unguaranteed to fulfill you?

Drugs might be fun
But once they're begun
They distort your perspective
Make conduct defective
With upshots that can't be undone

When your body's prepared
No need to be scared
Diseases go through you
And fail to pursue you
Result: You're rarely impaired

When your body is primed,
Heights yet to be climbed
Taste dangers reflectively
Lest they defectively
Lead you to ventures ill-timed

On a win streak
Take a little peek
Assess where you are
Try not to jar
Lady Luck with a tweak

What you intend to recall
Adds to the stockpile of all
You then can store
Which heretofore
Held your limits in thrall
Life was so breakable
With tenets unshakeable
Until surprises
In varied disguises
Showed paths unmistakable
Live longer, losers!
Adventure choosers
Rather than cautiously
Behaving nauseously
Become convention abusers!
Have all the fun
Good behavior outrun
But then, pull your weight
Lest life you deflate
Before it's over and done


On the edge of dizziness
You venture in busy-ness
By owning a bar
Where the profits are
Connected to fizziness

From your mistakes
What it finally takes
To rise to success
Is to step back, assess
Where you didn't apply the brakes

A sin of omission
Wants an act of contrition
To elicit some pardon
Before it can harden
To a rigid position

When the clouds are on fire,
One might hear a choir
Singing in Heaven;
Existences leaven
Lifting us ever so higher

Oh the stupid things I've done
Just to think, even one
Though it thrilled me
Could have killed me
Ere its upshots I'd outrun

Y'can spend all your time, it seems
Chasing impossible dreams
Trav'ling wrong roads
Till your life it corrodes
So go and examine new themes

If you're eatin' skillet lasagne
Try not to get any on ya
If it drips on your shirt
Immediately squirt
Some vintage chianti upon ya

Acting impulsively
Might end compulsively
So when you do things
That seem like wild flings
You might even wind up  repulsively

When impulses rule ya
False hopes can fuel ya
Chasing the rainbow
Just to obtain dough
Might totally fool ya

Like little raindrops
We're sometimes non-stops
Toppling down windowpanes
Heartlessly flowing veins
Of moisture feeding our crops


Wade well into each pond
Encountering toute le monde
But don't go too deep
Lest you end up asleep
Unable to venture beyond

Aspire to essay
A new nature each day
One that reflects
But never neglects
Something you might have to say

Treasure life given
With enterprise striven,
For minutes wasted
Excitements untasted
Are freeways undriven

In our minds we succeed,
To our fancies accede,
Or then, maybe not…
Appraising what ought
To have been decreed

Hear yourself think
Step right to the brink
After all, speculation
Is naught but creation
That could disappear in a wink

The end of life will loom
The start of death, of "doom"
Concerns us most
For after we're "toast"
Will new existence assume?

Life, rife with games
Frequently proclaims
"Op'nings abound"
But on looking are found
Unoccupied frames

Drinking? Do it right
Knocking one back just might
Get you "there" –and then taper
 Off as an ultimate caper–
Home safer concluding the night

Such a thing as morality
Is not yet a fatality
If something that's rotten
Remains unforgotten
To be called abnormality

Sellers get together,
Determine thus whether
To fix all their prices
Designing devices
To keep them from nether​​


If you had to choose
A single path to cruise
Which one would it be–
Character, ingenuity
Or maybe a different muse

Your disappointment
Could be the ointment
In which flies get stuck
Or that triggers your pluck
To soar to anointment

The things that you choose
Reflect your own do's
While your personal don'ts
Indicate won'ts
Where you simply refuse

Choose this not that
Wear a diff'rent hat
Thus find your position
And current condition
By your own self begat

Where did the quiet go
Hearing the wind blow? No,
Constant media hype
Our peacefulnesses swipe
Dumbing us down to not-to-know

"Like" your own thought
In preference to a knot
Tied up in media
An encyclopedia
Of what may be bought
Devoid of compassion
Relationships ashen;
Seek others' respect
Or just to connect
In accessible fashion

What little you teach
To those you can reach
Who use what they learn
Thus a living to earn
Is appropriate speech

Life is short and so
Do the do, get on the go
No matter the price
Give a toss of the dice
Eschewing a tale of woe

Live all the life that you can
Given at most a short span
Of existence to ply
Forego asking why
It ended before it began

Escape into song
And you'll rarely be wrong
The world will be yours
Opening doors
To where you might even belong

When improvising
The mind's epitomizing,
Figuring out where
To go to ere
Herded to legitimizing

The piano's a drum
On which you might thrum
Like playing a cymbal
With fingers nimble
E'en snatch a tune from

Sometimes your mind has got
To figure where to go, not
Resting securely
But prematurely
Escaping before you are caught

Poetry's easy
Making rhymes, breezy
But getting the rhythm
And words to go with 'em
Is once in a while a bit "squeezy"

Bees'll sting you
But then, they can bring you
A morning sunny
With the taste of honey
And into the day spring you

When they stop paying attention
No point in creating tension
Just end the conversation
With a cursory summation
Taking up a new dimension

Do you ever feel the need
To somehow intercede
In a life of cold reaction
With an avant-garde transaction
To uncertainty proceed?

Maybe you've got to grow old
Before some knowledge is doled
Out to your rationale
Thus some sense to corral
And finally begin to behold


Close the windows to a storm
Staying inside nice and warm
Put the elements aside
Temporarily denied
While other tasks perform


The moment will come
When a distant drum
Will signal the end
Of life and portend
New depths to plumb


Some of life fades
Away, then degrades
Underneath waves
Thus effectually caves
Into decadent shades


If the pen in fact were
Than the sword mightier
Those with usable notions
Would gather more devotions
Than those who conquer


Let women run the world
With model values twirled
Showing their mettle,
Society settle
And feminine flags unfurled


Be an action hero
Not a virtual Nero
Fiddling while Rome burns
But someone who churns
Paradise from ground zero


The name of every game
Which winners oft proclaim
Is coming out ahead
With opponents truly dead
Unable to reclaim


"Necessary" wars
That peace-niks deplore
Frequently end
When the sides recommend
Common ground to explore


The artist can sample
Seeming to trample
Exhibit the bitter
Along with the glitter
Lo! set an example 


Ever something to pursue
Inclinations to eschew
The way to survive
Remaining alive
Is to keep on doin' the do


To skip across a pond
At destinations beyond
Like a flat stone
We have to be thrown
Otherwise don't respond


We, unlike birds,
Seek pleasures deferred
Appraising the seeds
That might turn into deeds
'Ere slips have occurred


Butterflies enjoy
Fruits of nature, oi!
We, though merely human
Have the curious acumen
Idle whimsies to employ


Faith: A mystical thing
To which we're told to cling
No proofs exist
Yet signs persist
As bells you can't unring


One who purports to speak
As God might take unique
Points of view divine
That might well be a sign
Of an innovative streak


A good religion ought
Tell what to do not what not
Guiding by leading,
Life's outlook speeding
To inner advancement taught


Oft' times it's more facile
To avoid without hassle
Pains of life's bitter cold
And rather than be bold,
Stay warm in one's own castle

Go be a fire-starter
Surely not a martyr
But one who can kindle
A flame that won't dwindle
A creative thought impart-er


In a body you you reside
Let your fancies, though, decide
To go where you're not
After all, it's just thought
You never have to confide


Promising areas show
New ways to travel, and lo!
Destinations unthought of
Will pop up begot of
Progressive ideals apropos


Soberly tasting
Sensibly pacing
What life provides
In chances untried
Eliminates wasting


We are windows, alas
Through which life must pass
Before moving on to
Wherever we're gone to
After what feats we amass


The soul's a blank slate
On which one's fate
Chalk's existence and then
Is finally erased when
It passes the Heavenly gate


Earthly existence, a game
With you against the same
Souls that were created
When finally vacated
Culminated in rapture or flame


Sexual daydreams, alas
Better than pieces-of-ass
You sought so restively
Which just suggestively
You could have given a pass


I'm writing a new book of the bible
An endeavor for which I'm liable
To incur the wrath
Of the poohbahs who hath
Grown piously identifiable


There were the girls who did
Then there were those who'd forbid
Any foreplay at all
Tried to hold you in thrall
With an adorable id


Growing older means
Eliminating routines
That might have worked
Had you not shirked
Behavioral genes


Pay attention to your vices
Before they lead to crises.
Seriously, if you care
'Bout that which you may dare
To ergo pay life's prices


Doing regular exercise
Prevents an early demise
Fighting pathology
With a technology
In a physical guise


When you run out of reasons to be
It might occur to you to free
To some needy college
Some of your knowledge
On a benefactorial spree…


Is what you do only work
Which, given the chance, you'd shirk
Or does it have interest
A whimsical twist
That keeps you from going berserk?


To become someone other
Tickles one's druther,
But then, why
Would e'er I
Want to change to another?


Become someone new
Old personae eschew
With youthful outlook, a
Virgin page in your book, a
Character beyond a mere you


From the pie-eating hole
You can often be droll
But watch what you shout
'Cause whatever comes out
Could very well foist a toll


Prune the limbs of existence
Giving life's growth resistance
To those exigencies
Begetting urgencies
Later on needing assistance


The objective of art
Is e'er to impart
Something quite notable
Possibly quotable
Thus for dreams to restart


It isn't death we fear, alas
But losing life, to pass
Into the nether,
Ensuingly whether
To achieve a higher class


Gists drift through the mind
Where nuggets we find
Panned for their worth
As jewels of earth
Are purveyed unconfined


The creative mind draws a sketch
Satirizing mankind, a stretch
To then rearrange
Into something quite strange
Over which people won't retch


Writing often changes minds
When a gifted scribe opines
Pointing new directions
Indicating fresh connections
Cliche-ed thinking undermined


Think on tomorrow
Don't be a Zingaro
Gypsy music is fetching
Tho' not for life-stretching
The tunes all end up in sorrow


Laugh as you dance
Turning rhythm to prance
Face, sense of humor
Regardless of rumor
Life's fun you'll enhance   


Express your dreams as art
Thus your thoughts impart
To those who might want
To absorb the avant
Taking your lessons to heart


Your bridges aren't all burned
Till you've gone and  turned
Them into forgotten
Memories thought in
Practical lessons you've learned


One life's what you get,
Shake a leg, place your bet
On a race you can win
Before it has been
By a vacuous mishap offset


The road to success
As one might well guess
Is littered with distractions
Posing as attractions
Thus temptations to digress


Cast your focus on goals
Disqualify other roles
Put them out of your sight
Otherwise they just might
Distract from essential controls


Bestow the ultimate kiss
Stoking a steamy abyss
You never can tell
It might ring a bell
Suggestive of marital bliss


Suddenly you're alive
Down a road to then drive
Aware of fresh connections
Displaying life's perfections
Relating delights to derive

Newer dimensions
Command our attentions
Being fraught with hope
With which we might cope
Demanding inventions


Our inner spirit takes us
To higher levels, makes us
More of what we are
Spreads horizons afar
Beyond a fear that shakes us


The Lord has many realms
Operating at the helms
Of worlds that need assistance
Spread throughout existence
Which His Spirit overwhelms


Time to progress
Or if not, regress
It's our choice to make
To pick up and take
A torch of finesse


Just like an eternity
A stated  biology
Goes only so far
So don't let it mar
Your current philosophy


If you believe
That spirits achieve
The un-doable,
And are renewable
Then you can conceive


Earth from clay formed
Is by the sun warmed
Enough for us
A personal plus,
 To then be transformed

What was once was then
Way back before when
What is now existed
Domains by us assisted;
…So 'twill be again


Raise up a child who'll go out
Making a mark that will flow out,
Mean something to others
And not just another
Batter a pitcher can throw out


Pierce the shell that we've built
So what if it ends with milk spilt
Society trembles
Always dissembles
Could do with a radical tilt

Knowing you're capable
With a life shape-able
Offers occasion
To The Good Life invasion
But not inescapable


Limericks have to rhyme
Not all, but most of the time
The first two lines
Can pass on the signs
Of how high the idea will climb


We pass here but once
Where a life confronts
With onerous chores;
Those who keep scores,
Regarding them with grunts


Each stage in being
Involves a new fleeing
Controls that previously
Limited deviously
Our spirits from freeing


The magic of song
Magnetically strong
Harking back to enshrined
Grabs hold of the mind.
(Melodies can't go wrong!)


Melody's a knack.
The ear can't go back
Recalling a tune
Unless it's hewn
On an inner sound track

Survival mechanisms
Exist in prisms
Taking up one's time
To figure out "rhyme-
And-reason" sans schisms


When you finally figure out
What this life is all about
If this world is going by,
Before you up and die
You can take another route


If you fantasize
Those thoughts can be lies
Or truths or naught
Just don't get caught
Purloining a prize


Go pursue a dream
Odd though that may seem
Time here to live
Your energy to give,
Life's new leases teem


Life: a matter of endeavor
That won't go on forever
Ne'ertheless, compelling
And there's no foretelling
Unless, of course, you're clever

Philosophers hold court
Their critics roundly thwart
Yet what they have to say
Might seldom hold sway
Over what good senses exhort


Frivolities win
Till they tilt into sin–
Go over the line
And begin to incline
Into whirlpools one can't un-spin


Try it all somewhat
But avoid creating a rut
That you can't get out of
In which there's no doubt of
An end where the exits are shut


When what you do isn't fun
Maybe just cut and run
To something compelling
After all, there's no telling
What personal tales might be spun


Get naked and pose
But remain in your clothes
Exposing yourself
Like a prize on a shelf
With an aura that glows


Words can make you fat
Advertising that
Does thinking for you
With products galore you
Might turn your nose up at


Dance: jiggle and strut
It's all in your butt
A physical notion
You turn into motion
Interpreting rhythms somewhat


Go be the dreamer
Instead of a schemer
Think the new things
Cogitation might bring
–A creativity streamer


Careful saying what you think
Speech can lead you to the brink
Of depths that are deeper
Or heights that are steeper
From which you might later shrink


Do it all if you can
In this very small span
Of life you've been given
Imagine you're driven
By supernatural plan


Music takes the agile mind
To special areas designed
To make it remember
Those times in December
That rest in our mem'ries enshrined


The melodic knack
Might lead you to smack
Your head in recognition
Of a musical tradition
And your mem'ry hence unpack


Mechanisms to survive
Interfere because we strive
To take life and use it
And they just confuse it
With frantic ploys to keep alive


Maintaining your life with cures
Extended breathing insures
Till the medics get your dough
When it's fin'lly time to go
As your existence matures


When you fantasize
Try to realize
You're dealing in notions
So curb your emotions
Reducing them to size


Go pursue a dream
Absurd though that may seem
You never can tell
What might there dwell
Just beyond the gleam


A train of adventures, life
Danger-thirst-quenchers rife
With chances for fame
And no one to blame,
Inviting avoidance of strife


The world awaits our decision
Can we avoid a collision?
Alternatives thrive
On roads we might drive
Thus future pathways envision


Oracles pontificate
What might be our fate
If we go do what they preach
Their reality thus reach
For the future they create


If we choose a career
To suit what we hear
Will make lots of money,
It might turn out funny
What outcomes appear


Live your life every day
As if you'll be goin' away
Buyin' the farm in the sky,
To everyone sayin' "Bye-bye,"
'Ain't gonna happen, but hey…


What on earth saves us
From that which enslaves us?
Imagination for sure
We can use to detour
From what would deprave us


Our bodies die, but our souls?
After we're put in a hole
Or burned up to ash
We can still make a splash
Playing a post-mortem role


"Go where the spirit leads"
One's inner mind oft pleads
Which is precisely
If not always nicely
Motivating your deeds


Deal with things that are now
Pains of the past disallow
Think on tomorrow
Banishing sorrow
Cutting new grooves with your plow


Think ye not on the past
Reading of dice mis-cast
The numbers shown
'Been chiseled in stone
Purge ahead, bad mem'ries outlast


Relevance today
Can make your hair turn gray
So much of this existence
Is a matter of subsistence
That ideals just get in the way


Music is a notion
Effecting an emotion
A parading of hues
One's tonal mind construes
Into an aural potion


Music is our friend;
Thence we can ascend
To heights of mortality
A heavenly modality
Thus evil dreams to forfend


The essence of Jazz:
Not razzamatazz
But logical melodies
Well-placed harmonies
Accompanying rhythmic pizzazz


Did you do something we
Might think effectively
Changed the world in which
More than your personal niche
Improved, retrospectively?


A serious escapade,
Occasional charade,
Life presents a series
Of contemporary theories
Whose selections might be played


Merrily Merrily, life a dream
Which when we gather steam
Chugs right along
Relentless, a song
To serenade treasures agleam


Be ready to die any moment
From rioting that you might foment
Watch what you say where you say it
Words that you use to convey it
Might not seem what your thought meant


Looking at it this way:
As a game we all play
Life is a furlough from death
So as you inhale every breath
Think about how to make hay


Maybe we live once again
In a new time and place when
A baby is born
Naked, forlorn
That needs a new soul, and then…


Don't be afraid to choose wrong
Going through life, move along
Changing direction
Just make a correction
'Ere you must sing your swan song


Make your mistakes eyes wide-ope'd
Teaching yourself to have coped,
Display pride in living without
And not a second thought about
Crises thru which you have groped


The mistakes of the past
Thru which we have passed
Could lead to other
Slips that might smother
A dazzling future quite vast


Friends can be a waste of time
To an artist in the prime
Of creative existence
Effecting a distance
Between idea and rhyme


Comic books provided
Lessons oft derided
But with their own style
They beat by a mile
What longer tomes confided

Looking back over your life
How many moments of strife
Were worth the doing
Or even pursuing
Where pointlessness was rife

Write down all you've learned
Ere the final page you've turned
Gone to your reward
Before you can record
Fruitful assets you have earned

To wish is but to dream
But pursuing, it would seem
Might gain the prize
At which your eyes
Were formerly agleam

How much can you take
When your whole life is at stake
Are you willing to suffer
Till you've had enough or
Have you concessions to make?

In life's dark corners
Lie meaningful warners
Of where not to go
And seeds not to sew
Lest you generate mourners

When you're thinking prophetic
Cast your thoughts as poetic
Thus your prediction
Might carry conviction
Considered nigh empathetic

Growing up's directions
Are all in the connections
Finding niches to pursue
For a life that will ensue
Justifying the selections

Musical interpretation
Simply by its presentation
Seeks to appear
To the critical ear
As auditory sensation

Think of a destination
A wishful aspiration
Start making plans
Sedans, minivans…
(A matter of determination)

Going to some place
In an un-worldly space
Might be a trip
You don't want to skip
Sometime even retrace

Growing up poor
In an ice cream store
Has its benefits
Flavor-ful perquisites
Plus comic books galore

Careful what you're thinking
In your mind's eye blinking
Looking ere leaping
Cautionary keeping
Thus from peril shrinking

How many variations
Of life's sensations
Can you squeeze
Into your sprees
Before graduation?

Direct communication
Is the role of conversation
But sometimes it fails
To capture details
Showing its limitation

Beyond our perception
Lies another inception
Possibly treasures
Adventurous pleasures
Or, alas, deception



Hanging by a thread
Waiting till you're dead
Has no positive side
Either climb up or slide
(It's all in your head)

If people refuse to be cured
Remain to their customs inured
Then just let them die
After all why should I
To my own demise be lured

If virgins are given
When to heaven one's driven
There'll be none left on earth
To ever give birth
After all that's been striven

What's the big deal about virgins
That has peoples' interest surgin'
Rendering innocence
An object whose incidence
A religious sect has been urgin'?

What you consider inclusive
To some might seem abusive
But mores have shifted
Pretenses are lifted
Revealing offenses profusive

You might just want to distribute
By virtue of that contribute
Talents acquired
That might be desired
By people who'd then pay you tribute

When everybody's expressin'
It becomes a form of confessin'
"Let it all hang out
So there ain't any doubt."
(Whatever became of discretion?)

One person's aggression's
Someone else's transgression
It's a touchy world anymore
That you might deplore
But to which you give concession

Be careful taking liquor
It makes your thinking thicker
Thus robs you of sense
Lays you open, hence
Any assault comes quicker

We live in a time when connections
Allow us to sidestep detections
When what's done in society's
A matter of propriety
Thus surely requiring discretion


Whence cometh tunes?
Why, from composers, loons;
Birds chirp, animals chant
All really just a rant
But the human voice croons

Sing a song of sadness
Croon a tune of gladness
And if you get a chance
Don't forget romance
With its loony madness

The world seeks answers
On how to cure its cancers
Unitary rulings
Universal schoolings
Benevolence enhancers

Whence goeth songs to sing
Tunes that to existence bring
Gaity, tunefulness, dance,
Even perchance, romance
Hot when they've "got that swing"

Have the good tunes all been written
To which by love bugs we're bitten?
Please say it ain't so
There'll be more, apropos
For those who are yet unsmitten

People who go around killing,
Promised rewards fulfilling
Not terrestrial
But only celestial
Will pay for the blood they are spilling

Computer depending
Might have an ending
You don't want to face
Unable to trace
Those items suspending

Killing is barbarian
In any form contrarian
Rather than negotiation
To effect cooperation
Ponder things utilitarian


Civilization means
Obeying one's genes
Not killing each other
O'er some little bother
Solved when a group convenes

Don't let your dreams
Come apart at the seams
Keep them in focus
So they won't choke us
Snagged in impractical schemes


Live fast, but don't die young
Cram all you can 'fore your song is sung
Only one life here and now
Opportunities to allow
An assortment of bells to be rung

Are we done with tunes that are written
To accompany love when we're smitten?
Not by a long shot, pal
There's more for you and your gal
Who by love bugs are bitten

Unafraid to try anything once
One blunders ahead like a dunce
In a forest of untried ideas
Giving rise to a culpa mea
Begotten by personal stunts

Addressing life is a treat,
Coming with promise replete
A banquet of bustle
Through which to hustle
And with your ennui to compete

Far off conversation
Might bear investigation
If it could affect us
In some way connect us
Requiring confrontation

Keep your eye on the trash
Left after a bash
'Cause what might turn up
They were going to burn up
Could well convert into cash


Trade begets competition
"Having it out" the ambition
Displaying your wares
With which none compares
Resulting in cash acquisition

By ev'ry living nation
Saps our resources
Requiring the forces
Of creation cessation

Soothing the "savage beast"
Toning him down at least:
It's the job of religion
To apply just a smidgen
So devastation is ceased

Sacred books, divined
Eons ago, designed
To cope with life
In all its strife
Need now to be redefined


Watching the game on a Sunday
Doing post-mortem on Monday
You can't change a thing
But re-coaching can bring
What might have been dreamt one day

Can you think of something worse
Than riding in back of a hearse?
It might be getting stuck
Behind a garbage truck
The ever olfactory curse…


There once was a limerick writer
A poetry readers' delighter
Whose verses
Were curses
Thus volatile temper igniter

"My God, I can fly" chirped the bird
"Not only that, I can sing, have you Heard?"
Songs that are
In my repertoire…
"Why, I ought to be spreading The Word!"



Fantasies, on the contrary
Are not sins although very–
Close, to be sure
That maybe could lure
One into spheres that are scary

Did you do all the things
Opportunity brings
Or d'ja choose the offbeat
Activities that meet
Daringly-devil-ish flings

Try not to live to regret
The challenges you could've met
And somehow defeated
A life that was treated
As though it was russian roulette

Go ahead and become
That which you dream and then some
Don't be deterred
To something preferred
By those who are beating a drum

Fully embrace the good life
Keeping it free from all strife
A lot has to do
With the what and the who
In the choice of a husband or wife

Live your life as though
Tomorrow you're gonna go
To God-knows what's next
In the afterlife's text
With your reward apropos

Is a matter of filtration
Sorting out deterrents
In life's endless currents
Living in your own creation

Go where the spirit leads
Your inner mind concedes
Ah, the siren song…
How can it be wrong
To obey what fate plainly pleads


Our outside cat by jiminy

Slept on the roof by the chimney

Then in the days
She'd soak up some rays

You'd think she was sunning in Bimini

Go and surprise yourself
Don't live your life on the shelf
Show the probative
Explore your creative
Eschew the pursuing of wealth

Play the melodies of life
Opportunities are rife
Rhythms that are sweeter
Yea, contrapuntal meters
Cut through despairs like a knife

If it harms the world, kill it
If need be poison-pill it
(But then who decides
On what one derides
To a point where death will fulfill it)

To think and then to do:
Opportunities to who
Could then make choices
E'en raise their voices
Short of creating a stew

Fantasies aren't sins, wink, wink
In spite of what you might think
But don't try to do 'em
Lest in time you will rue 'em
'Might even end up in the clink

Nihilism begs dissent–
Those who might put a dent
In a skeptic bubble
Just to stir up trouble
At once upon catching its scent

Don't drop bombs, but computers
On vicious ideas you'd neuter
Inspire education
The brain's liberation
Replacing the shooters with tutors

Not to blaspheme but ponder
How much of this life would you squander
With no Heaven or Hell
Where you later might dwell
But an endless nowhere out yonder

The day that's upon us now
Demands we fill it somehow
With action constructive
Not just reproductive
Which life's own aspects endow


When you're old and walk with a walker
If you want to talk with a talker
Call for a chat
Discuss "where it's at"
(By this time nothing's a shocker)

A flair for ridiculous
Might upset the meticulous
Throw a wrench in their works
Making for quirks
They reckon as shtik-ulous

Paying too much for food?
Look closely, you'll conclude
If you eat less and smarter
You'll shrink down your larder
Reducing with some things eschewed

Try to live your life
Even including the strife
Conduct it as though
Tomorrow you'll go
Where final judgment is rife

Tomorrow's another day
Try to deal with today
Naught like the present
To keep your life pleasant
And future misfortunes away

Make your life count
Just a little amount
Toward improving the lot
Of those who are not
Prepared for plights to surmount

Do not dwell upon the past
If you want your life to last
Into the future
Where you can toot your
Horn with a heckuva blast

Music is our friend
With us till the end
Never deserting
Out of us spurting
On worries to transcend

Form an abstraction
Representing a faction
Of inner feeling
That could be dealing
With a simple attraction

Do just what you want
Though it might be "avant"
Ignoring remorse
Let fate take its course
Contending with hurdles that daunt

Making the right decisions
Is oft a matter of derision
As those who jeer you
Might really just fear you
For things they couldn't envision

Skim the waves of incidence
Collecting more experience
Which you later might use
Hence desires to defuse
Making life more or less intense

Opportunities can be
Slaves to advice, you'll agree,
Steering you to
Directions askew
From where you wanted to be

Don't somehow live to regret
Challenges you could have met
But didn't confront them
'Cause you failed to go hunt them
Before your clock was reset

Pursue all your dreams
Even if it seems
You mightn't succeed
Cause roadblocks impede
A possible future that gleams

What's your net life effect?
It's all in what you expect:
The dent you might make
So take aim when you wake
With a brand new day to project

We all want to matter
To someone who'll chatter
About our distinctions
Foregoing extinction
Before our ashes they scatter

Rather than what to become
Mere existence is ok for some
Just playing at being
At life but sight-seeing
Enjoying before they succumb

To live long and count
Acquire a large amount
Or do something relevant
A hear see or smell event
–Stumbling blocks surmount


Plan on living forever
You'll find then, if you're clever
Life will extend
Postponing the end
Making room for your latest endeavor

Fun is serious stuff
Until it gets rough
Better to stop
Go out and shop
Declare to yourself "Enough!"





By Henry

Lying down, look up
On The Last Supper, sup;
Preoccupy constructively
Avoiding destructively
Thinking of drinking from one’s final cup

No point in preoccupying
With dying, it’ll come flying
In when you least expect
Imminent plans thus wrecked
Unavoidably going “Bye-bye”-ing

If time to die has gone by
Get busy doing, constructively ply
Something to benefit others
Lasting forever, your druthers
Disbursing a message that’s not to deny

Living another day to build
Something constructive, gild
It with gold if you must
Upon which dreamers can trust:
“Hello!”—Newfound soil to be tilled

Telling it like it is
—The job of the artist’s biz
Presenting image as truth
Whose results bring a “Forsooth!”
Surprising perhaps with a humorous fizz

God exists for us all
To be captured, kept in thrall
In our thinking, our prayers
Till we climb Heaven’s stairs,
Gates then open or shut-like-a-wall

Creating new thought
Is something one ought
To be constantly doing
Rewarding or ruing
Results when they’re finally got

Thought from thin air
Is something to dare
Conceptual creations
Cerebral lactations
Emitting some of the cream to spare

Writers are needed
So thought can be heeded
For doing or not
Conceptions thus brought
To attention, literally pleaded

An idea presented
To accomplish, rented
Or bought to be kept
Could turn out inept
With thought consequentially dented

Life is essentially about
Fun, whether in or out
Of money or fame
Stay in the game
Accepting results & refusing to pout

Whatever amuses one works
Even if painfulness lurks
In the shadows of fun
When it’s over and done
It might even be one of the perks

The music of life plays on
Until it’s over and gone
It may not be your song
Accompanying along
But listen both hither and yon

The airs of life compose
What makes existence, those
Melodies fraught
With what or what not
Turns out to be gladness or woes

Angels searching for tunes
To accompany losses or boons
Providing background
With a musical sound
Sing day & night, even noons

Something one day comes along
Humming a tuneful song
Ending life as one knows
It with “That’s how it goes”
Yielding an ending, right or wrong

On life’s merry way
What’s existing today
May not be there tomorrow
So it’s time to borrow
Thinking ‘bout later to pay

Giving back in kind
To donors who wined
And dined giving pleasure
Provides a small measure
Of charity, surely a find

 Get what you can while
It’s available then file
It for use or enjoyment
Perhaps as later employment
In a pinch when you need to beguile

Shooting for perfection
One concocts a confection
Beguiling the taste
So as not to then waste
Buds that prepare for erection

Finding one’s metier
Exposing thought to portray
How to handle the world
With methods unfurled
Is affecting life, day-to-day

Ah, to go for a ride
In a stolen car to hide
From the owner who
Left keys begging to
“Steal me!” Therefore bye-bye-ed…

Life, a choice for some
So many things to become.
Since the logistics
Point toward artistic’s
Adoption, Go, make things hum

Entertain, but with a point
Preaching thus with a joint
For observing
Some hearers swerving 
At behavior to later anoint

Ah! Go be artistic
Not just a statistic
But eke out a living
Choosing by sieving
The boring from futuristic

Becoming. Eh!—Old hat
But Being, now that
E’er leads to something
A go-or-a-come-thing
Ending up right where-it’s-at

A life worth-ev’ry minute
Is one where within it
Discov’ries are made
Then in the game played
Worth a blue-ribbon to pin-it

Sinning—Now there’s a life
With constant activity rife
No matter the choice
Just allowing a voice
Singing with discord and strife

Life, worth ev’ry minute
Once one is cast in it
Expecting the norm
Get up and perform
Prize available, Go win it!

In whatever society
There’s a special propriety
One is expected
To observe, protected
By laws, morals, even piety

Livin’ fast, dyin’ young, no remorse
Havin’ a good-lookin’ corpse;
But, living slowly, writing longly
Saying for better or worse wrongly
Who knows, might end up a force

Meeting old friends might be one
Of dying’s advantages, fun
In an afterlife
Free from Earthly strife
Beyond final “said-and-done”

Time now to die, end it
Life’s been a ball, splendid;
Whatever’s next, welcome
Be it Heaven or Hell, come
Fate, take my soul, there spend it…

When life becomes a chore
One reaches out for more
Seeking to find
Something to wind
Up more like an ice cream store

Urinary distress
Pain, making life a mess
Death lure-able
When not cure-able
With medication or less

Take advantage of times
Being creative, with mimes,
Poems, plays, give advice
Encouraging spicy
Outcomes with neat little rhymes

In these tenuous times
Relieve apprehension with rhymes
Being creative with
Something probative:
Input other than lemons or limes

Write, compose, invent
With philosophical intent
Creatively donating
Thought to be stating
Truth told nakedly. Meant…

Creativity has
A chance to make jazz
Out of commonplace humdrum
Declarations, or even dumb
Sequiturs others would razz

Advantage can be gotten
Even from rotten
Cliche-ridden thinking
Simply by inking,
Achieving some mental high-cotton

Not wanting merely to be
Only to do, one might see
Further, a goal to be sought
Spurring more than a plot
To achieve, an objective, a spree!

If one only wants to be
Rather than do, he or she
Puts on an act of sorts
In real living, cavorts
For the public to come-on and see

Many things-to-do
Occur before you
Can feel comfortable
Writing a parable
Prescribing to others a route to pursue

In order to write
One just might
Have to have lived
Gone on and sieved
The nuggets of gold out from the trite

Telling to the world
With terse phrases hurled
Into their faces agog
One might be able to flog
A message appealing, fancifully purled

Those of us who deign
To be rather than do feign
Conformance with status
Assigned to us gratis
For who we are and in whose reign

Living just to DO, we
Forego assignments to be
Living by choice
Asserting a voice:
“The world according to ME!”
(Beats chest)

Enjoying life’s pleasures
To their fullest measures
Means also enduring
Its pains, reassuring
Ourselves of existence’s treasures

Help yourself to what’s
Available, ere life shuts
Its golden doors to inviting
One to palatial pleasures, delighting
In openings, then leaving nothing but huts

Go, do the best you can
Which is far better than
Lying about dreaming
Where life’s only seeming
To improve over where it began

Keeping eyes open for chances
Might lead to potential romances
Undreamed of before
Popping open a door
To otherwise unavailable advances

Being prepared to go forth
Might place one in the north
Sector of progression
With an unfamiliar session
Waiting in snowdrifts thenceforth

Having been every place
One continues life apace
Concentrating on doing
With experience accruing
Facing new challenge ahead to embrace

When looking for answers
One considers the prancers’
Choices of steps
Directions and reps
Of previous psychological dancers

With a great “Why?”
Comes an answer to apply:
A great “how” springing forth
Sends flight winging north
Or south, directional knots to untie

Reasonable Heavenly queries posed
Seek logic. But somewhat directly disclosed
Sensible answers to questions
Stated as fact in spiritual suggestions
Are met with the subject opened and closed

Endure suffering while ye may
For life will come another day
In the future after a body’s demise
So ’tis said; somewhere in the skies
The soul will live on in a place far away

Life as it is goes on today
Its condition being whatever one may
Do with it when it’s given to
A direction and goal to be driven to
And thenceforth comes into play

Life, a condition for now
With the dilemma as to just how
To use a practical approach—
Conservative living, not to broach
Insensitive subjects or a sacred cow

Comfort matters in life
Even through hardship and strife
Sharp edges sticking
Out, or storms kicking
Up where least expected are rife

When life sinks to miserable
It almost seems risible
That strange feelings overcome
Sensitive tactile sensations with some
Form of living that’s not even “is”-able

A world not forgetting
Is one where folks will be betting
That something foreboding
Might just be goading
Leaders toward relevant rules a-setting

Eternal joy might just be a fate
To be sought, death to await
Transporting to Heaven
Or Hell where burned breads leaven
Tasting bitter according to Satan’s dictate

Ceaseless suffering might cast a pall
On afterlife where one goes seeking all
The forbidden pleasures conceived
By those who imagined them, believed
That God in Heaven would a new life install

It seems all humans want
The same things that daunt
Politicians seeking progress
To their careers nevertheless
Bounty is visible, tho somewhat avant

Creating Adam and Eve
Then in the Garden to leave
Them, what was God thinking
When in an eye’s blinking
They went for the fruit. (SO naive)

A world sans forgetting
Might just incur betting
That old stumbles would purpose
Whose grumbles would surface
Then rise to new happenstance getting

From an ice-cream store
To a limerick or more
It’s not a big jump
To get over the hump
Of  profit from taste or a word to explore

’Twas a wonderful life
In an ice cream store rife
With flavors and comic books
Tempting tastes and charming crooks
Exhibiting tandem sweet trouble and strife

Words cast in dialog
Might inhabit a blog
With characters talking
Not pitch people squawking
Their wares like a shaggy old dog

Words transmit a logic
Peaceful or perhaps demagogic
To easily malleable minds
Logical ideas, verbal “golden” finds
Or maybe just blather hodge-podge-ic

Killing is thrilling
That is if you’re willing
To break God’s law
Step into the maw
Of Political dialectic-fulfilling

Lying around feeling queasy
Thinking up something is easy
Employing the mind
To distractedly find
Items. Perhaps even criminal or sleazy

Having changed identities
To enjoy more amenities
I incurred a debt. Oh!
Yes from the ghetto
Encountering yet a new set of entities

Finished with writing of airs
Presenting poetical dares,
With life ceasing living,
It’s time to be giving
All I currently own to my heirs

Urinary pain, distress
Making life quite a mess
Antibiotic not working
Grim Reaper lurking—
Time for buying-the-farm, I guess…

Solving a country’s boundary or beef?
Maybe Trump: Commander-in-chief
A salesman made to persuade
Prospects toward decisions made
Could save the parties a lot of grief

Countries’ big-kids play
At war when they can’t say
The right words to keep score
So little kids suffer more, their
Daddies having gone to fight faraway

It’s war, seen otherwise
When plain folks see their skies
Raining bombs, dropping
On indiscriminate targets stopping
Lives from progressing when anyone dies

Engendering nothing but cries
It’s our way or “otherwise”
Skies loaded for war
Bombs dropping with more
Lives stopping and fateful “Goodbyes”

Those who don’t accept the score
Of some others’ aggrandizing more
Than they have, competing thus
Ending up thrown under-the-bus
Become vindictive, antithetical to rapport

World-wide standards are needed
So that rules everyone-heeded
Might conveniently exist with tools
For living well-equipped, fools
Left behind somehow to then be re-seeded

Olympics’ races have know-how
With competitions that are go-now
Until finish lines reached
By winners and losers are preached
To future competitors’ standards endow

Standards of intelligence work
With hiring of genii where berserk
Ideas to improve
Ways that could move
Progress toward futures might lurk

Wanted, living experience
In order then to proceed hence
With writing of memoirs
Finally closing the doors
To memorable episodes from whence…

Knowing what’s good
Is something that could
Prove to be useful,
Provide an excuse-full
Of logical paths, if needed it surely would

A part of living is knowing
What seeds and where to be sowing
Finding somewhere a fertile
Field of activity worthwhile
Or at least a way for the plow to be going

Jazz music goes nowhere
Purposely, and so where
It then wanders
The listener ponders
To a new way that says “Hello there!”

In the music of Jazz
The listener’s ear has
A route to travel
O’er a silk path or gravel
A notional trip consisting of razzamatazz

Every thing and every one
Is useful somehow; even fun
Has a purpose
To rise and usurp us
With glee ere it’s over and done

Speculating from here
It would seem to appear
Just as good as gallant
Being useful’s a talent
About which to eventually cheer

Thoughtful creating
Is akin to skating
On a smooth icy pond
Going far out beyond
The limits to what might be waiting

The will’s penultimate act
Is a venture abstract
Out to what just might be
If skated to the degree
Where the ice underneath might be cracked

Considering action before
Thought might possibly underscore
A suggestion of discretion

Like: Hold a briefing session
Prior to heedlessly rushing into a war

When you get to the point
Wanting to die in a joint
Performance as a hero and
Saintly image rising from zero,
Life you hopefully won’t disappoint

Transmit what you have to say
In a singular way
It will have an effect
On the listener, connect
Sowing a seed in the mind to stay

Imitating The Lord, create
Not Heaven and Earth, wait…
To see what needs improving
Then at that point moving
Mountains, making something great

The highest life calling
Making something appalling
Is to convert raw material, develop
Into something simply ethereal
Enveloping and finally installing

Being only-at-night people
One might not meet the right people
Who exist during the daylight,
Further causes that may right
Sinking political ships despite people

The world mostly exists
During daylight hours, persists
In demanding one’s activities
Including festivities
Meet auroral schedules or be missed

Existence-well-lived means
One engaged in routines
Giving efforts to ventures,
Thirst-for-life quenchers
Amounting to more than a hill of beans

A welcome existence finale
Is going up the alley
From a well-lived life
To tunes from a fife
And drum to Heavenly Happy Valley

A means to finally “ascend”
Might require one to fend
Off threatening hazards
By hovering buzzards
Ready to eat what remains at the end

Discovering who one
Might be could be fun…
An intimate exploration
Or—a stark revelatio
Of repressed memories over-and-done

Writing advice amusingly
Might not be concise, confusingly
Giving people who read it
A chuckle, indeed it
Might make a sharp point abusing-ly
Do what you do, accept results
Hoping refraining from naked insults.
Yet making a purulent point,
In order to prove or anoint a view
Unpopular, echoes with thinking adults.

Doing? Continue along or change
Perhaps in some way rearrange...
Accepting deserved results
Which with pepper and salts
Spice up life to something quite strange

Hey over-sleepers
Late hours keepers
Wake up! In the rest of the world
The day comes unfurled
To fly its flag, even street sweepers

Growing up in a small town
Uptown’s the same as down
Inhabitants all think
The beverage they drink
Labels them: white black or brown
Small towns’ limited minds
Engage in activity that finds
Them making much more
Out of what was before
Nothing but leftover grinds
Perhaps as one dies he can write
Ideas and advices that might
Suggest a behavioral contrast
That exercised, might then last
Past words into actions with bite

War has become unthinkable
Like a poison, undrinkable
With death as its only end
Leaving progress without a friend,
Communities nothing but shrinkable

Let what happens produce
Something that might induce
Activity toward progress
Of mankind’s maturity, undress
The naked body of war with a truce

On a small piece of paper
Words can be a shaper
Of enormous activities
Prodigious proclivities
That might leave the reader a gaper!

Days coming along
In spring, like a song
Infect our attitudes
Spawn lyrical platitudes
By which we exist, right or wrong

In life, many times
Will happen where limes
Or lemons result from
Actions that then become
Sour in the mix, or—just rhymes
Times to not up and die
Occur every day when we ply
Activities inviting
Refraining from fighting,
Dividing a once confrontational pie

Solve a dilemma
Producing a gem, a
Problem subtracted
From plight, underacted
Performing solution-al drama

Change your world as it is
Concentrate on your biz
If you die, or maybe don’t,
Whichever you do won’t
Mean a whit to a hers or a his

Rhythms entice us
Charmingly spice us
To different demeanors
As slight intervenors
In modes that will surely suffice us

Heedlessly we walk
Into rhythms that knock
Up our lives unknowingly
Add spice that glowingly
Switches on, stirs inclination to rock

A regular meter
Might seem oh, so neater;
But under its spell
We want to accelerate
To a point where the gain might be sweeter
Enticed by rhythms
We dance along with ‘em
Throw cares to the air
By doing declare
A discographical statement ‘long with’m

To the winds we declare
Our conceits, unaware
That echoes are carried
Thenceforth to be harried
By opposite backlash of which to beware

One thing is becoming,
Doing quite another, summing
Up courage to perform
In a different norm
Where jeopardy might be forthcoming

Do a lot of things
Finding innovation springs
From one or two of them
Growing then to love them
Or at least prefer what challenge brings

Counting for something, be doing
Various activities, accruing
Useful experience which
Later, one can switch
Choosing, preventing boo-hooing

Life, as a unit, is what it is
Doing it, quite a personal biz
After going through childhood
That could have been wild, would
Have ended up later a mister or miz

Doing life better
Is a matter of “Let him or let her…”
By parents who steer
Paths taken, adhere
To customs and rules to the letter

Life, there you have it and so
What to do with it, where to go
Or ponder, deciding to be
A participant or absentee,
Choosing one with a future aglow

When one could have done better
By being a go-getter
Yet chose to reject
A career to project
It could end up a future to fetter

Making your own success
Out of good luck or distress
Might just be the way to
Propitiously stray to
Productive activity nevertheless

Life, as it exists
At the end consists
Of what one derives
From fate that deprives
But finally ups and insists

One could’ve done life better
Not choosing to fetter
Existence with chains
Leaving that which remains
Bound up, an emotional debtor

A limerick can preach
A message to each
Reader to harken
Ideas, then darken
Rhetorical color to teach

Thank God I’m not dying in pain
Or starving out in the rain
The comforts I’ve gotten
Put me in “high cotton”
With creativity to retain

I can’t thank you enough
To enumerate the stuff
You’ve given to me
O’er the years, so I’ll be
Grateful now as I huff & puff

List’ning to Pablo Casals
Play the cello recalls
Times where serious
Rulers imperious
Entertained within castle walls

One who insists upon writing
As a verbal substitute for fighting
Could well be on a way to
Messages that say to
Readers, “Another way lighting…”

Over the years, many things tried
Ideas came and then they died
On the vine or pleading for
Recognition, implementing or
Notice before being shoved aside

Trying many things
Ere choosing one brings
More satisfaction later
From knowledge that a greater
Latitude available surely springs

Over the years, one might find
Some spice from variety, kind
Of a shot in the dark, might
Hear the song of a lark biting
The ear with ideas enshrined

Upon looking back
One sees a track
Having been traveled,
Circumstances unraveled
By actions that gave life a whack!

Life is all about FUN
Potpourri of choices, pick one
To take for a long ride
Till its thrills subside
Then latter-day sickness outrun

Far away from suffering
Is someplace to be, buffering
Dangers to wellness
Accompanying Hell-ness
From any huffer-puffer-ing

When pills stop working
It’s time to be jerking
One’s self up to Heaven
By God’s hand to leaven
Pain and sickness a-lurking

When God takes the soul
Into Heaven, the whole
Of one’s self is accepted
Flesh and the bones excepted
Thence to play a new role

Kingdom Come, please come
When sickness & pain are the sum
Of an existence
And their persistence
Prevents having a body succumb

Go, get to be things
Where one can see things
O’er horizons beckoning
Then finally reckoning
To totally guarantee things

Never having to become
Is what follows if the sum
Of an existence
Results in a distance
To be kept far away from

Play abounding roles, enjoy
Being cast as a decoy
Showing a self
Saved up on a shelf
For just the occasion to employ

Sample various roles
While deciding goals
To pursue in the future
Altogether to suture
While remaining at the controls

Life is an ice cream cone
In a way consumed all alone
Enjoying the taste
Declining to waste
Even a morsel or scone

Triumph over trivia!
For as long as ya live, ya
Gotta tend to important
Matters of portent
That only experience can give ya

Life is like a dream
After which it might seem
Possibilities exist
For the sky to be kissed
Going to the extreme

A dream of tomorrow
Is hope one might borrow—
A feasible idea:
Creating panacea
To that which precipitates sorrow

Anomalies show
Where one might go
When attention lags,
Then zigs and zags
Take over with snares to bestow

When attention lags
One gets into “bags”
Causing distress
Making a mess
Of what follows, raising serious flags

Cremation, the fire
Igniting or creating a mire
Of troubles to smother
One way or another
A final death to transpire

Helpful soot
Inspires one to put
What’s burnt in perspective
Perhaps things reflective
That lingered around underfoot

A notion-eer
Is an engineer
Driving ideas to fruition
Inspiring transmission
Of thought to a profiteer

Ideas ignite minds
To come up with kinds
Of solutions to enigmas
Without confronting stigmas
As part of their behinds

Spark innovations
By confrontations
Of complications
With prudent dictations
Counteracting frustrations

Oh Lord, remove us
From sin, and behoove us
To ascertain faith, hope
And charity to cope
With temptation, therefore improve us

At times when one teaches
One therefore preaches
At what needs for praying
Sermon-ically braying,
Maybe resulting in cream & peaches

Do people listen when
You talk, take a lesson and then
Walk the line beseeched
When it’s been preached
Logically, practically over again?

What people do depends
On who they are, what tends
To influence decisions
From summoned-up visions
Of previous roundings of bends,
(or dead-ends)

When being alive is tiring
Just think of death, inspiring
New-found activity
With a proclivity
For risky adventure acquiring

Just wanting to die
Isn’t enough for my
Sickness to deal with
When I can’t heal with
Medicines or writing to ply

Browsing for links
To get what one thinks
Will access a treasure
Online is a pleasure
Soon fading into what stinks

Access to items desired
Could leave one shockingly wired
If going searching online
By model or price to align
With exactly what is required

As part of the body, the brain
When called upon can retain
Physical, intellectual
Not to mention sexual
Abilities to thus entertain

When the body comes apart
Last thing to go is the heart
Which then stops pumping
Finally slumping
Resisting a final restart

Money spent on war
Could be re-routed for
Healthcare to benefit all
People on earth, thus forestall
Diseases, poverty and more

Lofty ambition fuels
Some primary tools
Where basic maneuvers
Peered at through louvers
Contributes to anyone but fools

An unusual thought
Ought to be caught
And enshrined just so
Its essence will glow
With its point being sought

The ear e’er affords
Connections to chords
Harmonizing to tunes
Resulting in boons
To listening and its rewards

Haunting Ghouls’
Primary tools
Spur mind invasions
Forcing equations
“Tween sensible souls and fools

The primary tools
Of haunting ghouls
Are mind invasions
Forcing equations
‘Tween sensible people and fools

Basic maneuvers portend
What might follow, an end
For which preparation
Could bring on creation
Of an original trend

How to play the piano:
Push on any key and go
Up or down to make
A pleasing tune to take
To musical heights, or depths below

“Do Re Mi Fa So La
Ti Do” makes minds go “Ah
Here comes a tune
To make one swoon
Or at least not go “Bah!”

Whistle, hum, scat, sing
Make what comes up ring
In attentive ears
Maybe bring tears
From reminiscing eyes to wring

Starting with any key
Playing piano, we
Who are so inclined
Grind out a tune mined
From thoughts of a past jubilee

An unusual thought
Ought to be caught
And enshrined just so
Its essence will glow
With its point being sought

In singing, one hides
Like going for rides
Behind lyrics that might
Carry messages right
Through ears to a mind it confides

Carrying messages
By presuming, presages
Those who might listen
Will then give up pissin’
Into the wind with guess-ages

In writing, one states
What one thinks, debates
Entering minds to consider
Theoretical points, thus a ridder
Of possibly damaging fates

Say what needs saying
Possibly braying
Forth mentions
Attracting attentions
To incur-able debts that need paying

Those who might pay
To heed what you say
Then follow directions
Toward coming elections
Of choices could then save-the-day

In losing a tooth
A remembrance of youth
Smacks in the face
Of life, goes apace
To soothing with gin and vermouth

The end of the world now
Is foreseeable, how
Countries’ munitions
Could spur conditions
For a human event, a mad-cow

The echo of chords
Clanging verbal swords
Is harmonic sounding
Pleasing, redounding
To the ears’ resultant rewards

Do re mi fa so
La ti do can go
To a melodic extreme
Until they seem
To reach a harmonic plateau

Were I only younger
My craving, my hunger
Would be more than for vittles
Even beer and some skittles
Isn’t enough for a bottom rung-er

Concocting a way to form
What in the future might be a norm
Requires some attention
Creative invention
Of what might be thought a worm

A limerick’s enough
For all kinds of stuff
One might want to say
A message convey
For going to smooth from rough

A job in God’s plan:
Live as long as you can
Doing His work
With ideas that perk
Societal morals to fan

Concoct a novel way
To persuade someone, say
A lass or lad friend
Fall in love to spend
The remainder of life and not stray

Think bigger on drugs
Act smaller, pull rugs
From under some customs
Exposin’ ‘em, bust ‘em
To pieces, giving “the finger” to thugs

Marijuana makes one think
In an ocular blink
One is more than one is
That having fun is
A be-all-end-all, barely a wink

Think more of what you are
Then you’ll tend to go farther
Than you would if you didn’t
And dreams remained hidden
As if they were somewhat bizarre

Don’t fall in love with your “style”
You might be ahead by a mile
OR falling behind
While trying to find
Something that’s really worthwhile

Go ahead, indulge
In your output, divulge,
Inferring the artist’s
Output’s the smartest;
Create a societal bulge!

Dying quick and painless
In old age with sane-ness
Is continuing right up
To the end to sup
On a final dinner with stain-less

Dying in a state of grace
Is like being dealt an ace
In a BlackJack game along
With a ten singing its song
A winner ‘most surely to chase

Unexpectedly dying
When acrobatically flying
Is no barrel of fun
When you see one
Thing, Earth coming fast underlying

See what’s to discover
Hiding under cover
Concluding therefrom
What might later become
Fruits to appeal to their lover

Life and opera are the same
Hear the music, play the game
Portraying personal areas
With plots sung in arias
Lyrically kindling the flame

Will you become something useful
Or perhaps end up a noose-full
A criminally guilty neck
Having created a wreck
For society to deal a caboose-ful

Reach too far and lose
When you do, have to choose
Between hopeful choices
Listening to voices
Singing lyrics on which to muse

Stretch the dimensions
Of where your mind mentions
To go when you’re dreaming
In some cases seeming
Impossible goals with their tensions

Wanting to dictate
Instead of participate
Is a sign of executive
Leaning, a consecutive
Result which to anticipate

To write, setting forth
Direction, south or north
To which to migrate
In thought might lie great
Conclusions for direction thenceforth

Making cures happen
By resources tappin’
You’ll find feeling better
Within your own fetter
Results for which you’ll be clappin’

When the music stops
The silence lops
Off part of a living
To which it was giving
Pleasure, spurring a couple of hops

Music, providing airs,
With notes in triplets or pairs
Inflating a gist
To which we exist
Sweetens, unless it annoyingly blares

Angels searching for tunes
Need look no further than loons
Who, out in the wild
Leave us beguiled
Yodeling their plaintive croons

Life as one knows it ends
When relatives or friends
No longer exist
Providing a gist
To a tale where a moral portends

Something always comes along
Providing lyrics for a song
Should one care to write it
Dreaming softly “Might it
Then to The Hit Parade belong?”

Graduating from school
Provides a former fool
With mental equipment
Essential, a shipment
To new life possessing a tool

Ending life as one knows it
Not looking back one stows it
Somewhere accessible
Where it’s addressable
For perils from which to close it

Living, get what you can
From the moment it began
That will help along the way
To the next existence, say
Out of which some gold might pan

Life’s a merry way along
If one sings its tuneful song
Giving back in kind
Living-it-up to find
Takers melodically right or wrong

Shoot for perfection
To make a connection
With aspiration wished
Though you might have fished
A stream flowing a wrong direction

Looking up at the ceiling
Can send you reeling
Unless you’re lying down
In which case, a noun
A verb or adjective might be revealing

Urinary pain, distress
Making daily life a mess
Can cause one to decide
To commit suicide
Or not, go on living I guess…

Going, getting a job
Might turn one to a blob
Collecting a paycheck
Creative life a wreck
Activity: Just turning a knob

A job turns into a mission
When a chance arrives to fission
Activities suitable
To irrefutable
Segments. Oops, time to go fishin’

A radical firebrand demands
That those in charge lay hands
On meaningful missions
Improving conditions
For simple existence in helpless lands

Good women, come to the aid
Of men who somehow have made
A puzzle of lives
With a world that derives
From masculine attitudes, thus to invade

Now is the time
To regret that I’m
Not able to help
Every whelp
Needing maturing into life’s prime

In a role of a lifetime
Cast by God, I’m
Writing what ought
To be by all sought
Improving conditions to the sublime

Perform a role
Filling a hole
Created by absence
Foregoing some nonsense
That might be avoiding a worthy goal

To ration one’s self role
To the size of an elf’s hole
Accepting conditions
Of minuscule missions
Is reducing an outlook’s notable goal

Music, a common tongue
Transmitting a message among
Hearers thoughtfully listening
Whose open minds glistening,
Raise or lower their sights a rung

Communicating with tunes
Transmits musing to loons
Who repeat messages
With thought that presages
Sense as sharp as harpoons

A writer deludes
When a reader concludes
Truth in published ideas
Off’ring outright panaceas—
 Propositional thought that protrudes

Conveying meaning
With writing not demeaning
Is going straight to
Behavioral fate to
Fertile minds’ thought intervening

Meaning something to someone
Transmitting a hum one
Can whistle or play
On an instrument they
Might use is a seed to become one

Melodies of life save us
From onerous rules that enslave us
Going elsewhere mentally
Which, incidentally
Might just be a highway to wave us

“To be or not to be”
Or… just create a melody
That others might hum
While they’re doing some
Time-consuming activity

The question arises:
A selection of sizes
Of life to pursue
When choosing to do
What this that or the other comprises

The Lord calls. Answer.
It might be a life enhancer
A direction upon which to act
A time to create a pact
Beween you and Him, an advancer…

Saying “Goodbye” in a way
That just one day counts may
Be a particular chance
 To some other life enhance
With a message carrying sway

When all of your lives up and run
Out of int’resting nights and a rising sun
Prepare for the worst
Making sure you’re not cursed,
Hell’s suffering missing the Heavenly fun  
If more exists to be had
Go get some and be glad
Opportunity knocks
For death to outfox
Extending lush life just a tad

When music floats in the air
Grab it, writing it down, share
It with others who listen
Make attitudes glisten-
And-glow replacing despair

Love songs so mellow
Aria’s they bellow
As heros or heroines die
Are captured accordingly by
Voice, perhaps a tune on a cello

Customers in a bordello
Foregoing love songs mellow
Get right to the function
Of sexual unction
With a strumpet, or even a fellow

Pop songs or melodies
Operas or symphonies
Await their capturing
Eventually rapturing
Into Heavenly lullabies’ own keys

When the body fails
Indisposition assails;
The mind, indulging in dreams,
Goes as far as extremes
While the rest of one’s life it derails
The mind continues to work
Even old thoughts sometimes lurk
Sly in the background
Later on to be found
Driving behavior berserk

Indulge in the dreams
Where progress it seems
Might come from supposing
Past consciousness, closing
Out negative choices of schemes

The souls we have, alas
Continue forever, to pass
Through varied existences,
Harbor persistences
 Lingering endlessly, sense to amass

Only to do not to be
In life is a kind of a spree
That can last a long time
When you say to yourself “I’m
Gonna be totally free!”

Wanting only to be not to do
Can limit one to a few
Options from which to pick
Finding one’s self in a thick
Morass without memoirs to accrue

Prospective fruits
As future pursuits
Presenting as options
Displayed for adoption
Are chosen as progress’ roots

Before fate refutes
Your life’s pursuits
Go, charging forth
So that henceforth
You can thicken what life dilutes

Options to pick from
As along they come
Present themselves for view
Thus can be viewed anew
Before they up and succumb

Alter life’s disputes
Ere your horn finally toots
Performing extractions
Improving the actions
Of heretofore mistaken routes
Of all the things to be done
Pick ones that are the most fun
Being careful to watch
For where one might notch
Achievements, awards to be won

Never wanting to be
But only to do, we
Might miss positions
Rewarding ambitions
Fulfilled by the goals we’d foresee

Wanting only to do
One might miss a few
Objectives foreseen
By a simple routine
Exploration for chances to view

Of all the things one once did
How many of them amid
Adventurous sorties
Up-ended as sore tees-
Off from fair ways to forbid?

Life: So much to do…
Don’t hesitate if you
Want to accomplish
Avoiding a blemish,
From a previous smudging or two

So many things
That living brings
To one’s attention
Not even to mention
Us as puppets controlled by strings

Hey, go be artistic
Lo, expressionistic
In behavior
Becoming a savior
Of those stuck in hedonistic
Many things crop up
Unexpectedly pop up
So learn how to heal with
Behavior to deal with
Life’s messes needing to mop up

Becoming one is an art
In life a theatrical part
Assuming a role
For a long run, a hole
Dug into from right at the start

Becoming: Old Hat
But doing, now that
Presents possibilities
Of using abilities
To practical problems combat

Life’s worth every minute
As long as you’re in it
To do and accomplish
What’s served up on some dish
Demanding consumption within it

Now, there’s a life
To be had, rife
With its chances
For myriad romances
Or even some solving of strife

What needs or presents
With attention like dents
In the body of things
Effectively brings
One to repairs he therefore invents

Inventing and doing
Activities pursuing
Worthwhile objectives
Correcting defectives
 Is preventing later boo-hooin

Racial bitterness, a waste

Different skin colors faced
Without prejudging
Therefore goes, nudging
Tolerance that needs to be placed

Think forward, progress!
Seeing dilemmas, address
What needs elimination
Forego incrimination
To understand, then acquiesce

Is more civilized better
When one’s a go-getter
Or is going for money
Like a bee after honey
No matter who’s stung a trend-setter?

Words convey meaning and thought
Where actions illogical ought
To have taken instead
A road through the head
Before any violence was wrought

“DreamGirls” Svengali
Takes “Hello Dolly”
To worldwide musical fame
Even better than “Auntie Mame”
With a set by Salvador Dali

Being avoided, no fun
Especially when one
Wants some attention;
No need to mention
Abasement of being outdone

Strong feelings prevail
When one tries to curtail
Habitual actions
Deterring attractions
That might run off the rail

A fork in the road
May just serve to goad
One into an action
Avoiding attraction
To come-ons that might corrode

A directional choice
Where one follows a voice
That’s spoke from within
Toward avoidance of sin
Is surely a cause to rejoice

What could one have done
Causing wrathful tales spun
To a point where a void
Made for life destroyed
By reputation unable to outrun

Drugs, not being a means
When they get into one’s genes
Might seem like rewards
But then aim one towards
Shattering life to smithereens

Those of us who
Live just to do
Wouldn’t lower ourselves
To rock bottom shelves
Where the only result is “Boo-hoo!”

In life, condescending
Might end one up spending
Potential relationships
On steadily sinking ships
Only to drown in an unhappy ending

Marijuana is but a reward
That if misused leads one toward
An end not a means
With “betwixt” and “between”
Results: one’s ox being gored

Ah, now to enjoy
The pleasure of life, a toy
We are given to play with
Perhaps runaway with
After which a payment to deploy

Enduring one’s pain
Is part of life’s mundane
Existence assigned, a foray
Until one can find a way
Of slowly but surely going insane

Dying: Not any fun
Especially when one
Sees it coming slowly
But then, a Holy
God-forgiven ending might be spun  

If it’s available, help yourself!
Unassailably acquiring wealth!
Doing it with honor
Might be a spawner
Even a spur to enjoying good health

Doing the best that you can
Hardly needs mention, a plan
For living within
What borders on sin
But stops before ends overran

Eyes kept open for dances
Might just then be romances
Stark opportunities
Resulting in unities;
Advantage: fortuitous chances 

Chances come and they go.
Grabbing ahold of one so
You might find the riches
Within little niches
Is unmistakably hard to forego

World-wide standards
Ridiculed, slandered
Need patent agreement
’Tween countries with vehement
Enforcement not gerrymandered

Big kids play at war
Advocating for
“Population control”
Going on to extol
Their own pretext to clearly abhor

Going to war—
A primitive way to keep score
When states don’t know how to
Solve problems or bow to
Aggressive solutions instead of explore

Salesman-in-chief in charge
Might just know how to barge
Into doors halfway open
With answers to cope ’n
Close deals with final accord to enlarge

World-wide standards are needed
All countries then to have heeded
Wages accordingly
Rendered, affording-ly,
Work’s expectations exceeded

Standards of intelligence
By which we are judged, thence
Suitable talent
That is useful or gallant
Can be used as an implement hence

Pay ought to be gauged
Not by race or by age
But intelligence gained
Practically obtained
Results: some enigmas assuaged

Wanting to earn, not just be
Might very well suit to a “T”
Choices for some
Who don’t want to come
Out in the open for free

Resisting the urge to do
That which seems sensible, you
Choose to go routes
Which even with doubts
Spur forward progress anew

A time comes occasionally
Behavioral actions abrasion-ally
Incur a resistance
Affecting existence
Thus turn one around evasion-ally

There might be froughts
That bring forth wroughts
Of seemly unthinkable
Tastefully drinkable
Potions laden with dangerous thoughts

One’s daily boring routine
Will include keeping clean
Though thinking the dirty
Tasks to be flirty
With  those who might be under sixteen

Opposites attract, so ’tis said
Captivated, one is thus lead
Down exotic paths
Ending in wraths
Exacted as propitiatory bread

Punishment exacted
Might be contracted
Out to state prison
Till penitents have risen
To good behavior then finally extracted

Where goeth good manners
Municipal planners
Display when they tear down
Good neighborhoods, bear down
On previously populous manors?

Poems making a point
Come across as a joint
Meant to be hidden
In poetically ridden
Verses to thenceforth anoint

Destinations sought by
Writers then wrought by
Novel ideas put forth
Change directions thenceforth
To concepts readers are caught by

How far is one capable
Of eluding inescapable
Combinations of logic
That exude demagogic
Evidence leaving one just agape-able?

Just going along with
Positions now wrong with
Prescriptions of life
Designated for strife
Up-end customs we still belong with

From a store on West 18th Street
In Erie Pa. somewhat offbeat,
Items tastefully appealing
Sold to customers revealing
Temptations were really a treat

Suffering life while ye may
With comfort or pain, pay
Homage to existence now
While living it, thus bow
To the fates, then just roll in the hay

Converting junk to the usable,
Re-manufacture abusable
Items to benefit those
Who might otherwise oppose
Turning old items to refuse infusible

A great “Why?” needs
A useful reply that feeds
Answers to queries
Coming up with theories
Being bases for subsequent deeds

A great “Why?” comes along
Singing its questioning song
Begging for answers to how
Ideas can be realized now
To benefit those in the indigent throng

Having been every place
And done every thing, face
Future fitting rewards to be
Given out as a guarantee
For behavior accomplished with grace

Ready to die? Proceed forth! Into
Whatever awaits, the casting call new
Fitting former behavior performed
With celestial wings thus adorned
For a Heavenly role to up and pursue

Words, stirring actions
Influence factions
To rise up and execute
Clamors to rooty-toot
Jingoist causes whipping up fervid reactions

The imagining part
Of us can always make art
To critically influence
Rise up and make sense,
With a pertinent point to impart

Our thinking part tells
Many times flat compels
Us to stir direct action
Enabling satisfaction
From solutions where consciousness dwells

Art goes much deeper
A subconsciousness creeper
With subtle influence which
Contributes a rich
Set of aesthetic tools as a keeper

Chances come and they go
So grab the brass ring even though
It might not precisely
Describe just… concisely
Directions to aim apropos

With eyes open appraise
Opportunities’ arrays
To take an advantage
When it’s time to manage
Life’s chances in so many ways

SO much that’s available
Might even be salable
No matter what’s been through
Go forth, digging into
Matter presumed to be yet unassailable

“Help yourself!” goes the saying
Like a donkey a-braying
At what you are gazing
Without first appraising
The price you might have to be paying

Doing the best that one can
At opportunity’s moment a man
Or a woman might choose to go
For the chance of a lifetime to hoe
A field to grow more than a plan

Enjoy living while one
Chance at a prize to be won
Continues available
Still unassailable
Vicissitdes finally over-and-done

It’s no fun dying, take the word
Of old aged livers trussed up a-gird
In medical trappings of final survival
Patiently breathing, sweating arrival
Of Santa Muerte, putting off being interred

Endure feeling pain for what’s the choice
When living in sickness hearing the voice
Of impending doom
Right there in the room?
Isn’t just being alive a cause to rejoice?

Mind-altering drugs bring
Perspectives, at times ring
True to believers
Though straight from conceivers’
Eventual reactions that later-on sting

Deign to be something, DO
‘Ere death comes and you rue
Not living-it-up to the dreams
Of a rose-colored future that gleams
With fruitfully worthwhile ends to pursue

Punishment worse than dying:
Being avoided while trying
To get noticed at least
Ere being deceased
When braying out-loud (for-crying)

Using the power of words…
(Might as well cheep with the birds)
Conveys meaning and thought
Which appropriately ought
To benefit societal nerds

Surpassing emotion, the powers
Of logical words build to towers
O’er rushes to judgement
Which mightily nudge men
To ending sagaciously quickly in hours

More civilized is better
Than less, meant to fetter
Alternatives beckoning
Demanding a reckoning
‘Tween societal lender and debtor

Racial bitterness, a waste
Of time, ultimately spaced
To demean any progress
Thus hereafter digress
From national affairs to be faced

Progress! Think forward
Composing a foreword
Explaining solutions
Today’s institutions
Can use to sail wandering boats shoreward

The “Old Days” are gone
So, face a new dawn
Not looking back, thinking
Or if writing, inking
Words to inspire king-down-to-pawn

Prepare for the best or the worst
Cover exigencies first
Looking ahead for
Destinies spread for
Propelling a lifetime bred to be burst

Fat, dumb, happy we wend
Our simple way to end
Up in possible disaster
Going faster and faster
Toward what’s ahead ‘round the bend

Actions compulsive
Could end up repulsive
Or, go somewhere new
If that is where you
Want to delve into something impulsive

Music is, alas
Common aural language, glass
Through which we can see
Also hear, when we
Attend, and into its influence pass

Communicate with song
Express yourself or play along
With any instrument
Creating thus an incident
The listener’s ear to then belong

Always a way exists
To get to a goal, persists
The idea simply insists

Destinies abound
Sometimes hanging around
Until they’re fulfilled
Or maybe drilled
Into societies then renowned

The soul! Ah, that thing
Making church bells ring
An interconnection
To point the direction
Toward ends in fire or on the wing

When the body fails
Succumbs to its ails
The mind continues
With whatever’s in you
Thereupon future unveils

Indulge in dreams if you can
Thus intellectually plan
Performance prospective
Ideally projective
Of future positions to man

Capture music from the air
Whistle, play or write to share
Melodies snagged from cages, rages
Snatched up, later placed on pages:
Dots, lines flags which souls ensnare

Capture tunes, write 'em down
For musical renown
At listeners’ caged thought
Which if played right ought
To mental melancholy drown

When your pencil runs
Out of lead, the puns
It could have created
Might just have inflated
Attention toward using of guns

Haiku sayings are ripe
For turning to Limericks, type
Them into short verses
Just short of curses
So readers react with a “Yipe!”

Experience choice:
Singing on with a voice;
Responsibility lurks
Coming garnered with perks
To make one simply rejoice

Men are born to invent
Business and science to augment
But don’t forget literature
Adding a signature
Thrilling of women the real intent

Let the women run the world
Then men’s inventiveness unfurled
Can act incentively toward peace
Ruinous wars can finally cease
Life becoming a no-hitter hurled

Men: Stick to inventing
In doing preventing
Disputes between nations
E’er testing our patience
By useless testosterone venting

Lord, thank-you for giving
A life well-worth living
To all souls worthy
Or unworthy, to Thee
We pray gratitude ev’ry Thanksgiving

Invent a thing to do
Thus avoiding old-shoe
But don’t use it so long that
It one day becomes old hat
Folks will no longer pursue

Ah, “Becoming” –A goal
Worth pursuing, a role
Played up to the hilt
A character thus built
Until it mires one in a hole

Ahh, task doing
A goal pursuing:
Worth ev’ry minute
One’s immersed in it
Avoiding ending up ruing

Life: so much to do
Acumen to accrue
So why merely “become”
To one venture succumbing
When so much is yet to ensue

To be or to do?
Well, something you knew
Could just be the answer
A lifetime enhancer
Encouraging what might ensue

Of all the things I could have done
I chose the ones that were most fun
Postponing the others
Until when my druthers
Insisted useful tales be spun

Fantasy: dreaming of dreams
Occasionally gone to extremes
Cast in a way
Concocting a day
That could possibly end up in schemes

Dream your dreams in a way
Speculatively, say
Growing rich or famous
Without ignoramously
Cast in buffoons’ roles to play

With art one can say
What one wants in a way
That begs for expression
Counteracting depression
Impairing one’s orderly day

Life, in the long run
Is basically about fun;
Having it’s the trick
That’ll give you a kick
If your work is a tale to be spun

Loving what you do
To earn your keep, pursue
Ends to develop
Thus further envelop
Life in endeavors anew

Life, after all, is simple
Being merely a pimple
On the face of the earth
Wherein there’s a dearth
That could shortly turn into a dimple

Asking little, giving much
Accords to one a magic touch
Going on to greater things
Which generosity then brings
Around to dividends as such

Good days to die are but few
Yet, as one grows old they accrue
Crowding up living
With strain unforgiving
Accompany-ing pain anew

Bad things await
Purveyors of hate
To catch them by mangling
In front of them dangling
Consumable items of bait

Don’t let yourself get down
Within your troubles to drown
Just let the past go
To its annals, then row
Your boat to a future’s renown

Told is a tired tale
With which you regale
Listeners who’ll brook
Adventures you’ll cook
Up of living beyond the pale

Life always ends too soon
Ere wiping out things that impugn
Reputations for good
Things done which would
Have counted, playing your tune

Holy Spirits await
One’s arriving, with bait
To catch good intentions
With scrupulous mentions
Of numerous sins as freight

Imbibing new souls
To be cast in roles
Of Heaven’s players,
A chorus of prayers
Is sung to the paying of tolls

When The Lord finally calls
Approach Heaven’s walls
Making sure that you count
For deeds that amount

To benefits judged in Its Halls

One’s final sun falls
On a day The Lord calls
Saying “What have you done
That can save even one
Soul to be judged in My Halls?”

Melodies of life
In surroundings are rife
With tunes for marching
Thus to or fro’ arching
Between understanding and strife

Self-delusions are rife:
Definitions of life
Spouted forth as a logic
Perchance demagogic
Provoking reactions of strife

Songs often emerge
That seem just on the verge
Of prattle, to spur
An itch to demur
From a dangerous urge

Character of sounds
Often redounds
To then reinvent
And thus represent
What to the ear it confounds

Tones speak for feelings
Having no ceilings
To sonic impressions
Of verbal expressions
Heard in inner bells’ pealings

The character of sounds
Often redounds
To represent feelings
Over past dealings
That might have gone out-of-bounds

On the piano, playing
Might be more than saying
Something in base or tune
Another thing picayune
Springing up portraying…

Keys to play are just toys
That a piano employs
Stirring a tune
Making listeners swoon
Over melodic joys

Sing a song phrase
To see if it allays,
Coming on, pervading
Feelings invading
An pleasant mood with malaise

Make up a song
To go right along
With what you’re doing
Troubles eschewing
Intoning a melody strong

Whistle, hum, sing, scat
‘Bout something you know is at
A place needing noise,
Exploiting its joys
Thus to depression combat

Verbal maneuvers
Turn into movers
With primary tools
Evolving to fools’
Self-protectional louvers

Plain components
Work on opponents
Encouraging duty
Creating beauty
By its proponents

Take a sow’s ear
Make it appear
To be a silk purse
Usher in with a verse
Epitomizing its sphere

Representing the arts
Show all the best parts
Of an entity;
Thus its identity
Aims straight to our hearts

Concoct a new tune
Then with it, harpoon
The ears and senses
Exciting defenses
Once thought picayune

An idea in jazz
Coming on with pizazz
Perks up the senses
Disarming defenses
Beguiling with razzamatazz

Harmonies sung
On melodies hung
Concocting new tunes
Are little cocoons
To playfully amble among

“Save the world” we sang
Then merry bells rang
People listened
As Christmas lights glistened
The year going out with a bang

Listen to the songs
Composed by the throngs
Of People who beg
For getting a leg-
Up on all the Earth’s wrongs

Melodies composed
Might just be disposed
Themselves as lessons
Of little suggestions proposed

Auditory gifts
Spur hopeful drifts
In new imaginations
Spurring creations
To monumental shifts

Cremation: The fire igniting
What lived once, writing
The final word on
What occurred on
An existence somewhat exciting

Anomalies  show
Aberrations that go
Into what might occur
So as not to defer
Roads that end apropos

When attention lags
Further input sags
Then what might transpire
Within might be dire
Loss of intelligence tags

Life, like a dream
Passes by, agleam
With chances to pluck
Treasures or chuck
Occasions for peaches and cream

After life, more dreams
But arising, it seems
From our behavior
Seeking a savior
Or not which Heaven redeems

Do the things that are fun
After all you only get one
Life to live so moves
To enjoyable grooves
Are just what its DJ’s have spun

When fun turns to work
It’s then time to shirk
The duties that come
With the jobs that are from
Labors that ‘round corners lurk

Hip-hop doggerel set
To rhythms played will get
Brains into gear
Contrapuntally hear
Thinking to beats yet unmet

Life, such as it is
Might be hers or his
To do with as pleased
Savored fully, teased
Into thrills indeed, or les miz

Life beats death, well…
Depending on Hell
Fire beckoning one
Or maybe the sun
Of Heaven to thence propel

Slow pitches lobbed
In delivering, sobbed
Invite disposals
Verbal proposals
Amounting to just more than robbed

Slow pitches over-the-plate
Seeming at first to be straight
Invite batters’ swings
Ending up as stings
In the mitt of the catcher, just bait

Invitations to indulge
Might accompany a bulge
In false pretenses
Fooling the senses
To prized information divulge

Tickling the mind
With hints, one might find
Disclosed information
Causing sensation
That could turn out as unkind

Tinged overall with sex
Relationships complex
Might end up forming
Stinging thoughts swarming
Over good sense one respects

Sex pills can’t do it
But if you renew it
Intercourse with tales
Spurs action in males
Females too, you won’t rue it

Overwhelming pleasure
Some you will treasure
From innovation comes
With the rolling of drums
Accomplishing fame in good measure

Surviving on crumbs
Won’t hurt the gums
But teeth might be better
Specially with wetter
Beverages such as some rums

Having fun works
Even with jerks
Whose logic is funny
By keeping life sunny
Making its point when pain lurks

Improve your fancy!
Situations romanc-y
Might just improve
Whatever the groove
Is making things antsy

Capability of greater things
Therefore ultimately brings
Responsibility to act
Without regard to scrutiny or tact
Gauging when to strike with stings

Don’t sell yourself short
In what you do, cavort
Going for broke or at least
Shattering customs much as a beast
In devouring disposed with a snort

Being where you’ve been
Use experience wherein
Techniques have come to you
Showing thusly what to do
When weighty wheels begin to spin

Writing and advising
On elements arising
Leads to questions about how
To deal with problems here and now
For readers’ heed-ers’ lives revising

Spinning tales is one thing
Readers’ big attentions bring
To forefronts yet to smother;
Act them out? That’s quite another
Cheeky relevance to fling

Summon some wisdom
By aphorism
Suit relevant moments,
Deliv’ring components
Of life by rhetorical prism

Pushing cash around
An effect can be found
On a Washington proxy
Whose influence foxy
Might then to profit redound

In writing, one claims
What one thinks, thus aims
To declare, thus avow
“Here’s how it is now!”
Peruser’s perception inflames

Crack imagination like a whip
Attacking opinions, unzip
Attentions, provoking
Hot issues smoking
Them out strip by strip

Animals fight
Which they very well might
Over spoils to be eaten
But man, whose thoughts sweeten
With cash has a better delight

Seeming is the food
For not appearing rude
When intellectually
Maybe conjecture-ally
Suggesting what might be pooh-poohed

Ah, which to prefer
As a verbal connoisseur
Being or seeming
As long as we’re dreaming
Along with a mental chauffeur

In your life you get
Stuff to enjoy or regret
Some of it in little bits
Or else perhaps a total blitz
Yielding a pile you won’t forget

An excess of none—
An objective, if one
Is of good taste
Upon having faced
Unlimited gains to be won

When life disappoints
There are choices of joints…
To attend or a jump
Up over the hump
Scoring affirmative points

Recourses to pickles
Spring forth in trickles
So moving on becomes
A choice, or succumbs
To hammers and sickles

Choices abound:
How many? How high? Round
Off the change
To go rearrange
A road yet to be found

Several life points
Appear to be joints
Where a choice made
To harm or upgrade
Further living anoints

“Choose, then act!”
—Alternatives, a fact
Of life each appearing
Requiring a hearing
Thenceforth results to transact

Lie down perusing
Alternatives, musing,
Listen to voices
Offering choices
Popping-up just before snoozing

"This is the way that it is”
Says the scribe with her or his
Brain in high gear
And it would appear
Conclusions were writ in a whiz

Let it go at that
When approaching a spat
With a companion
Unless a canyon
Looms inevitable to scat

Feeling good, a chord
Beckons to climb aboard
With melodic additions
Contrapuntal munitions
Enkindling the unexplored

What exactly is jazz?
Just a lotta razmatazz
Or is it a process
By which to access
Newer melodic pizzazz

Just because it's written
With its words we’re bitten
Won't mean we’ll read it
Or less, even heed it
Unless it leaves us Oh! Smitten!

Just only beautiful
Skin deepness irrefutable
Ain’t quite enough
Without the stuff
To blend with a background suitable

Lacking curiosity
Just using verbosity
Those found wanting
Might end up flaunting
Ideas to the point of atrocity

Note to the creative:
Go, find a medium native
To what might be do-able
Old concepts renew-able,
Whimsically vegetative

Go be this or that
Finding foes to combat
Instead of conforming
Break out, storming
The gates of where-its-at

Avoid becoming
If it’s just strumming
Chords of repetition;
Have a new ignition
Light a fire of life-forthcoming

Snobs’ limited intelligence
Ultimately ends in reticence
To express liberal thought
From fear of being caught
In a web of ambivalence

In the small business age
The boss was the sage
Of what went or what didn’t
Yet… naught was forbidden
To step up and rattle the cage

When the bigs take over
They mow down the clover
Lived on by the ants
Used to eating the plants
Living solely on them, moreover

Good candidates expose
Themselves to propose
Bills for common goods
Hunting in the woods
Legislation that won’t decompose

When we’re born, life’s notion
Is as wide as an ocean
And as deep as one might
Venture into, then flight
To the great land of Goshen

When we’re born, we get
A life on which to bet
All that’s ahead—
The world widespread
Before us, still to be met

When we die, we go
To a place where we show
What we’ve done in a life:
Making peace? Causing strife?
Evoking a “Yes!” or a “No!”

Looming clouds
Seem to be shrouds
Weapons poised to strike
Good and bad alike
Cleansing nature, buildings, & crowds

Strike, when the moment is right
Whether it be day or night
Opportunities beckon
Don’t stop to reckon
Whether to run or to fight

Born blank slates,
We fill in with that which relates
To circumstances
Doing our dances
Then head for the Heavenly Gates

Silence affords thought
From which one ought
To draw conclusions
Thus to infusions
Of actions then wrought

Drugs say “Hey, give in
To brisk impulses” wherein
Judgement affected
Then choices selected
Spur bad habits therein

Drugs make you surge!
Give-ya that super urge
To become that much more
Of what you were before
(Prob’ly were right on the verge)

Engage! Be fearless!
The chance you’ll end up tear-less
Is minimal if you looked
Before you leapt, and took
Reasonable precautions, career-less

Whirl through life’s dance
Ripe for romance
Choreographing as you go
Then end with a flourish, just so…
Thus living adventures enhance

Within life’s milieu
Stage a hullabaloo
Fruits are ripe to pick
Their juices are thick
With sweet nectar to brew

See fate’s constant parade
In which tunes are played
The sounds of inevitability
Signal a certain fragility
Listen! Insure precautions are made

There exists a ballet to concoct
Where spurious piety’s knocked
Off its pedestal
Deemed incredible
Thrown to the floor and mocked

Presenting elegance, ballet
Displaying relevance today
Shows modern attitudes
Replacing old platitudes
Choreographically having its say

Read the signs posted
On life’s highways, hosted
By those who’ve gone by
Explaining just why
Pipe dreams were roasted

As I lay me down to die
Survey my life and wonder why
I did’t go for this or that
Declned to bet, standing pat
Humph! Coulda been an apple pie

Push one’s living envelope

There to find sufficient rope
To tie things up, a tidy pack
An entity that shows a “knack”
Avoiding thus a slip’ry slope

Drugs are for seeming
…Ok, but dreaming
Ain’t doing, therefore
Might come to ignore
Golden openings a-teeming

Articulate, unloved
It’s good to have shoved
Out for public consumption
Something to unction
Sensitive nerves ungloved

Playing music thus becomes
Whatever saith the drums
Beating rhythms, plus the notes:
Melody upon which floats
A contrapuntal song of strums

Where is the adventure?
That fantasy clencher
In the thinking or the doing,
The enjoying or the ruing,
Or curiosity thirst quencher?

Just think, I have me
With whom I totally agree
Why on earth should I need you
Hmm. Maybe for a point of view
That isn’t mine from which to see

What to be in living life
With opportunities so rife
Hikes and exploits for explorin’
Initially from when you’re born
To passing on, chock full of strife

Go, be an inceptive
Maybe perceptively
Seeing what no one
Discerns, to throw one
A curve unforeseen yet receptive

With your whole life
…Opportunity rife
For collecting know-how
It’s time to go-now
Slice off a bit with your knife

Reality to be
Remembered we see
In what’s written down
With a verb and a noun
In a logic with which we agree

Capabilities needed
For incidents heeded
Require strict attention
Not only to mention
But talents carefully seeded
In society-at-large
Into which interests barge
ALL lives matter
Not only whose sadder
Stories we seek to enlarge

Shake yourself, get woke
Where there’s fire, there’s smoke
Burning for notice
Get off of the lotus
Its time for some zeal to provoke

Are you useful to the world?
Or is your relevance just hurled
Into the wind to be blown
To destinations unknown
With meaningful enterprise swirled?

Stop playing scales
Pianistic travails
But make up new tunes
Melodic typhoons
That whirl in the ears and tell tales
Undemocratic attacks
In election time smacks
Of methods improper
And should be a stopper
Of any debates in their tracks

With your ears listen
To thoughts that might glisten;
When ideas then are crummy
Decide with your tummy
On those that you should unchristen

The democratic process
Is not a way to address
Choices based on “Eenie-meenie”
There is no bottle with a genie
To apply a healthful compress

New symphonic chording
With harmonies a-boarding
Persuades the ears to agree
A euphonious nominee
With mellifluous prizes rewarding

Having made all the goofs
In life brings up spoofs
Of Existence alas
By which you amass
Maturities as proofs

The savior of you
Is you if you knew
How to take hints;
Make use of glints
Of  clues that tell what to do

Life is a series of games
With which one constantly frames
Survival within
The ineffable din
Of existence one finally tames

Philosophies abound
Hanging around
To be exploited
By handling “adroit-ed”
Just to avoid being drowned

It might be better to fail
At vices, which to derail
So go, travel on tracks
For which one has knacks
Rather than end up in jail

Religion can be turned
Into that which has earned
A place in God’s Heaven
An end which can leaven
A loaf of life adjourned

Some religions steered
To their rules adhered
Can lead one’s life up
Or descend to a “cup
Of tea” diabolocally feared

With the choices we’ve made
Human beings have paid
Prices now seen as bizarre
Ending up where we are;
Now, how to get fallout allayed

Things done wrong
Come back along
Life’s way, retribution
Forming dilution
Of future existence’s song

Life earns reprisals
Appearing in size-alls
Children, adults seniors
Nuns, Priests, Monsignors
Someplace after we dies-alls

Choose a note, then another
Harmony a kind of brother
Might emerge, lo, a song
Carrying the day along
To a tuneful thought a mother

Had enough of life?
Full-blown adventures, rife
With dangers to avoid
Which might have destroyed
Existence with war’s drum-and fife?

Existence weighs heavily
Especially when bevel-ly
Slanted toward dubious
Life a lugubrious
Appeal to be devil-ly

Stark communicating
At times even baiting
With what a word says
Might find one a “wez,”
Unfaced truths a-stating

Ah! A new place and time:
Surely now, and so I’m
Gonna live a fresh life
Thus eliminate strife
While I’m still in my prime

Lo and behold when
Heavenly dreams come, then
Live them forever
In doing so sever
From Earthly women and men

Heaven, a New World, unlike
The old, therefore a fresh hike
Into a new existence
Which alas with persistence
Will appear as a Golden Strike

Eager for adventure
That intellect thirst-quencher
“Bring ‘em on!” I said
“Right up till I’m dead
With a Heavenly slot-clencher!”

In offbeat ways
One seeks novel days
With brand new casts
To re-write old pasts
Thus introduce a new phase

Being damaged goods
Might affect the “woulds”
Or “wouldn’ts” a tender age
Can’t begin to assuage
Affecting the “couldn’ts” or “coulds”

“I coulda done that” you say
Well… okay
When your moment arrives, do it
So you won’t later rue it!
…No time like Today…

Funny how we look back
On life we woulda took back
If only the chance were
To come—Ah, the answer:
Surge, devise a “nook” track

Choose a feasible road
Down which to travel then goad
Society to evolve
Into outlooks thus solve
Its problems instead of implode

Puzzles of existence
Occur with persistence
Demanding solutions
Suggesting ablutions…
Maybe just keeping your distance

The Bible relates what occurred
Back in the times that spurred
Evangelists; record
The fate of the world toward
Progress thus undeterred

Music is message it seems
Some times literarily screams
To evoke thought on subjects
Behold its complex
Melodic or rhythmical schemes

Many poetic ideas
Are verbal pizzerias
Flowing into the mind
So that people will find
Delectable panaceas

Tunes come to distract
Thereupon enact
Melodies flouting
Harmonies outing
Musically scoring impact

Burying the past
At long last
Not easy, but keep
Trying, let it sleep
Remaining there amassed

Snobberies emerge
A societal scourge
Drip condescension
Attracting attention
To a heartless malicious verge

Use available tools
To avoid seeming fools
Grabbing-hold of one’s life
Counteracting the strife
While a situation cools

All psyches bear scars
One or two of which jars
Future existence
But— with persistence
One can erase that which mars

Comes a time at which
One can finally ditch
Mechanisms for keeping
Life which is seeping
Into existence’s niche

Hiring communicators,
Execs, opportunity-maters
Not being fools
Use available tools
To merge available daters

“A bowl of cherries,” life
When free of trouble and strife
Beats the heck out of dying
So we keep on trying
For where solutions are rife

Look for, and find
An answer to bind
One to  productive
Solutions inductive
To eating life’s fruit not the rind

Dominating the face
Winning the race
Against sadness
A beautiful gladness
In a smile sets a pace

The eyes expose truth
A surprise, forsooth!
Keeping lips from uttering
But ne’ertheless muttering
What’s so, a veritable sleuth

Ever guarding your psyche
Using a mental Nike
Avoid situations
That in consummations
Could end being a bit spiky

When you have to think,
An impasse on the brink
Persisting at length;
Get ahold of a strength
Addressing solutions, don’t shrink

Rain has its rhythm
Drops bringing with ‘em
An auditory nature
Performing a fate your
Garden spins myth ‘em

Weather’s in charge
Coming in with a large
System o’erpow’ring
A new garden’s flowering
Into which it’ll barge

Windy snow blows hard
Over-covering the yard
Bending trees to the ground
Their new suppleness found
Resisting cafard

Faith is a matter
In sooner or latter
Lifetime one’s fancy
Deems solid or chancy
Surviving its shatter

What is surely is
Whether hers or his
Acumen determines
Worthy of sermons
Evoking “Gee whiz!”

Stating the ideal
A faith to appeal
We need a Messiah
Not just a pariah
Spouting a selfish ordeal

You’re creative, eh?
Whadja come up with today
Quick little tips
Behavioral scripts
That we can take away?

Respectability: a choice
When inheriting a voice
To spout, after all
As humans we all
Have a hankering to rejoice

A messianic inclination
Is a spiritual derivation
A yearning to preach
In some way to reach
Souls worthy of salvation

Go, be, do, behave
But don’t be a slave
After all, afterlife
Might depend on the strife
And bad habits you stave

Words going with tunes
Spray messages, use moons
Escort music images
Lo, verbal vestiges
To memories it croons

A societal bomb thrower
Convention up-blower
Spouting fervent
Shibboleths, a servant…
Is basically a naught-knower

Were Jesus alive today
What might He now say
Of things, how they’re going
With society, showing
Its underpinnings and way?

Find a niche
Concoct a pitch
To then inhabit
Pulling your rabbit
Out of a hat to get rich

To have what you want, nice
Which might be, once or twice
But, c’est la vie, cher
A tip: don’t despair
Make what you have suffice

As the curtains close
Remember those
Things you did badly
Remembering gladly
Ones on which progress now grows

Times one just can’t recover
Though over, yet hover
O’er present existence
Reducing the distance
‘Tween now and a previous lover

Friends from the past
Inhabit the cast
Of figures surviving
Some lessons deriving
Leaving one somewhat aghast

Machines a-humming
Doing jobs, strumming
Tunes of production
Intone reconstruction
Resulting in futures a-coming

Original thoughts occur
In our minds where we confer
Privately then broadcast
To the masses amassed
As a virtual entrepreneur

Thinking and doing
Not qualms or boo-hoo-ing
Accepting strife
Reflects a life
Spent on experience accruing

When Death backs you
Into a corner and smacks to
Claim what is left
Parry with deft
Avoiding directions it tacks to

Explore the creative
Avoid the probative
Activity requiring
Ones circuits’ rewiring
Somehow just to go native

What harms the earth
And who decides if dearth
Of oxygen kills oceans
With fanciful notions
Of what global warming is worth?

Rain falls, flows
Downhill goes
Straight into rivers
Life’s liquid givers
Then rises to clouds as wind blows

Improvising life’s tunes
We ply existence, loons
Finding new riffs
Substituting for ifs
Whens and about our cocoons

Beyond observing others
Pick up some druthers
Of your own and go do
That which just you
Can commit to another’s

Life drips on our windowsills
Like the rain, then fills
Barrels of water
Saying we oughter
Look ere incurring more bills

Living on the same block
We nonetheless seek to unlock
A difference in ethnic flavors
By doing each other favors
Cracks in our customs to caulk

The Better Way, thought up
Would be better brought up
So the world could see it
Then they’d agree it
Might work if it’s caught up

The day, upon us already
Is in fact a heady
Challenge: Do something
A “go” or a “come” thing
With a goal that is steady

Emotions lie deep
In places that keep
Coming back like a song
That carries along
Some sowings later to reap

Water, that quenches
Sometimes even drenches
Cools, threatens, washes
Topping off galoshes
Overflowing man-made trenches

God has many a-world
Each by His hand unfurled
Over which to watch
Ours is just a notch
In His galaxy a-twirled

When the brain is stilled
Whether naturally or killed
By external forces, stopping it
By simply lopping it
Off it prevents further life fulfilled

Holding up your side
With some thinking applied
To a conversation
Induces a creation of
Likely fixes to be tried

"What you gonna do for us?"
Just-a-minute, don’t make a fuss
Just the opposite, do for your own
Before you condone
Charity; first take time to discuss

Not to blaspheme
But doesn’t it seem
If this world were all
We’re allowed, best forestall
Any destructive scheme

Don’t be induced to kill
Those whose own free will
Tells them “Agree”
With those who foresee
Virgins in Heaven, a thrill…

What to leave when you go
Other than a “Yo-ho-ho
He was funny…” But then
After the wake’s over when
Suddenly you or he ain’t no mo’

No matter what you’re doing
Running from or pursuing
Somewhere exists a better way
Where you don’t even have to pay
Tied in with reconstrueing

If you’re an artist, prepare
Or at least be aware
Of limits to stretch
Gouges to etch
Into shibboleths. So there!

Giving life dimension
Creates a welcome tension
Affording new teething
To concepts a-breathing
Then biting, not to mention

We measure it all
As humans, recall
How many, much, high, low, deep?
Setting forth records to keep
Imaginations in thrall

Music, having its charms
A dilemma disarms
Soothing beastly savaging
Which could end up ravaging
With injurious harms

Fearing living more than dying
Get over it, stop the crying
Consider what’s available
Noting unassailable
Sweetening then applying

To the artist, friends
Interfere with ends
Sought in art, using
Up time abusing
Hours it forfends

If we could only delete noise
With instantly usable ploys
The world would be better
Our souls unfetter
From detritus ruining our joys

Being an artist
Take on the hardest
Tasks innovating
Approaches creating
New roads for the smartest

Often, news is nothing new
With ads plus promos to
Employ some jargons,
Surprise us with “bargains”
That are simply ballyhoo

Bigger waves, rising tides
Nature, upon which rides
The wrath of earth
Fighting the dearth
Of space spilling over its sides

Our youth joining ISIS…
Just one of the vices
Handy to idle kids
Whose pros include the quids
From which life provides spices

Flaunting of opulence
Leading to violence:
No matter the source
A natural of course
With lack of commonsense

Drugs take children’s lives
From which common sense derives
Replacing parents
With activities errant
…Then to a life that deprives

Doctors advertise!
Not a big surprise…
Gold in them there ills
Spurring medical mills
Preventing survival’s demise

“Your money or your life”
—Expensive healthcare, rife
With costly alternatives
Or beneficial restoratives
To the body under doc’s knife

Blithely we blunder
While great lakes go under
Cesspools of sewage
In spite of our new age
Technology wonders

Paying for education
Doctors use medication
Charge an arm-and-a-leg,
Reap a golden egg
Laid by one’s situation

Altruism, the gold standard
Of caring, thus pandered
By do-gooders
“Evil’s withstood-ers”
Saving locales meandered

Spreading religion
Here and there a smidgen
Proselytized online
Might be a way to mine
Nuggets of gold from a pigeon

Words used to spell out
Opinions that yell out
Ideas of what is or
What isn’t, may fizz or
Go flat, bomb and not tell out

The Bible’s next chapter
Might just be apt-er—
Stated in Haiku;
It might just psyche you
To believing in living Hereafter

Sleep, please come quickly
Avoiding the prickly
Pains of awake-ness
Supplanting with fake-ness
Of  dreams ere so tickly

A producing machine,
The human body between
Birth and death spurts
Ova that later converts
To more of the same unforeseen

Imagination, abstract thinking
Spurs innovation, linking
Life philanthropic
To ends geotropic
Futilities henceforth a-shrinking

When through you God speaks
Thus to the world leaks
Divine communique
Think: What does He say
Improving demeanor’s techniques?

Looking ahead, time drags
But look backward, it sags
Not providing  advice
Nor moving to entice
Action that might avoid snags

“Happy Birthday!” Now recall
How instantaneously all
The years seem to have shot
By, so if you’ve got
Time, don’t die — Go, play ball…

It ain’t like it was
Now’s different because
What might be whenever
Things happen, a lever
Is pushed and does what it does

Hazards befall us
Affecting all us
People who live through
Temptations to give to,
Yet hear Heaven call us

At the door of fate
Might be your “date”
Knocking to enter
Who’d be an inventer
Of risky behavioral freight

Evincing hospitality
A certain geniality
Might underlie intentions
Harboring inventions
Concealing immorality

Arresting dissenters
At some juncture enters
A war against notions
Smacking of potions
Constraining inventors

Subterfuge sometimes
Covers up crimes
To get a job done
Especially one
Whose honor it slimes

Search around down
In the dumps where abound
Treasures and tools
Cast off by fools
After painting the town

Escape to euphoria
Use moratoria
From a reality
Changing lethality’s

The gold standard
Of gossip meandered
Into plausibility
Effecting hostility
‘Tween rivals who pandered

Keep track of the score
Of essentials before
You commit to a side
Producing a slide
Into sites you might later abhor

Write down the thoughts
That occur with the “oughts”
Directed by cultures
Embodied by vultures
Who thrive on the wroughts

Standing up to drivel
Come up with something civil
Perform a good deed
Or at least intercede
Into hatreds that shrivel

Summoning thought
Tells one what ought
To be done
Manufacturing one
Path to finally trot

Employment of logic
Thwarts demagogic
Actions suppressing
Opinions expressing
Perceptions hodge-podge-ic

Conclusions reached
By policies breached
Better have a good case
Lest having to face
Exhortations preached

Shut out world shouts
By reasoning out
So by common sense
Thus decide whence
To proceed without doubt

Coming to reason
Requires one to season
Ideas abloom
Before powers assume
They're intended as treason

Get up, into it,
Go out and do it
Getting involved
Ere a problem is solved
By those who misconstrue it

Ah, love me to the end
Before last breath I spend
Taking my life,
Giving up strife
Thereon my way I wend

Life we seem to possess
With an end to address
Presents itself, alas
With chances to surpass
What was. Result: success!

​Stand up, say your piece
Even when caprice
Rules your thoughts, alas
On a chance that you'll surpass
Deceit ere you decease

Humanity begs
For idealists whose legs
Can carry along
To where they belong
Ideas hatching new eggs

Weapons in our cache
Eventually smash
Our civilization
Replacing innovation
With incarnation's ash

In our minds lie arms
To arouse alarms
Against ignorant wars
Closing off doors
To a future's charms

The mind is a weapon
With which one can step on
Outrageous ideas
Or mine for tortillas
On which to get hep on

To controvert whether
God lives is a feather
That floats on the wind,
Blown if you've sinned
Yet are seeking fair weather

Act as though God
Exists, giving nod
To theories of faith
Presenting a wraith
Of Heaven to trod

Go, use the brain!
No use to constrain
It from making
The cosmos' quaking
With concepts from which to abstain

Savants are agreeing
Together all seeing
That wars destroy minds
Thus limit mankind's
Future of actually being

Ideas are paths to progress
Staving off what might regress;
Thinking fearlessly
Even courageously
Blazes trails to address

In the vineyards toil,
Old shibboleths roil
Harvesting grapes
By a process that shapes
What's eventually coming to boil

As long as a dream
Stays alive, it would seem
To glow like a Neon Tetra
Being a raison d'être
Swimming a rational stream

The icing on the cake
Of life comes when you take
The advantages given you
Which may have driven you
To failure, and then re-awake

The earth having trod,
Afterlife with God
Evermore enticing
Will be the cake's icing
On living pursued roughshod

Zoom! goes existence
Pursued with persistence
Which might end up short
If one didn't cavort
Keeping a "Whoopee!" distance

Plan while you can
But make sure its span
Includes having fun
Or else to have won
Quells prizes before it began

"Fragile!" "Delicate!"
There's an etiquette
Protecting everything
Else one might have to sing
A melody yet unmet

People flood the earth!
Eventually a dearth
Of resources will ensue
With famines to accrue
Ending humanity's girth

Whose God rules
Employing Divine tools
To control population
From flat exploitation
Ending in surfeits of fools?

God plays different roles
In faiths, combining wholes
Into parts for usage
Thus sending His message
Regarding the future of souls

Bespeaking class, some tunes
Float melodic balloons
Into airs that are classy
Sometimes even sassy
Firing their rhythmic harpoons

Paralyze a thought,
You'll find what's not
Within consideration
Oft makes for an oration
On changes to be wrought

Laugh at your mistakes
Putting on the brakes
Taking them seriously
Lest deleteriously
They spur lifetime quakes

On the hinges of fate
Swing the doors that await
Celestial passages
Transmitting messages
Showing up thus to relate

God is now and here
Not as some say a mere
Conjecture by zealots
Who fling at us pellets
Piercing our transient sphere

Still making worlds, God
Is anything but a facade
–More places to inhabit–
A Heavenly Abbot
Not just a rodomontade

Ceilings above which
Sky resides, a niche
Are Heaven's doors
Humankind implores
Us to goodness to hitch

Logic disguised as poems
Whose points invade homes
Inspire reactions
Effecting subtractions
Of vice in our domes

Inner space exploring
Whose ideas imploring
Our existing voices
Presenting choices
Now and again sends us soaring

Intercourse variations
Stimulate creations
Essential to life
Which may even be rife
With ideas' gestations

Go here or go there?
Sometimes limits dare
Us to choose feloniously
Ending erroneously
Missing demise by a hair

Proposing what might
Come to delight,
One seems to await
'Til finally fate
Can deliver from plight

If only things came 'round!
Then look what you have found!
Treasures awaiting…
(Good luck inflating
Dreams you imagine abound!) 

Bearing down on your head
"Go be a man" is said,
By those calling the shots
Whose yardstick allots
Strength over thought instead

For the nonce, laughter
Cures the sad, but after
Funny thoughts expire
Still persists the mire
Forming life hereafter

Things that light up
When they're working might up
And disappoint our fate
If we don't anticipate
Things that can ignite up 

Oops! You sold that thing
Which now could bring
About a solution
A mess dissolution
(If only a bell could un-ring!)

Effects of words aimed
Can scarcely be blamed
On mouths that speak them
But minds that wreak them
Instead might be shamed

Verbal cannons fire
Explosions of ire;
Wherever they strike
Hearers might "Yike!"
At a rhetorical pyre

Swimming the deep
Marine creatures keep
To themselves, elusive
Conditions conducive
To privacy where one can sleep

Before we go astray
Someone has to say
Something universal
Effecting a reversal–
Earth's problems to allay

"Better to have loved and lost"
Than to never love, the cost:
Minimal at best
When put to the test
Forget it. Go out and get sauced

From lack of choices
We raise our voices
Enduring suffering
Essentially buffering 
From that which rejoices

Revelations clear paths
Essentially baths
Sprucing up minds
Until one finds
Impending new wraths

Life's expedition
Might be a mission
Exhorting direction
Toward a confection
To fight inhibition

Revelation clears a path
Presenting newer math
By which to figure
So you can dig your
Way to what the future hath

To any drifting boat
Readiness will denote
Mental agility
Innate ability
To continue afloat

The tune of the moment
Might serve to foment
A modern elegance…
Or other relevance
Expressing a goal meant

Good things come
(Say some)
To those who wait
But they might just be bait
To fools who succumb

False hopes pervade
Those who exist unafraid:
Optimists believing
Forever thus cleaving 
Faithfully till they're betrayed
Stars shining, winds blowing
To us all bestowing
Life where faith and hope
Enable us to cope,
Charity never foregoing


Take this  existence
With all of its distance
Between ups downs
Booby prizes and crowns;
Mine lumps for subsistence

Can you stand it
After you've planned it
And it doesn't come through
To go try something new
Like an obstinate bandit?

Able to fare all
You, as you share all
Back in your mind
Find you're resigned
In due course to bare all

Deep-down in your soul
But under control
Resides a Divinity
Bearing affinity
With Gods to extol

Creative thought improves
Outcomes, ergo removes
Barriers to perform
Beyond the norm
Fabricating new grooves

Made for having fun
Life, and you get just one,
Is an ice cream store
To taste all before
The next phase is begun

Prologue to sex: acquiescance
Of both parties quintessence
Bodies enveloping
One another in essence

An assault on silence
Begets only violence
When all alone done
Resulting in one
Whose ire its bile vents

Is war obsolete?
With weapons to beat
Us over our heads
One really dreads
Ending up in defeat…

Of that written down for all
Thus tragedy to forestall
How many abide
By rules that collide
With preferences in thrall

Set forth in print, kinks
Which a wise one thinks
Lend them a substance
From which a reluctance 
To believe – up and shrinks

Swimming in consciousness, thought
With erudition ought
To be nourished
Until it has flourished
Into some action wrought

Thought transmitted
Then committed
To direct action
Can gain traction
With results acquitted

Assurance that God exists
Will manifest when it enlists
The trust of cynics
To hold forth clinics
Teaching faith that simply insists

In worlds going 'round
 Resources abound
Yet they cannot respond
In their spinning, beyond
Natural action aground

Life in a bad milieu
Requires restraint; bid adieu!
Use diligence, stopping
Conceding and flopping
To impulses one might eschew

Sex: a recreation
Upshot: procreation
Of human results
That either exults
Or courts a damnation

Democracy, a form:
Governmental reform
Found by idealists
Basically realists
Who took over by storm

Cynics hijack
To then repack
Governmental reform
Refined to perform
On a newly laid track

No skeptics we
With each shining see
From ocean to ocean
Buying ev'ry new notion
Climbing a hopeful tree

A singular person am I, say
Doing things only my own way
Regardless of others'
Particular druthers
But that's how I see 'em, okay?

The drive to achieve
In what you believe
Is attained fruition
Of unique ambition
Begging to preconceive

Achievement? Futility?
Somewhere 'tween virility
And passivity
Faulty activity
Turns into to debility

As you travel its route
Life becomes all about
What you get to do
Notwithstanding who
Or what pours from your spout

Many-a-thing done
Cannot be outrun
But what comes ahead
Perhaps might instead
Plead to be begun

That you do things
Says lots, and rings
Bells of achievement
Before bereavement
Its death knell sings

Perspectives from naught
When ruefully sought
Grant views distorted
If then exported
Before they are caught

Capture perspective
To turn to affective
Worthy suggestion
For future digestion
Somehow corrective

Publish that with worth
Establishing a berth
On a ship off-sailing
From a world that's trailing
Your dreams here on Earth

Open minded, never old
Resist therefore being told
What your outlook should be
'Stead of what it would be
Even if out-in-the-cold

​Life's ensuing phase
When caught in a phrase
Might portend good or evil
Indicating upheaval
Threatening destiny's days

Imagine profundities!
Keeping thought going
Enlightenment growing
Articulate pundit-ies!

Others will ever mull
Over conjectures and cull
From them matter
About which to chatter
Whenever tête-à-têtes lull

Why not indulge in life's fun
If, after all, only one
To us each is granted
Before being planted,
Existence then over and done?

When a search is begun
Is the doing the fun
Or selecting objectives
Reducing perspectives
Down to pursuing just one?

Prune thoughts just like plants
Reducing to chants
What might have been yelled
Thus forcibly quelled
As disorderly rants

Cultivated thoughts spoken
Construed more than a token
Gesture to virtue
Surely won't hurt you
Even when protocol's broken

Lying down, look up
See what might fill your cup
Shadows on ceilings
Reflecting one's feelings
Depressions oft interrupt

Lying down, eyes covered
Imagine things hovered;
What appears in repose
Might foreshadow those
Later to be discovered

Sudden disappearances 
Indicate adherences
To that which might differ
From a life that is stiffer
Than perceived incoherences

In order to vote
Take note
Consider the issues
Some thin as tissues
But worthy to promote

Wealth is over-rated
Earth over-populated
With uncaring
Souls whose glaring
Thoughtlessness is hated

Sharing is essential
Sensible and elemental
If we're to get along
Within our earthly throng
It's simply providential

Advertising's effect:
Promotional neglect
By shading the truth
Is really uncouth;
Something to downright reject

Democracy needs debate
On issues that await
But ads bear messages
Opinion that presages
What's said by the candidate

Newspapers, obsolete
Yet with gossip replete
Can still be a forum
Affecting decorum
Of those who want a front seat

Us – fat, dumb, 'n' happy
Occasionally scrappy
But cash comes along
With a tuneful song
Making everything seem sappy

Lobbies peddle sway
Financed by those who say
Their viewpoints with cash
No matter how rash
The issue they'd like to purvey

Debating: a no-brainer
For societies whose saner
Views they'd promote
In attempts to devote
History's ending a gainer

Regardless of how
You think things are now
The way that it is
Might bring a "Gee whiz!"
And later even a "WOW!"

Find things about which
To care that enrich
The lives of others
Then use your druthers
Throwing a useful pitch

Register passion
Know how much to ration
In daily living,
Then refuse giving
Beyond limits in fashion

Poetry stands all alone
Not needing music, with tone
Interfering in meaning
Melodic careening 
To rhythm all of its own

Lyrics interfere
With pure music to hear;
Melody and meter
Make perception sweeter,
Uncluttered to the ear

Life's a blank slate
Upon which to sate
One's hunger for kicks
As long as its tricks
Skirt hazardous freight

Extolling Heaven, saints
Totally free of complaints
Shall sing forth its praises
With sweet-sounding phrases
Forever without restraints

Consider God's viewpoint:
Ain't life a joint
Agreement between us
To behave with cleanness
Thus Zion's arrival anoint?

The world must be won
The conclusion's foregone:
In order to save it
We might think to pave it
Over with butter-pecan

Items from the past
Playing on life, cast
Their shadows today
Attainments allay,
Leaving one somewhat aghast

Inspirations arrive
To those who contrive
To live lives that burst
With ideas, coming first
In line to survive

Believing that the world
Can be saved, flags unfurled
Then the right question
Is how the suggestion
Might be mixed in and swirled

Serious themes
Need attention it seems
Effecting forever
Thereafter whatever
Might threaten extremes

Some got married and gave up
While neglecting to save up
What was accumulated
As children that related
Leaving naught but to slave-up

As older one grows
More memories impose
On the future one plans
Interjecting their hands
Which to life juxtapose

Playing piano? Nothing
To it beyond frothing
At practice: negotiate
Which keys to associate
Tunes, fingers thus auth-ing

Looking back there's lots
Now tied up in knots
One should've unraveled
As pathways one traveled
Embroiled in intricate plots

Squint, light the way
Ahead one might say
Means to know and see
What looms there to be
Prior to hie underway

Plunge forth, Kismet awaits;
All by itself recreates
Outcomes once courted
That last un-aborted
Like food uneaten on plates

Go, meet some new folks
Who from you might coax
Viewpoints anew
Which hitherto
Had been dismissed as jokes

Hear life's tuneful chords
While trodding towards
Squaring the clashes
Avoiding the crashes'
Discordancy rewards

Abstractions beg hearing
Of meanings appearing
Deep voices crying
Reactions sighing
To messages steering

Pursuing a truth
The diligent sleuth
Faces a mirror
Factually clearer
Saying plainly "Forsooth…"

Windows frame external
Phenomena vernal
Seasonal respite
To nevertheless pit
Cold against dog days infernal

Poking within things
Frequently up-brings
Unexpected miscellany
Facts appalling, even zany
But – logical swings

Share your treasure trove
In a story wove
For opportunists
Who as blue-moonists
For rewards will have strove

Music by words polluted,
Melodic ideas diluted…
But then again tunes
Cramp logic with croons
Whose melodies might not be suited

Say something profound
Which can thus resound;
Present useful thought
To the hearer which ought
With wisdom to abound

We all own the planet
To take care of, an' it
Seems that we folks
Ought to try hard to coax
It to living as long as granite 

Love is precarious
Connoting various
Commitments to keep
Rewards to thus reap
Skirting nefarious

Curbing ambitions
Protective partitions
Prevent cogitation,
Provide insulation,
Fend off expeditions

Daring escapades produce,
Giving life a little juice;
So seeing what's viewed
With good thoughts accrued,
Put what is learned to good use

Listing wisdom gained
In good living attained
Oldsters then ought
To spell out what's not
To be constrained

Having survived
Episodes, then thrived
On worldliness gained
Enjoy urges restrained
That remain un-contrived

Give thanks for survival
Noting arrival
At a point far from grief;
Heave a sigh of relief
Then begin a revival

Put forth objectives
Then when defectives 
Seem to impede
Goals intercede
Supplying protectives

Circumstances find us
Where they can wind us
Up to inspire
Proper desire
To put trouble behind us

Captured by mood
To a sulkiness screwed,
One needs to unthread
What's stuck in the head,
Get the cerebrum shampooed

Walking about, we find
New destinations in mind
Somewhere to go to
Perhaps apropos too,
That was formerly left behind

Perceive new horizons
To just keep your eyes on;
Zoom into inspect
What will later affect
Futures the sun will arise on

Near one's own God
One hears a ballade
Unlike any other,
Sour notes to smother
Euphonic harmonies prod

New dawns offer choices
Those wise inner voices
Speak options available,
Results unassailable
Finding what one rejoices

Dramas expose
By showing disclose
Hiding on shelves
Parts of our selves
That regular life foregoes

The old days
Creating malaise
Beg immolating
While we're awaiting
Virginal ways

Spread old ashes
Into the gashes
Created by rifts
Of seismic shifts
Earth's trembling trashes

From notion to symphony
Tones, chords, polyphony
Music has context
Where notions are flexed
Producing, "ta-da" epiphany

Wisdom, alas, comes
To those who beat drums
Demanding to know
The facts apropos
That warble society's hums

The benefit of birth:
Living here on earth
Not someplace
Way out in space–
Where unknowns lack worth

Life, as such
Really ain't much
Unless it's augmented
With items presented
Near to the touch

Good books will tell how
Things are in the now
Even if risible,
Context, where visible
Attitudes further endow

Wisdom aimed for
Becoming aflamed for
Is sure worth the gamble
Though but a preamble
To a monument named for

Transmitting news, waves
Over airwaves paves
Roads to enlighten
Listeners to brighten
Or darken like caves

Attentive minds listen
To words which then glisten
As good news unfolds,
Enthalling-ly holds
Forth days to rechristen

Hov'ring o'er the dead
Retaining just a shred
Of old life, the soul
Lingers to console
For what lies ahead

Sans mistakes, playing
Piano allaying
Sour notes to sweet
Is pleasant deceit
Of the ear from straying

Luring sitters, nice chairs
Offer ease which compares
With lying in bed
While keeping one's head
About current affairs

How you used what you
Came with for good to
Improve situations
Repair aberrations
Will help hard times through

Life, all about fun
Cause you only get one;
Make it work for the best
Consequence to be blessed
When it's over and done

Here comes inspiration
A mental vibration
By which profound
Ideas abound
Arousing a novel creation

A mood will progress
When we acquiesce
With laughter not far
Behind a bizarre
Consent to digress

Answers appear
However severe
To those who seek them,
So when you critique them
Avoid the austere

If the keys to a life
Present nothing but strife
Pick the locks, to unlatch
New plots to then hatch
Opportunities rife

Cyberspace holds
All that unfolds
Upon clicking to find
Exercise for the mind…
Some leads for the golds

Indulging in pleasure
Enjoying at leisure
Not feeling the pain
Is from life to abstain
Ne'er finding the treasure

Did you have a plan
 From when life began
With an ending successful
Beyond being stressful
Or is it an empty tin can?

When you have naught
It's time then to ought
To give in to all
Hoping in thrall
You'll find yourself fraught

If you've done lotsa bad
Ain't it time you had
Begun some productive
Diversion constructive
If only to give back a tad

From a character defect
What is done can effect
Not only one's ego but
Proximate beings somewhat
Who happen to interconnect

Write just of ideals!
Of that which appeals
To healing defects
And therefore corrects
That which chicanery steals

Try a bit harder
Employing an ardor
Producing returns
Whose consequence earns
Reserves for the larder

With encouraging songs
Tuneful power but longs
To attract attention
A novel dimension
For righting some obvious wrongs

When life's minus
Takes you from highness
To a low un-fathomed
Attracting wrath-omed
Ends, better bye-bye-ness

Get away from here
Blaze a new frontier
Go then to to there
A place just nowhere–
Jazz is just the sphere

Far-out music, Modern Jazz:
Surprising rhythms too; whereas
Regular classical might amass
Melodicly contrapuntal morass,
It boldly courts the razzmatazz

Thinking strong and healthy
Might not end up wealthy
But living long and well
Will certainly impel
Sneaking through life stealthy

The lives we lead
Are previously decreed
By who we're born
Then mantle's we've worn
Whose limits we fail or exceed

Life is like jazz
Situations whereas
Improvised tunes
Pierce like harpoons
With incisive pizazz

We want life to proceed
With concomitant speed
But death intrudes;
By coming eludes
Crashes it might precede

Sweeping us right along
Death sings its doleful song
With rationality
Crooning mortality
– Off to where we belong

Jazz: all improv
Impelling a shove
Tunes' imagination
Contrapuntal cogitation
Deviational thereof

One's fun
When it's over and done
Is work to some others
Which, having their druthers
Might even shun if not run

Those who deny
An afterlife vie
For a place here and now
That will surely allow
Their desires to apply

As a writer one states
Who he is, creates
Alter-egos which
Voices unhitch
From what he narrates

When shadows o'ertake,
Leave in their wake
Existence gone by,
Then wondering why
Is indeed no mistake

As a beginner
Pick out a winner
Then ride to the end
E'er to forfend
Becoming a sinner

Justify living
Existence giving
All you've got-to
What you know ought-to,
From evil a-sieving

Presenting themselves
Constantly delves
For some into paths
Encouraging wraths
Opportunity shelves

After races are run
Some still aren't done,
Keeping on keeping on
As though not yet drawn
To a close, tale spun. 

A race to the finish
Will vigor diminish
As soon as it's done
When the contest is won
By a margin quite thin-ish

Set limits, deadlines
Often bring headlines
Where limits beyond
Which to respond
End up in breadlines

Don't let life pass you by
If you only get one, Oh my!
Caring enough,
Dying rebuff;
Postpone pronouncing "Goodbye"

Soaking up the atmosphere
Partaking of the local beer
Act as though you just belong
With tribal customs go along
Lest the natives judge you queer

The newest inspiration
Won't predict damnation
As Biblical text
But bring on the next
Reward or fine for temptation

On many subjects give advice
Reflecting on one's own concise
Experience with subjects
Noting alternate effects'
Impact upon resulting price

Better than how to succeed
One might thoughtfully concede
Is advice in detail
On how not to fail
While on life's path to proceed

A biblical text
On what might be next
Is the book of The Plausible
Giving one cause-able
Justification to be vexed

Regretful ruminations
Form the fool's foundations
For life spent looking back
Instead of taking a whack
At future aspirations

Giving up harmful things
Avoiding those late-night flings
Helps one exist
Without what's dismissed
In a life that sobriety brings

With hardly a second to blink
Life goes by in the wink
Of an eye thus missing
That which reminiscing
Might afterward cause us to shrink

If you don't want to learn,
For accomplishment yearn
Just try to conclude
From what you've accrued,
Foregoing those bridges to burn

A matter of time
Till off to There, I'm
Almost to the point
My remains to anoint
Then Heaven's ladder to climb

Politicians stand
In the "promise" land
Soliciting votes,
Floating our boats
To futures ever so grand!

Words most worth heeding
Beg for conceding
Grabbing attention
Ubiquitous mention
To hearers most needing

What you're good at doing
Is surely worth reviewing
When deciding on later
Paths that are straighter
Avoiding consequent rue-ing

Learn from your part
In what happened, start
Owning up to results
Which we must as adults
To a conscience impart

Pursue expectations
Forestalling frustrations
From idleness coming;
Keep tunes a-humming
In grand variations

Dredging the past
Mistakes there amassed
Is a classic time-waste
With fate to be faced
And lots to be cast

Wanting to do
With skills to accrue
Rather than be
You'll surely agree
Will spirit imbue

Reasons why not to
Impede what to do
In any case wondered
If overly pondered
To throw plans askew

With so much to do
Any character who
Would just want to be
You'll surely agree
Waives dreams to pursue

Live with persistence
Your current existence
Have lotsa  fun
Cause you get only one
Chance at running the distance

When career's a vocation…
It's a total vacation
Always a pleasure
To get the full measure
Of vital vibration

Life's ice cream cone
Consumed all alone
Must be enjoyed
With taste buds employed
Until good judgement has flown

Life's transitory
So grab all the glory
Before it just vanishes
In due course banishes
Memories of its story

"Life is but a dream"
Maybe so, but if you scream
Loud enough, you'll wake
Not only you, but take
Reality to the extreme

The music will finally stop
You'll find yourself atop
A mountain you've built
To your own special tilt
Hoping it won't go "plop!"

Write theory if you must
See if the world will adjust
To what you're up-cooking
If they are-or-not looking
Leaving you in the dust

When civil rights
Lift you to heights
Of freedom of choice
Make use of a voice
That improvement incites

Water running downhill
Vacancies there to fill
Collects in a pool
Thereby to cool,
A perspiration to kill

A worthwhile objective:
Forgoing invective
Be of use to the world
Your best nature unfurled
With a novel perspective

Vandalizing lives, scribes
Couch their words in gibes
Featuring the bad stuff
Not knowing when we've had enough
That negativity describes

Turning lives into fodder
Baring ends we can't solder
Back into conduits
Writers expose, to wit:
Sensational news of the odder

Comprising here and now
One cannot disallow
What is truly beheld
Then afterwards yelled
Hindering tries to disavow

Believe that within
Are spurs that begin
To seek the successful
Avoiding the stressful
Jeopardies lurking herein

Tools of success used
By scholars thus infused
With proper equipment
Will incur a shipment
Of opulence transfused

Teach your mind to misbehave
Harvest benefits to save
Disposing of the useless chaff
Then in process simply laugh
At what the foolish exploit gave

Fool some of the people – Perhaps
In a world being full of chaps
Who believe what they see
Irrespective of wee
Cracks that are turning to gaps

Take hold of life's controls
Depending on your goals
Which if ignored
Remain unexplored
Thus unexploit-able roles

With better stories written
Intellects are a-smitten
Not to mention emotions
Reacting from virtual potions
Leaving one love-bug-bitten

Composing thought
With substance fraught
Beyond whimsy
Might turn into hymn-sy;
(Piety could get one caught)

​Read the paper, watch the news,
 Viewpoints just might disabuse
Depending on which
Perspective they pitch
Or maverick position they choose

​Flying by so fast, life
With opportunity rife
Provides scant occasions
For wielding equations
Avoiding occurrence of strife

Where and who you're from
Results in what you become
Unless of course
You ignore your source
And march to a different drum

Get real!
Be your ideal!
Action, not words
But functioning girds
To guide you through any ordeal

Fantasy's nice
To indulge once or twice
But climbing of hills
By doing fulfills
The dreams, exacting a price

"It was what it was."
Looking back is what does
A dance on the psyche
Resulting in spiky
Unloved repercussions abuzz 

Doing just what you did
Trying to keep it hid
Prohibits what's next
Diluting effects
Of an outcome on which you might bid

Being old and rich
Able to choose which
Ever flavor or kind
Of joy un-consigned–
Now there's a fat pitch… 

Despite what you think
It's the kool-aids you drink
That poison your will
And lead you downhil
Pushing you right to the brink

Are naught but a casket
Of those to be eaten
As soon as they're beaten,
None of them a pass get

Access insanity
Maintaining vanity
Proceed to experiment
Bringing on merriment
(Banning profanity)

Life: Just a good-natured joke
On an unsuspecting bloke
Or a brutally nasty prank
For which we have nature to thank
Giving our vision a poke?

Born creative we're not
Although we probably ought
To see things anew
Each time we view
Them as that to be got

Becoming creative
Beyond vegetative…
's a matter of need
With a mouth to feed
…Plainly probative

To know what you're taking
Not death throes making
A drug needs be licit
So in chemical bliss it
Avoids life-quaking

Need stirs creativity
Elicits nativity
Of novel progeny
Even hodge-podgeny
Begetting activity
Holy Spirit within
Help guide me wherein
I can build novel piles
Of thought that beguiles
Yet venturing not into sin

Forego hard knocks
Build with found blocks
Already provided
By which we're guided
Avoiding subsequent shocks

Natural rhythm is nice
Useful too, once-or-twice
In a song or a cadence
On which one might play whence
Musical tones would suffice

With a good night's rest
Reality digressed
The past put behind
To "erstwhile" assigned
Fate can be addressed

Keen on status quo
Ever in the know
Avoid being the sort
Who might seem to court
Mishaps apropos 

Ev'rything's adventure
To a naif, a bencher
Who sits waiting
For forces creating
Opportunity's thirst-quencher

Old age, a new peril
Which comes on one feral
To eat you alive
With death to connive
If it doesn't leave you sterile

Life is ice cream
Where one can dream
To taste all the flavors
Being tasty pavers
To fates awaiting downstream

Life, a good-natured joke
Whose lessons provoke
Or maybe a prank
With no one to thank
If it goes up in smoke

Being, disguising
Needs organizing
A certain structure
Resisting rupture
Gains thus realizing

Play all seductively
Life thus conductively
Transmitting vigor
When it's done with rigor
Performing productively

What will contribute to fate
As our outcomes we await
Producing empirical
If not always lyrical
Solutions we can create

Life is raw material
Our rule is imperial
Deciding what lives
With personal sieves
Stemming the bacterial

Thoughts of others
Reflecting their druthers
Deserve respect
Even when decked
Out in injustice that smothers

 If we did what we would
Not what we should
Life then might diverge
Giving vent to each urge
With variations of "could"

Arenas of conduct
Present a new construct
Of life as we find it;
When fate is aligned, its
Leftovers having been chucked

Are we destined to perform
In others' plays or storm
Through existence
Proposing resistance
To projects we see as lukewarm?

Ev'ry day we choose
A path to follow, whose
Exigencies urge
Potentials emerge
To which we might want to cruise 

​Forward or backward we go
Considering yes or no
To what then might be
Presented; agree
Or, maybe not apropos 

Check in the mirror
Is what you see clearer
To what you'd desire
Or thence might conspire,
At risk seeming queerer?

Is survival your style
Or connivance awhile
With others' behavior
Being your savior
From what you might later revile?

Each soul's existence
Maintains a distance
Spanning durations
With reincarnations
To which it goes with persistence

You there – Husband or Wife
Remember, it's only life
You Live and you die
So if things go awry
Further potential is rife

Live, die, how ya gonna do it
Let it happen or pursue it?
It matters after all
So guess what, it's your call
Try to make sure you don't rue it

 Music enters through  the ear
Leading notions from the here
To ethereal scenes
Providing the means
Of other passageways to steer

Being what we currently are
What can we do to travel far
Into an existence
Providing assistance,
Steering clear of the bizarre?

Tales compellingly told
Might resurrect old
Shibboleths mattering
If only a smattering
Of truth still might be doled

Art is nought but vivid fraud
After all, not life, but shod
In wear as if to shed
Light on what instead 
Is much more than the façade

Music, but an artful lie
And we react "Oh my,
I'm taken back to then!"
In bygone history when
Tunes accompanied thereby

Music is a crafty thief
A cordial rhythmic relief
Stealing us from where we are
 With naught but charm to take us far
Intoning happiness – or grief

Proposals leading to action
Frequently miss getting traction
From early "drag racing"
Eventually facing
Becoming another abstraction

Frailty repairing's
A case of declaring
An area of strength;
So proceed at great length
Choosing a path that is daring

Schemes make their way,
Lead connivers astray
Tainting hearts' purities
Rupture securities
Resulting in lifes' disarray

Hypotheses are propositions
Some providing ammunitions
For exploits to follow
If solid or hollow
Resulting in acts or omissions

Craggy rocks beckon;
Climbers take second
Choices to travel
So's not to unravel
Trips later to reckon

Insistent souls climb
Through craggy rocks' grime
In order to rise
Into view of God's eyes
Deserving a bounty sublime

Rocking to excess
Allows us to address
Our limits, thus define
Zones where we can shine
As well as those to re-assess

Cryptic meaning
Comes careening
Into conversations
Unintentional flirtations
With intent demeaning

What is said intends,
By objective ascends
To higher meaning
Sometimes even leaning
To hope it recommends

"Rocks in your head"
Might be instead
Diamonds in the rough
Forming to show stuff
Of ideas to be spread

At rock bottom you know
There's no place to go
But up toward a pinnacle
Affecting a clinical
Life, altering apropos

A tumbling rock
Might loosen a block
Start an avalanche going
Down a hill throwing
Terra Firma into a shock

Life's an adventure
A real thirst-quencher
If you've capacity
To use tenacity
Accepting resultant indenture 

Appeals to the hearing
Of who would then listen,
And sonically glisten
To tunes without sneering 

​Yielding to dough, doors
Open with us on all fours
Begging for cash
To add to the stash
Financing imagined amours

Why slam doors
To make statements? Or
Help close them tightly?
(Ajar they might slightly
Permit what each shutter deplores)

Easing a door into place:
Helping frustration to face
What's unavailable
With unassailable
Courage to mem'ries erase

Doors, entry-ways
Into sanctums ablaze
With hidden techniques,
Virtual boutiques
Of bright outcomes to appraise

We fathom little
Past what we can whittle
Down to a carving
Of life beyond starving
Consigning a lifetime committal

Doors to life's riches
Are guarded in niches
Whose locks are constructed
Thenceforth are conducted
With keys unfound in your britches

Opportunities found
Just lying around
Might spell rejections,
Convey imperfections
Considered but reckoned unsound

Someone's appearance
Might be interference
With actual traits,
Thus somewhat negates
 An innate incoherence

Surface exposes
What one supposes
Might lie beneath
But could later bequeath
What now decomposes

Human surface tension
Can generate a mention
That triggers an eruption
Justifying a disruption
Of a magnified dimension

Pounding at our minds' doors
The insistent past explores
What now engages
Our current life stages
With interests one deplores

Go where? Do what? See whom?
One life has limited room
To do all we dream,
So skimming the cream's
About all we can consume

The future's a gamble
That's hard to unscramble:
A puzzle of actions
Thus naught but abstractions
That might be a prickly bramble

Pick your horse to go ride
When you finally decide
On a race to the future
By planning a route your
Aptitudes might coincide

A window– Light shines
On piano's keys tryin'
To elicit a tune
With a melody strewn
Thru the air by composers divine

Breathing the air, we trust
That for which life we must
Have, with the water
So, conserve we ought'er
All of our uses adjust

Performance: the proof
Choreographing a spoof
Shows something within
A talent wherein
Palaver subs for a goof

Advice, giving or taking,
Proceeding or braking
Dilemmas of life
Avoidance of strife
May or may not bring on aching

Ruling our lives, machines
Present us with scenes
We can't always control
Even when we we extol
Their benefits yet to be seen

Thriving in boxes
With a life that locks us
To our possessions
We give concessions
To existence that finally mocks us

The past insists:
"Let me nab what I missed!
I still count after all
And have yet to install
Mem'ries to be reminisced."

Go to where? What to do?
Avoidance of mem'ries to rue…
The future's not clear
So, which way to steer
In search of ends to pursue?

The future's a gamble
As we go toward a bramble
Of growth that's uncertain
Toward final curtain
Conclusively trudging a shamble

Sun shines thru the window
Another Cielito Lindo
Lighting piano keys
A tune from which I squeeze
A wish to be rolling in dough

Breathe the air we must
Having no choice but to trust
What to put in our body
No matter how shoddy
Our livelihood's fettles adjust

To existence penetrating
Valuation demonstrating
Life as we know it
Insists that we show it
As a future germinating

When you take some advice
There might be a price
That people demand;
On the other hand
The already known might suffice

Machines run our lives
With pursuit that contrives
To make everything go
Shrugging off "to" or "fro"
Just so mankind survives

We thrive in a box
With security locks
So no one can enter
Penetrate to the center
Unless he initially knocks

Comics say it well
Solemnity dispel
Making waggish fun of
Ev'ry single one of
Human swaggers gone-to-hell

In life, as also in song
Choices, while we go along,
Exist to be heard
Activity stirred
To help us tell right from wrong

The computer shipment
Included equipment
For finding out there
Each thing except where
That darn microchip went

Mining life's answers
Needs no financers;
Solutions transparent
Might just be inherent
In history's cancers

Doors seal off spaces
To int'resting places
We might want to enter
Thus ending up center-
Stage to forward our cases

Begging unlocking
Doors are for knocking
Upon to solicit
More souls to elicit
What they might be blocking

Chairs are to sit on,
Desks for notes writ on,
Tables for eating,
Workbenches completing
Jobs before beds to submit on

Things to be used
Never abused
Might prove to save
Or even enslave
Us to end, oh, amused

Lives contained
By habits abstained
Might be beneficial
But tend artificial–
Behaviorally chained

After I'm dead
Lying still in my bed
What they do with my corpse
After everything, warps
The whole life that I led

To be hanging around
After death one is found
To be somewhat mystical
Rather than Heavenly-bound

Do something perhaps
Filling life's gaps
Thus changing the world
With a flag unfurled
Slowing eventual collapse

 Heather growing on the hill
Yearns in blossom to fulfill
Bless'd occasions
Repairing abrasions
Nature's aspects thus distill

Prospectively dying,
Brings doctors relying
On steps they connive
To keep one alive
Medications applying

The workplace beckons
As soon as one reckons
That like it or not
To exist one ought
To give motion its seconds

Enticing opinions
Of those whose dominions
Spur thoughtful reactions
Might lead to infractions
Arising within y'uns

Perform a bricolage
Of actions to dislodge
Seized up thinking
From realities a-shrinking
Thus calamities to dodge

Horizontal thinking
Lying down thus shrinking
From physical existence
Might just fortify resistance
To deportment that is stinking

Never having to "become"
Thereby represent a sum
Of one's deportment
Can elicit an assortment
Of new melodies to strum

If you never have to "be"
Then "seeming," you'll agree
Represents what's left
Possessing any heft
Impacting life to a degree

"Seem on" to an ending
With afterlife pending
On how you behaved
Toward temptations craved
Thence a- or de- scending

Imagining more
Can be quite a chore
When faced with resistance
Resulting in distance
Left o'er to explore

 Jazz is all about
Impromptu music's clout
Swaying ears to eccentric
Locales ethnocentric,
Thereby perceptions reroute

Ears perk up to Jazz
In impromptu the player has
A duplicitous plan:
Catch the ear of man
With rhythmic and sonic pizzazz

Can we not-listen?
Turn off the brain, rechristen
To an absence of sound
That plays all around
Making our outlooks glisten

Two entities working
Together fight lurking
Malefactors: The Brain
Plus The Mind, to gain
Upper-hand over troubles a-perking

U.S. Health Care: An issue
Whose benefits miss you;
If there isn't the cash
For avoiding a crash
It will early-dismiss you

All is fair game
If in talking, the aim
Is for minds to be frank
And not to have shrank
From topics aflame

Open minds consider
The ultimate bidder,
Ideas to think up
Then drink up
Even the thoughts of a kidder

Comicbooks of life
Drawn strikingly, rife
With cartoons of behavior
Could be the savior
Of spheres locked-up in strife

Reaching old age
Cheating death's page
One laughs in the face
Of attempts to displace
Current life with sin's wage

 Good talk brooks naught
Out of bounds, as good thought
Goes where it pleases,
Sporadically seizes
Themes deemed overwrought

Music is nought but caprice
To dazzlingly release
Whimsy's composer
Who acts as a poser
In notes fabricating a feast

Spirits: the target
Of musical argot
Tempting the souls
With euphonic strolls
Begetting a tuneful strut

Think, would you want
To be thought a savant 
Whose intelligence smothers
Or else could your druthers
Resign you to be nonchalant

Train your ear to tell
Good tunes from bad, well
Now it isn't hard
If you're on your guard
Against music that fails to impel

Can torture amuse
The doer to use
It to find
What's on the mind
Of the prey to abuse?

Of torture we're capable
Doing things inescapable
From pangs of regret
That we'll never forget
Even in life that's re-shapable

The land of your dreams…
In your mind, it seems
The chance you'll go
Might escape you though
You dream up traveling schemes

Use a potent word
To express a most absurd
Objection to a plan
In order to ban
Further action thus stirred

Stirring something in you
Music, seeking to continue
Notions occurring
Have spirits conferring
Their tonal fancy to imbue

Live life affected
In being connected
To heavenly thought
As though You ought
To be resurrected

With known knowns
We can study their bones
But known unknowns baffle:
Perceptions of half-full;
Unknown unknowns=unturned stones

Unintended consequences
Dents in our senses
Strike the world in which we live
Leaking through it like a sieve
(Better strengthen our defenses)

In life there's the fun
Making tales that are spun
But the ultimate purpose
Will suddenly surface:
Heavenly prizes we've won

At the mercy of art
We suddenly start
To recognize ends
Where life depends
On playing it ever so smart

Felled by great beauty
We think it a duty
To use our abilities
Fulfill capabilities,
Thus landing this cutie

Choo choo trains roll
To an ultimate goal
Trav'ling somewhere
With "Woo-woo" declare
"Machine in control!"

Where life aspires,
Signaling fires,
New kickoffs' environs
Might just beget sirens
To follow before one retires

The silence of the tomb
Nonexistent since the womb,
To some might be greeted
By those who have treated
The interim fearless of doom

In treating the opposite sex
There are balances and there are checks
Confrontational acts
Aberrational pacts
Linking to whom each respects

Existing in points of time
Music is naught but mime:
Signaling aural apertures
Arousing carnal temperatures
Evoking reactions sublime

Play at life, souls,
Essaying new roles;
Improvising's not bad
Styles are there to be had
Parts a-fusing to wholes

…Chasing of money…
Now ain't that funny
That one could worship
Beyond just milk and honey

Earth's teeming flowers
Grow to virtual towers
Seeming to a tiny ant
Delectably delicious plant-
Food it soon devours 

Spring ye flowers from the earth
Replacing winter's frigid dearth
Of warmth, and biting sting 
With beauty decorating spring…
– Ah the annual rebirth!

Naught but adventures, life
With peacefulness or strife,
Hardly matters whether
One is free or on a tether
With imagination rife

Life: a lot of decisions
Often to skirt collisions,
With which we're encumbered
Until we're outnumbered,
Thence a reward one envisions

To do that at which 
One finds a niche
Where no one else would
Or possibly could, 
Really scratches an itch

Vanities of Earth
Stirring up mirth
Of existence adopted
Leave souls thus co-opted
To what pleasure's actually worth

Eternal vows of love
Rise to clouds above
Then when they've rolled by
Might cease to apply
To a marital union thereof

The peace of the grave
Is a thing one might crave
When life is unbearable,
But then, what's so terrible?
Existence: ever worthy to save

If there is no God
Then we on Earth just plod
Along the road to our demise,
Heaven mythic in the skies,
Awaiting rest beneath the sod

Optimistic, we define
Our very souls, assign
New heights to climb
Then by the time
We reach the top, to shine

New challenge awaits
Filling our plates
With hopes for success
At which we'll express
A need to further create

As you grow older, do less
Lest life resolves to a mess
Of arduous action
That gains you no traction
For getting to Heaven's address

Re-conceiving souls
To focus on goals,
Auspicious persuasions
Give rise to occasions
That might rake us over the coals

Greet provocations
That stir aggravations
With redefinitions;
Reject admonitions
That poison relations

Where to go, what to do
Hinges now and then on who
You are and where you're at
On the bench or up to bat–
Exhibiting competence hitherto

Hey, it's only life
You live you die, rife
With available parts
To quicken your hearts
Perked up with occasional strife

When life gets you, go out
Buy fruit, foregoing a pout
You'll find that sweetness
Will overcome neatness
Effecting a coming-about

 The essence of Jazz:
Not razzamatazz
But logical melodies
Well-placed harmonies
Accompanying rhythmic pizzazz

Sing jazz, thus hum anywhere
Randomly from-here-to-there
Make it up as you go
So ears never know
The direction until you declare

Singers who performed as if
They might fall off of a cliff
Could be naked to the world
But in the process hurled
 A new and original riff

Your sense of humor defines
Traditions your group enshrines
But as a free spirit
A joke as you hear it
Might appeal to eclectic designs

 Adapting to mortality
Requires a mentality
Of limited vision
Involving collision
With spirituality

Adapt to mortality
Accept the fatality
Of lifetime dimensions
Ensuing ascensions
Or Hot Hospitality…

When all of our lives, at ends
Are lastly deprived of friends,
Our dreams offer hope
We'll slide down a slope
To a pool of what Heaven portends

The future is not what it seemed
Formerly once when it gleamed
But what it was – now
So we can't disavow
Attribution for outcomes redeemed

In your life, Hey
Never work a day
The lifestyle exists;
Of what it consists
Is waiting beyond dismay

Living in the now
Could maybe end in how
Our death is approached
When the subject is broached
Then into "Hereafter" we plow

Sense of long ago
Just won't delete, although
It can be layed over
With present-day clover
To make it appear aglow

Make a bargain with fate
To hold off death, wait
Till life can improve
To a point where you've
Succeeded to interrelate

Going to sleep one night
Not waking up at daylight
Giving in to fondest dreams
Continuing, it somehow seems
Afterlife summons Heaven's delight 

Growing old, moving
To personal grooving,
Things are thus what
One makes them, but
For final reality proving

When I fall asleep
I pray the Lord to keep
New fountains op'ning up
From which to fill my cup
Then into which to leap

Winter with its shorter days
Another quality displays
Which in the longer dark
Triggers paths to then embark
Upon to solve life's murky maze

Take forever to die
'Fore you finally say "Bye-bye"
So you'll cease to exist,
But ever persist
In being immortal thereby

What good is honor
When you're a goner?
– Ranked more than life
Compensations a'rife
In the end a Heavenly spawner

Growing old, call friends
Comparing your ends
To eager beginnings
With energies thinning
Discussing what Heaven portends

Be young once again–
Call up an old friend
Revisiting times
Of life in your primes
Considering which way to wend

The spirit's not done
Cynicism ain't won
Till the body caves in to
Events that have been too
Overwhelming and can't be outrun

Hating reading 'bout it
Rather acting out it
Seemed adventurous
Peril-thirst quencher-ous
To consider the upshot and flout it

Righteous people just might
Pursue their own ends despite
Evidence showing
The seeds that they're sowing
Are also engendering blight

Does it ever occur
That things you thought were
Just might not be
Or at least agree
With those to which you defer

Hope you don't die slowly;
Make a pact with the Holy
Ghost, get the most
Out of life, then boast
"I did it!" to the Heavenly goalie

Place yourself in the realm
Of sure things, at the helm
Of a turbulent vessel
That you can out-wrestle
Then finally overwhelm

Being a dreamer
Can trip up a schemer
Of projects that might
End up as a plight
Producing a screamer

In the life you enjoy
What can you deploy
To more than amuse
That others might use
So as not to destroy

Serving utility
Can inhibit civility
Reducing enjoyment
With the employment
Of perceived hostility

In music, as life
Harmonies rife
Lead to conclusions
Ear-pleasing transfusions
That neutralize strife

Take your chances, make mistakes
Cope with existence; that's what it  takes.
Don't be a pussy
Approaching things wuss-y
Continually applying the brakes

Soothing the savage beast,
Resulting in angst decreased
Music works its charms
Distracting false alarms
Inadvertently released

If we'd only known
The seeds that we'd sown
Would produce a vegetation
Generating degradation
We might have simply flown

The pain of being well-deceived,
By falsehoods once-believed
O'ercome by knowing the truth
Once you're long-in-the-tooth
Is difficult to have achieved

What do you mean there isn't
A God from the dead arisen
Whose rule that is "Golden"
Thus makes us beholden
To management notably His'n?

Who made us what we are now?
Saying "Let there be life!" (Pow!)
A being completed
In due course repeated
Geometrically (Wow!)

Space: Wonder of nothingness
Along with what's there to address;
We call it "nature"
Thus not to debate your
Beginning or end, no less

In God's world, problems are solved
Concerning all who're involved;
But then, who is God?
Is He just a facade
From imaginations evolved?

"What would God do here?"
We say drenched in fear
Of what might happen
If we don't tap in
To our instinctual cheer

 Who then would speak for God
Purveying thoughts that might prod
Behavioral morality
Everyone giving the nod

Is life just playing,
Merely portraying
Personae in dramas
Written by mamas
To keep us from straying?

What is the name of the game
We play when we claim
To become something other
Than what Dad or Mother
Intended to bring us to fame?

Faith: life's easy way out
Counterbalance to doubt
Especially when
You adhere to the Ten
Commandments steadfastly throughout

Pick out your horse
To run on life's course
Enjoying the riding
Existence providing
Conclusion deprived of remorse

Where there's life there's death
Every time we take a breath
Could be our last
With life's deeds amassed
(Look what happened to Macbeth)

Everything will come
Before you succumb
If you wait long enough
All kinds of stuff
Will pop up, and then some

Improbables rule
If sometimes cruel;
Where dreams abide
Let them be a guide
To ward off seeming a fool

Reality waits
While a dream creates
A fanciful scene
That could intervene
In what existence dictates

Live life, have fun
After all, only one
Might be what you get
So don't place a bet
On what's coming after it's done

If there isn't any God
Don't you find it odd
That roads we're told to miss
Round-the-clock turn up in this
Lifetime begging to be trod

In a lecture expressed
Ideas are addressed
That challenge the mind
And perhaps redefine
Old viewpoints possessed

Music's a tussle
Creating a bustle
Of sounds in collusion
Effecting a fusion
Of ears and minds to rustle

Aspects of snow:
Muffled life – 'tis so…
An event to behold
Mother Earth uncontrolled
Which we all undergo

Drugs just make you more
Of what you were before
 Ingesting a booster
To what you used to
Bottle right up and deplore

Existence is all about fun
And maybe you get only one
A life that's a barrel
So escapades rare'll
Impact when it's all said and done

"What will happen next?"
Is the essence of the text
Of a book well-written
Whose readers are smitten
Not-to-mention being vexed

Mystery novels' deductions
Mirror deconstructions
Therefore educating
Often instigating
Behavioral abductions

Laughing as he danced
Rhythmically entranced
By Satan possessed
Or Divinely blessed
Across the floor he pranced

Titillating kisses
To virginal misses
Stoking passions within
 Frequently begin
Stirring parental hisses

The object of art:
To engender a start
Of thought on a point
Perhaps to anoint
A topic apart

Producing thoughts notable
Not always potable,
Though their liquid is pure
 They might have the allure
To say something quotable

Is it death that we fear
Or do we adhere
To a precious existence
Retaining consistence
Of something that might disappear?

Ideas pass through the mind
Through which we find
New paths to explore
Which heretofore
Hadn't been even defined

Writers can surely be brave
Sometimes indeed misbehave
After all it's only
Scrawling by lonely
Scribblers who verbally rave

Explore, explore
Keep looking for more,
Adventures beckon
That finally reckon
Making them hard to ignore

In the bad times choose
The least there's to lose;
In a new beginning
Anticipate winning
Depending how destiny skews

Living on down the road
Using fortunes bestowed
Avoiding the hurts
One simply converts
To a patently positive mode  

Perceiving "la vie total"
Using the rationale
Of "living the moment"
Gath'ring enjoyment
Can surely deceive the morale

Funny what you recall
Images – that's not all
Sounds, feelings, fears
Some that brought you to tears
Not to mention, appall…

Suicide bombers bargain with death
Somehow assured their next breath
Will lead them off to the "better life"
With multitudinous virgins to wife…
(Someone's been feeding them meth)

Spirits in which you believe
Will one day tug at your sleeve
Whispering to you "Hey
How would you like to go 'way–
All of your troubles thus relieve?"

Forceful words piercing shells
Go direct to our innermost cells
Making us act
By virtue extract
That which within us excels

Use capability
Within feasibility
To rise to occasions
Effecting invasions
That curb incivility 

Once you're dead and gone
Aspire to be moving on
To a life hereafter
With nothing but laughter
Filling each subsequent dawn

Foolish choices we make
Behaviorally mis-take
Haunt us subsequently
(Hope not permanently)
Keeping us ever awake

The American disease,
Our culture decrees:
"Cash equals success"
Contentment wins in a breeze
Light at tunnel's end
Better days could portend
Howe'er, illumination
Could signal cessation
Darkness' protection might lend
Avoiding creative pursuit:
Just take the mind and dilute
It with politics or money
Smear then with honey
Of "good living" to boot

 When you're the fair-haired boy
For the time-being, enjoy
Playing the part
Assuming that carte
Blanche is yours to employ

Adapt to mortality
Accepting reality:
Ephemeral life
Thus constantly rife
With shots at fatality

Music: not the player
Nor instrumental conveyor
But the idea composed
Then tonally disclosed
By its final soothsayer

Music is the notion
An idea given motion
By one imagination
A harmonious vibration
Melodically a potion

The horizon afar
Might harbor a star
Toward which to dream
Of a life that might seem
No less than bizarre

The body bears scars
Of all the bizarre
Perpetrations amassed
With judgements surpassed
By foolishness du voir

If there ain't no God
Don't you find it odd
That so many people
Meeting under a steeple
By simple ideas are awed?

If you pray and don't get,
Does disgruntlement let
You slide into blaming
God and disclaiming
Belief out of bitter regret?

Get used to the concept
Of dying, accept
The idea of going
One way or t'other, owing
To commandments you've kept

 When you were the golden
Youth and beholden
To circumstances
Making advances…
Did that your chutzpah embolden?

 Looking up from the roof
Is attesting to proof…
Higher powers' precisions
Keep spatial collisions
From an astronomical goof
Politically squabbling

Religiously wobbling
Backwards and forth
Finds nothing is worth 
A friendship's hobbling

So-and-so's sex life
By vindictive ex-wife
Gets into private affairs,
Elicits callous glares
Over humdrum marital strife

In your constant mind
All your life you'll find
Will come rushing back
Your saneness attack
Unless to oblivion consigned

Imagination pursues
Anomalous views
Curbed by rigidity
But needing fluidity
Perhaps to old ways disabuse

Limit the mind?
Fuggetaboutit, you'll find
Imagination spurts out
Then goes its own route,
Leaving logic behind

Just being curious
Out-ing the spurious
Could be the salvation
Effecting deflation
Of thinking injurious

Sip by sip by sip
At a continuous clip
Is drinking all wrong
Its effects prolong.
No! Knock it back; Zip!

What immorality
Skirts illegality?
O'erpricing, o'ereating
Too many kids, wife beating?
Ah! The new criminality…

Morality exists,
And in fact insists
We capitalists pay
Attention, display
Conscientious assists

Collusive "Price-fixing"
Competitive nixing
Just isn't fair
So buyer beware
And do some deep-sixing

Wrong about sports:
When a culture exhorts
Winning o'er playing
Involvement thus fraying
As interest it thwarts

The top is ascendable
Barriers transcendable
Be not afraid
Of not getting paid
Or becoming expendable

If you're a poet, 
Eventually you'll know it
Messages' rhythms & rhymes
Will emerge just like chimes
You'll find it hard to forego it

In case you forgot,
Writing is naught
But slowing down thinking
To tempos of inking
Accordingly creating thought

From a viewpoint
Making a new point
The writer decides
As perspective collides
With what or what not to anoint

Burning the tree in the yard
Christmas cadaver thusly charred
Yet mem'ries remain
Of the joy we attain
With spirits that can't be marred

Where I am, I stay
Not wishing to go away
Yet in my mind dream
Of trips that might seem
To wanderlusts allay

The fountains of youth
(Told the honest truth):
Tunes, exercise, attitude
With plenty of latitude–
As one grows long in the tooth

Bikers, like birds
Travel in herds
Fly, hang out, sing;
With mettlesome attitudes bring
Rumbles insistently heard

Where goeth the time?
We think, hear the chime
Wasted minutes amassing
Clocks noting the passing
Of life going by in its prime

Life flew by so fast
Before we had amassed
The fortune we yearned for
Thought we had earned 'fore
Our allotted minutes had passed

Days that could have been seized
Became opportunities teased
Into careers
By some financiers
Avariciously then, appeased

Wherefore goeth the time
Hear the clock on the mantle chime
Looking back it passed so fast
Disregarding what one has amassed
Trudging on destiny's climb

The world will accept
People seeming adept
When what's presented
Comes un-repented
Until it's discovered inept

 Go with the flow
Of what seems apropos
Fake it until
You cannot fulfill
The level above a plateau

 In a lifetime full of fun
You were only one
In a place and time
That after years I'm
Still trying to outrun

A tidbit quotable
Intellectually potable
Quenching artistic thirst
From a creative mind burst
Will, you'll agree, be notable

What's the objective of Arts?
How about firing of darts
Into puffed up balloons
Introduced by buffoons
Living by blanching their cartes

It isn't death that we fear
But the losing of "here"
And a "now" that we know
On a trip that might go
To an undocumentable sphere

When existence begins to fade,
Our debts all having been paid
No matter what life we live
At a point we have to forgive
Ourselves for the blunders we made

Innovations chase
Through the mind to displace
Valueless musing
In the process excusing
Dumping of wasted space

Have a little this
And a little that, kiss
The light fantastic
Avoiding being drastic
(Life's cafeteri-al bliss)

Harking back to yesterday
One might foolishly say
"I'm still pursuing old dreams
Retaining permanent gleams."
–Keeping tomorrow away

You have to do it I guess
Go right up and address
The Heavenly gates
Where St. Peter awaits
Confirming what we profess

Is what you're wishing for
Going to be a guarantor
Of patent satisfaction
Or merely get you traction
Thusly wanting something more?

Living in-the-moment
Is likely to foment
Snappy decisions
Ending up in collisions
Where you never-to-go meant

Odd what we remember
Called forth by September–
Songs, images, feelings
That sometimes leave us reeling
Stirring up old embers

Suicide bomber bargains with death
Hoping in vain that his last breath
Will signal radical
Even fanatical
Change in the spirit of Macbeth

A spirit exists
Right here in our midst
Connecting us all
Some may even call
God, with a "glorious" twist

Believe in the spirit
Feel it, see it, hear it,
Then lo and behold
You'll e'er be consoled
Providence'll engineer it

A million years old
Earth, from a mold
Perfected by God
Has us all awed
At what's yet to unfold

From a ball of clay
Man was formed one day;
The Creator, goes the tale
Who'd made Earth, said "Today'll
Get a Biblical myth underway."

There is no shell
In which one can dwell
Forceful words can't pierce
With a point that is fierce,
Pungently casting their spell

Your capabilities
Become liabilities
Losing their juice
When not put to use
(Explore possibilities)

When you're dead, gone
Another trip embarked upon…
Where to then? Up? Down?
Sideways? Or back around
For a brand new dawn

"God's Law" – Hmm… Okay,
Surely we ought to obey
But if you believe
There's no God to perceive
Then What? Disarray?

When we finally go toward
Our final reward,
Do we think "post-existence"
With stubborn persistence,
Or skeptically nix The Lord

Ah, the concept of dying
To that ultimate life a-flying
If it's true there's a Heaven
My soul will thus leaven
Like bread go upward a-skying

There are no ledges
Imagination's sledges
Can't travel o'er
Encount'ring yet more
As it pushes to its edges

Contemplate whatever
Adventurous endeavor…
Tally what it's worth
Or what it might unearth
Heeding bonds that it might sever

Civilization beckons change!
Predictable damage seen downrange!
So now while time may yet remain
Figure precisely what to constrain
Thus hazardous futures rearrange

Rootless music takes a trip
Roving along at its own clip
Ignoring convention
To favor invention
Of paths a little more hip

The world of erotic fancy
Might be a little bit chancy
If actions result
That could likely insult
Instead of connoting romance-y

If you're dreaming of light
Indicating you might
Soon reach the end of the tunnel,
Think of what uplifting fun'll
Be had when you finally take flight

When you're the fair-haired boy
With lifetime purposes to deploy
Avoid wasting time on grunt work
Getting up early, confront work!
All your aptitudes thereby employ

Rootless tunes that
Go aloft like balloons
To the ear of the hearer
Might sound even queerer
Than aural cartoons

Some music's traveling
Sounds more like gaveling
To the untrained mind
But hark! You might find
Enjoyment in rhythmic unraveling

The best of existence
Unrelated to distance
Happens inside the mind
So with your insistence
Plus a grain of persistence
A rapture you'll finally find

Music just is
Not a hers or a his
Whether sung or played
Tone or rhythm portrayed
Bound to elicit "Gee whiz!"

Music's not in the horn,
Or on a sheet which notes adorn
But the tune, the idea,
A sonic panacea
Relieves a craving forlorn

Music's a notion played out
A harmonic shout
From prelude to closer
Direct by composer's
Uniquely circuitous route

Find your ideal
Then drop your keel
Raise your sail;
Using winds that prevail
Embark on a life for real

Our psyches bear the scars
Of behavioral abattoirs
Where we've slaughtered propriety
Produced notoriety
Out of decisions bizarre

Telling tales out of school:
Quite a devastating tool
For ruining relations
With verbal detonations
Turning confidante to fool

Blundering on
In ignorance might spawn
Catastrophic consequences
For which one lacks defenses
With all benefits foregone

"God's Law" non-existing…
No point in resisting
Temptation, alas
Might-as-well amass
A full sinful listing

The concept of dying:
Our notion of flying
Off to Heaven or, lo…
To that place apropos
Where one ends up frying

Could death bring "Encore!"
Appearance for more
Of living on Earth
Yet with a dearth…
Or abundance galore?

As the golden boy
Did you enjoy
Seizing the day
Shouting "Hurray!"
Or did you fail to deploy

Sex life of the stars:
Their affairs, not ours
Nor our own mistakes,
To gossip media makes
Grist for newsy bazaars

Imagination has no edge
Beyond which to allege
You might have to mop up
Whatever may crop up
Once you step off the ledge

Contemplate what's worth
Doing to the Earth
Before attempting
Ergo preempting
Cosmos' natural rebirth

Available tools
Might just be the jewels
That could alter approaches
Once someone broaches
Amendments of rules

Let's all be as one
Contemplating what's done
To Earth together
Effectively tethering
Spirits away from the gun

Beckoning change
A world to rearrange
Time's growing short
So let us comport
For survival downrange

See things as they are
No matter how bizarre
Replace with aspirations
Yet more better situations
Even pipe-dreams from afar

When the world is wrong
Best just go along
But attempt in one's way
A prudent essay
Of sensible change for the throng
Write your book at life's end
So those you advise can thus wend
Their way to better
Not having to fetter
Their lives with excessive dead ends
Ev'rything done wrong
Will haunt you ere long
So best not to dwell on
The things that befell on you
Lest life's mis'ries prolong

Multiple realms has our God
So we shouldn't be finding it odd
That He'd be distracted
By conduct enacted
Divine-ly with rodomontade

Time is e'er progress
Or doomed to regress
Standing still's not a choice
And for that we rejoice
Giving us time to assess

Any philosophy
Just like eternity
Only travels so far
So if theories you're thinking
Are suddenly shrinking
Take refuge in the bizarre

Slow down readers' thinking
To the speed of your inking.
That's all writing is
Gee whiz!
From what were you shrinking?

The writer decides
What to show or to hide
From the perspective
Of what is effective
And that to the reader confides

The perfect existence:
Keeping one's distance
Having the fun
Without even one
Tiny grain of of resistance

Providing wisdom acquired
Might just get you admired
Hopef'lly by those
Whose lives you'd transpose
Into alternate action-inspired

Place yourself at the helm
Steering life to the realm
Of sure-things to come
Sinful places far from,
Satan thus overwhelm

By the life you led
What word did you spread
That others might use
In effect transfuse
To their journey ahead?

In music as in text
One thing leads to the next
Ending up in a song
Which might then belong
To a novel idea thus flexed

"Charming the savage beast"
Is a musical merit at least
As what is within us
That might have been us
Could be lured by an aural feast

Promotions conceived
To get dough might be weaved
Into knowledge of actual truth:
 A supreme advantage, forsooth!
By which we might be deceived

Compromise, no less
A lucre of rogues who profess
To do anything agreeable
Just short of foreseeable
A current snag to address
Ah! "The meaning-of-life"
Devoid of all strife…
A peaceful existence
With a little assistance
Bequeathing benefits rife

Go, have a whole lotta fun
In life you get only one
Chance to make whoopee
And spend ev'ry rupee
Before it's over and done
Survive as long as you can
Life's an open-air sedan
Not a limo or coupe
Requiring a stoop
To enter before you began

Having played the fool
Pretending to be ever so cool
I've often been that
Ever being the brat
Who impersonated a mule

When you reach the stage
Not only that but the age
Where no one will take
Rare words you have spake
Then it's time for turning the page

Been there done that?
Put on a new hat
A new life awaits
Where perils equate
With anything yet begat

God creates souls
Filling up holes
In the spirits of us
A concomitant plus
To assist in our mortal roles

When finally you view
Naught but defects anew
And life has worn out
Then the new goal's about
A heavenly slot to pursue

Life is an ice cream cone
You somehow enjoy all alone
Amid circumstances
When given the chances
Of greater heights to have flown

Someone convinced that he's right
Off on a singular flight
Of fancy is easy
To label as cheesy
With opinions measurably slight

Human life is a spree
To a viable degree
Accomplishing much
Experiencing such
As one is able to be

Survivors know the tricks
Of what and when to affix
Things that cling fast
Making life last
Longer e're crossing The Styx

Survivors have learned
As life's wheels turned
Secrets of making life last
By simply not living so fast
And bridges crossed but not burned

Musical heights explored
Seeking that mystery chord
Never look back
Unless to attack
A listener's ear getting bored

Sentence a social offender
To a job that would render
The common good better,
Change community debtor
From jailbird into hand-lender

Complacency hurts
Good progress subverts,
So look ahead now
To figure out how
To justly get better desserts

Pretentious beliefs
Lead to personal griefs
Supporting false hopes,
Sliding down slopes
With nary a speck of relief

Do what you can
Make it your plan.
With ambitions attained
Use methods explained
To justify where you began

Attempt what you might
The future's e'er bright
So go be audacious
The world is so spacious
Hist'ry you'd even rewrite

Music goes wherever
You might otherwise never…
A venturesome trip,
Your emotions unzip
With rhythms incomp'rably clever

People love to be squirted
Sprinkled with dew, as it were
The spritzer can be a he or a she,
And the victim a him or a her.
(Go buy a squirt-gun)

Life's end reared up, surged
Bad memories finally purged
Looked then ahead
Devoided of dread
Anticipating the dirge

Bridges conclusively burned
No stones left unturned
One fin'lly looks forward
To harbors then shore-ward
With recompense previously earned

Death raps hard at the door
Sez "What have you done before?"
You answer "Here, read it
You'll surely concede it's
Performance you cannot deplore."

What you bequeath to perceive
When lo you finally leave
This world to itself
Devoid of your help
Will, hopefully, problems relieve

To live in dreamland for good:
A perfect existence which would
Be an achievement
Foregoing bereavement
By those who imagine they could

Given ubiquitous choice
Of methods of dying we'd voice
Concerted opinion
Unifying dominion
O'er the how and the where to rejoice

Talent survives demise
Nothing ever dies
But goes on to another
Sister or brother
Or eagerly welcoming eyes

Don't fear exploring
To unknown heights soaring
Encourage your thinking
To go without shrinking
To places folks are deploring

Remove the influence of money;
Government runs smooth as honey
Replacing the lobbyists
With lawmaking hobbyists
Making things go much more sunny

Things couldn't be better for some
While others live "on the bum"
The ones who have got it
Must be made to allot it
To programs aimed at the slum

Making friends with the bugs
Even the ones in your rugs
Will stand you in good stead
Cause finally when you're dead
They embrace you with voracious hugs

Would that we all could be
Loved to the utmost degree
As someone's favorite
With whom they'd commit
To a bonded lifetime spree

Best times that are traded
For lives a little bit jaded
Take chances on fates
Attracting some traits
That could possibly leave you degraded
Running away from the past
Freeing one's spirit at last
From bonds outdated
Or pleasures out-sated,
Brings on the future real fast

Telling a tale about you
Revealing something anew
Confessing a sin
Or professing a spin
Can spawn a new life to pursue

Cyber-famous exponents
Can generate opponents
Of rapid expansions
To fantastic mansions
Constructed of phony components

Ideas are contagious;
Distinctly courageous
But carefully nursed
Can satisfy thirst
That once was considered outrageous

Given a public forum
To then address a quorum
Of powerful reps
One can go through the steps
Of changing the laws with decorum

Occasions for doing
Trump those for boo-hoo-ing
So get up and act
And therefore impact
A meaningful life worth pursuing

In an oddball way
We chase "meaning" today
To do something more
Than just keeping score
Thus a relevant life to essay

Enjoy what you've got
Forget what you've not
Go for the feasible
Ignoring the teas-able
Goals that might get you caught

Do what you can
With projects began
When you had the smarts
With sensible starts
To come up with a plan

Even life's dregs
Have fertilized eggs
That'll hatch with gusto
Even if you must, oh…
March on last legs

When it's time, move on
Ere opportunity's gone;
Another life awaits
In which the fates
Are yet un-foregone

Searching for relevance
As with mem'ry of elephants:
An affair of recall
As to what might enthrall
Destiny's lasting implants

When warrior mind-frames
Trump art-defined games
Life's a lot rougher
The world will thus suffer
In who the axe-to-grind maims

The myth of enjoyment
Trumps the employment
Of tools for the trade
With plans that are made
For future deployment

Storms naught but drops of rain
Racing down a window pane
Inconsequential, yet
Collecting, make soil wet,
Thus edible vegetable life sustain

Wending into dreamland's scape
Observing fantasies agape
We sleep all agog
Yet determined to slog
Our way to uninjured escape

We store our thoughts lately
Electronically, greatly
Clearing the brain
Sanity maintain,
For behaving sedately

If you're "full-figured" i.e., fat
Check a mirror, regard where you're at
See yourself as others do
Then on viewing so, you
Can change, or leave it at that

We did what we chose
From alternatives posed
Ignoring the rest
We might have addressed
In a life predisposed

No religion yet affirms
God in geometric terms
Existing without border
Within Divine order
Which devoted faith confirms

Don't spend your years
Assessing life's fears;
Just go face them
Aim to replace them
In newly summoned spheres

Go be somebody—Who?
Yourself, a genius anew
Gaining pleasure therefrom
Till you finally succumb
In doing whatever you do

Pretend you're God (As if)
An improvising riff
Converse with your soul
Exploring your goal
Ere impulsively climbing a cliff

Whence your sense of adventure
That thirst-for-danger quencher?
Did you act the part of the waif
Always having to play it safe
Or into the unknown venture?

When it's raining cats and dogs
Suitable only for frogs
Intensity rules
Stay in with your jewels
Of wisdom writ 'specially for blogs

In your dreams
It often seems
Personae playing parts
Frequently imparts
Admonitory themes

Tears on the pillow
Undo the billow
Providing repose
Away from the lows
Of a dreamily weeping willow

The very soul
Playing the role
Of someone rejected
Is still respected–
Thus a performer in droll

As we age from a distance
Beauty retains consistence
In memories of those
Where the spark still glows
In sentimental persistence

The body seeks ending
To Heaven ascending
But the fun of the mind
Won't be left behind
With endeavors still pending

Comes a time in life
That cuts like a knife
Whether "In" or "Out"
Could cause one to shout
Or revert to strife

"In" can surely mean
Being a king or a queen
But with trouble or fame
"Out" can mean the same
With knowledge to glean

Fame lies just beyond dreams
Tangible often it seems
But be careful chasing them
You might be facing them
In a hoodwinking mirror of schemes

 What's wrong with sports
That enjoyment distorts:
Winning over playing
Betting and paying
Sportsmanship thwarts

So-called death ends here
But then as you might fear
There's an afterlife which
Could be a real switch
Depending on how you steer

Been there, done that
Got the T-shirt, or the hat
Showing the world I've been
Playin' the game wherein
It counts where you go to bat

If you're without regret
Never been upset
You ain't been trying
Perhaps been shying
Away from adventure, I'll bet

Money, fame, satisfaction?
Selection is only a fraction
But how you perform
Will surely inform
Assuming you get any traction

Life is a song that we sing
A cadence to which we might cling
Not always melodious
At times even odious
But out of it happiness wring

The world must be run as a cell
Of a larger universe, well,
If we don't get it right
Just continue to fight
Then ev'rything's goin' to hell

Death, come as a surprise
Not in infirmity's guise
Just drop in sometime
When I'm writing a rhyme
Or a gadget about to devise

Life is a precious gift
From its sands we sift
Pleasures derived
From efforts contrived
To keep us from going adrift

Existence can become
Life on the edge for some
Those deep inner voices
Suggesting more choices
On various depths to plumb

 Heaven won't be so bad–
Consider the life you've had:
Struggling on earth
Gathering net worth,
So close your eyes and be glad

Do a lot of dope
Put your life on grope
If that's what you desire
Jump right into the fire
But don't kvetch 'bout lost hope

Who are your pals
And their rationales
Determine direction
That friendly connection
Persuading down lifetime canals

Ask a politician
To commit to a position;
Like questioning a whore
'Bout where she was before
Just confuses one's cognition

In the morning dawn
'Mid a waking yawn
Ghosts come out to haunt
Revealed there to confront
Till suppressed, then gone

Life makes us so blasé
Immune to our own decay:
Calamities occur—
We recall we were
Savoring the raw display

Pierced clean through
With what we chose to do
Stilettos of regret
Haunt us even yet—
Delicious guilty memories anew

If everything acquired
Is all that you desired
Remorse from how 'twas done
Might just then be outrun
Unless in guilt you're mired

Bless'd are the curious
Exposing the spurious
By finding a way
Without having to pray
May their fates be luxurious

Chase that dream
Until it would seem
You're losing ground
Or even have found
Another agleam

 After your bridges are burned
You'll still have time to have turned
Adventures to books
Exposing the crooks
Whose acrimony you've earned

 Do as much as you might
If you're given the right
To explore the frontiers
Of untraveled spheres
Enkindling delight

 Some lives limp through a fate
Encumbered by freight
Loaded on them by preachers
Then shored up by teachers
Whose matching agendas dictate

Don't be haunted by the past
Miscalculations there amassed
But determine to live on
After all of that is gone
And surely cannot be recast

After past misfires
Crashing of your flyers
Still, hope to win
With upraised chin
To the future conspire

When you've been around the block
Accustomed to the shock
Of living on the edge
It might be time to pledge
Latent talents to unlock

If traditional ways
Result in dismays
You might go it alone
That is if you're prone
To indulge in new frays

Enjoy the Autumn air
With leaves a-falling there
Winter in the wings
Bringing on the Spring
To which the Summer's heir

Some of us are made of schemes
Naught but fantasy it seems
But then, if no romantics
A world without our antics
Would be destitute of dreams

Mystic considers a thought
Which to attention brought
Might just be of use
A world then induce
To alter directions sought

When seen from afar
We unequivocally are;
What transpires after that
With more of us begat
Gonna happen "way out thar"

Ways to compete abound
With winner's laurels crowned:
Be bigger, faster, more, less,
Learning to deal with the stress
Or a concept newly found

Work if you want to win
'S the way it's always been
If you just want to play though
Hey, that's okay, bro
Then it's knowing where to begin

Unwritten agreements
Cast in the moments
With silent consent…
Ethics there went:
To inventive endowments

In Cyberspace
We leave a trace
Of what we are here
That might show a fear
Of Earthly disgrace

In playing a tune
No ear is immune
To music's emotions
Melodic potions
Engender swoons

Music is thought
Transmitted, brought
To the listener's mind
Purely designed
For emotions thus wrought

Melodies explore
Intending to score
Goals in cerebrums
Evoking esprit from 
That which one can't ignore

Melody's a start
A life with a heart
Then rhythmic views,
Matching impromptus
Thus tunes to impart

Music is a hike
Choosing what you like
A wand'ring in the woods
Cherrypicking goods,
A euphonistic strike

Whither goeth the time?
Dwindling days sublime
It flew so damn fast
Augmenting the past
Melting away in its prime

Slip and fall in your sleep
From injury trying to keep
However it's seeming,
Remember, you're dreaming
So get back to counting the sheep

Old contemplations
Are new ruminations
Deserving attention
Possibly mention
Before cancellation

When I die burn me up
Then my ashes urn me up
Except for a few
To then bienvenue
Thru an hourglass turn me up

Appraised as you are
When seen from afar
What you represent
Could elicit consent
To do something bizarre

What you are surely  is;
Pretending to be a whiz
At what you are not
Will get you caught
Embarrassed at failing a quiz

Winners arriving last
At death's door finally cast:
Not just the strongest
But who lived the longest
Accruing a mem'rable past

Living the life you did
Gets you a death amid
Poetic justices
Justly robust as is
Suitable quo pro quid

Going along with the flow
Keeps you e'er on the go
Even when faking
You're still making
Progress, don't you know

Home is a work of art
You create by taking part
Living life there
Operating from where
You eventually depart

She who might be a dame
In the ladylike parlor game
In the bedroom just might
Present a new light
Once you've ignited her flame

Dip your unsparing pen
Into life's inkwells, then
With histories recounted
Of hurdles surmounted
Omissions won't happen again

Do not become resigned
To otherly defined
Definitions of you
As somebody who
An exuberant life declined

Death peeks 'round a corner
Indeed a spectral warner
Lurking, darting off
At which you first scoff
But later end up a mourner

If you chase worn-out dreams
Running ragged it seems
The uncatchable wraith
Might just weaken your faith
In achievable schemes  

The past lives on and on
Arising, whereupon
We face the now
Confronted with how
To address what might soon be gone

Always seeking to be
Has benefits, you see
Forever there's hope
Including a scope
Of possible perils to flee

Heaven won't be so bad
Compared to a life you've had
Struggling on Earth
Storing net worth;
So on arriving, be glad

Understanding dying
You won't get denying
That Heaven exists
When religion insists
Holy angels are flying

That for which you yearn
That makes your neurons churn
Is it just an idle whim
Or would you go out on a limb
Thus established bridges burn?

Think poetically
i.e., esthetically
Greet views that might
Throw a different light
Than arithmetically

Life looms ahead
Beyond daily bread
No time to wallow,
 Highways to follow
Get up and get out the lead

Music is naught but a toy
To amuse ev'ry girl and boy
Devised by the gifted
Whose spirits are lifted
Beyond a verbalized joy

Thinking up ideas:
Not always panacea's
But writing them down
Might gain one renown
Beyond verbal diarrheas

With what we now know
New currents could show
Some plausible frameworks
Where cure-alls might lurk
If we just go with the flow

From unique perspective
A writer's invective
With magnification
Of a bad situation
Might just prove corrective

To enjoy one's existence
Beyond mere subsistence
Do something you love
To then be proud of
At Kismet's insistence

Life passes through us
Doing things to us
Then traveling on
To another, beyond
Never knowing it knew us

Lonely souls
Pass through Earthen holes
Which then enlighten
Outlooks that brighten
Upcoming roles

Beliefs pass through
Times and places anew
Embraced for the nonce
As intellectual taunts…
Then bid us a mocking adieu

If all you really want is stuff
You may already have enough
But deserving even more
It's distressing not to score
Thus untold riches to rebuff

Are you acquainted with The Spirit?
Trumpet blowing, can you hear it?
Do you seek The Better Way?
Show improvement every day?
Do your very best or near it?

Our notion of Divinity
A super-human entity
To Whom we'll account
When our lives we recount
Makes for relative serenity

Death is gonna come
To all, not just to some
So live your life as though
Any time you're gonna go
Explain "where-you're-comin'-from"

On leaving this existence
If you exercise persistence,
Go  on to something better
Worldly duties thus un-fetter
(Appreciate the distance)

Imagination told me, said
"Good things lie ahead…"
"Rainy days bring rainbows,
Pots of gold" the myth goes
(By such folderol we're led)

Two of us exist
Of which our lives consist
One in reality
Another in fantasy
Neither to be missed

If dreams just won't come true
That's assuredly no reason to
Up and abandon having them
Nor personal holy grails condemn
Fantasize away, thus life construe

In high School and College
We're searching for knowledge
Destined for greatness to come
Once we become an alum
Leaping off the informative edge

Setbacks come and go,
Life drifts to and fro
Nothing is ending
Its futures are pending
So learn to go with the flow

As long as you matter
You're an up-to-batter
Take a swing at a pitch
Finding a niche
Served up on a silver platter

Breath on a pane of glass
Clouds the vision, alas
But when you turn away
Clearer prospects may
Reveal a cleared impasse

Why be depressed
With a life that's assessed
As a virtual dead end?
Just look up and wend
Your way to better addressed

Behold the drama of life
With theatrical artifice rife:
Comedy tragedy farce
Satire that can parse
Slicing thru sham like a knife

Advertisers can bray
Whatever they want to say
Flood media with cash
Thus making a splash
To buyers, voters, their prey…

We're ever enticed
Even given advice
See this, don't miss that!
Hear celebrities chat!
Pushing their project the price

Politicians say; we hear
Just what they want us to fear
Getting elected's
A system perfected
To "serve us" year after year

Democracy, suicidal
Suffused with pride'll
Poison itself with dough
In the annals of humanhood go
The way of all cash, an idol

Attend to what is
And you'll say "Gee whiz,
It's not what it seemed–
What I formerly dreamed
Was really none of my biz!"

Life is all about fun
Not what is lost or won,
Play it right and you'll see
What's available's free
Once a quest has begun

The "Update" scheme
Modernizes your dream
But pushes your system
To points, if you missed 'em
Requiring more spending downstream  

If you're a writer,
You don't need an all-nighter
The idea's to write a lot
'Cause all of what you scribble's not
Gonna make the world any righter

To your teeth be kinder
Run your food through a grinder
Then you won't have to chew
What goes down'll be goo
An infancy reminder

We choose our occupations
To suit our situations;
The limits of one's makeup
Lending easily to wake up
In the wrong vocations

Turn what's new into cash 
Exploiting in a flash
Doing it; there's fun
When fin'lly it's done
Without incurring a crash

Life passes through us
Contrives to construe us
Melodics harmonious
But could be erroneous
In what it does TO us

Songs are really dreams
Reminding us what seems
Is not always what
Hoity-toities rebut
Nonetheless in speaking reams

What could have happened to God?
Lately our outlook is odd.
Has He forsaken us
Or maybe mistaken us
For those giving Satan the nod?

Seeing God as an entity
Gives Him thus, identity;
Now really, how could
 We have misunderstood,
What we on earth say we see

A Holy Spirit exists
And of what it consists
Is fathomed by those
Whose creativeness goes
To glimmers of mood in our midst

React like a fox
Think outside the box
Artistic connivance
Might seem a contrivance
But jumps o'er the stumbling blocks

Bad dreams pursue us
Might even unglue us
From living a life that's
Free of all strife that's
Therefore devised to undo us

Greet the morning gladly
Approach the day quite madly
Respite from your night dreams
Consciousness that bright seems
Averse to starting badly

Life is but a toy
Meant to give one joy;
Avoiding being serious
With a mindframe delirious
Might just be the ploy

Life's a comic cartoon
With machinations strewn
To lead one anywhere
On escapades perchance a dare
To undertake real soon

Thinkers think, actors act
Writers by their words attract
Readers who burn
Impressions, thus earn
Interest and therefore impact

Claw to the pinnacle
Without being cynical
Reap the reward
Knowing you've soared
Over matters more clinical

Enough with the kvetching
Predicaments stretching
To Lifetime adventures
Becoming indentures
Hysteria fetching!

Slowing down our thinking
To the speed of inking
In the television age
Making people see a page
Is an institution shrinking

From his or her perspective
A writer is selective
In what the reader sees
Thus in print decrees
The elements effective

In writing poetry elegant
One tries to say something relevant
That anyone could ponder
Perhaps even wonder
Sans the mem'ry of an elephant

To write something useful is trying
You have to think deeper than sighing
Go into meanings
Rhetorical leanings
Of which there is then no denying

How can writing change
Our lives which seem so strange
Approaching convictions
With novel depictions
Of what to rearrange

A mere five lines of verse
Can often appear as a curse
Needing rhyming, by Jove
At least to have strove
Not to present something worse

Look around, you'll find
Things that tickle your mind
Exciting your thinking
Set your eyes blinking
Perhaps your tensions unwind

The juxtaposition of lives
Very often contrives
Despite our awareness
Or devil-may-careness
To reflect from where it derives

We grow to like what we see
When our outlooks are free
But background conditions
May offer renditions
Of life as it really could be

Contemplating the news
Of how it is here eschews
Other places on Earth
Where a life isn't worth
The paltry wealth it accrues

Many pursue only money
But don't you find it funny
That once they get it
They often regret it
Wishing back for a life more sunny

You do the best you can
At what opportunities pan
Ignoring the others
That may be your druthers
But don't fit in with your plan

Life is a tree you might climb
While you're still in your prime
But when you grow old
You find you're less bold
Unwilling to race against time

Doors will open and close
But sometimes there are those
Whose locks might restrict
Yet oft can be picked
By those who might just suppose

Looking up at the ceiling
Your mind can oft go a-reeling
But check out the floor
Maybe find you'll explore
A reality much more appealing

Your behavior is likely affected
By people to whom you're connected
What they do how they think
Might e'en drive you to drink
Or induce you to be self-directed

A night that is spent begetting
Might later lead to regretting
For what is produced
By the passion unloosed
 Eventually becomes indebting

What you gain with an attitude
Might give you instant latitude
But what comes with respect
Could help you connect
To those expressing gratitude

The sand of life you're sieving
You go through just by living
So attempt at progressing
Beyond mere obsessing
On taking instead of giving

Ideas ill-begotten
End in wars that are fought in;
Promote or prevent them
Admire or resent them
One is simply caught in

Philosophies sometimes taught
To classes where one is caught
Promote some beliefs
Leading only to griefs
O'er viewpoints containing naught

Regimes that are brutal
Teach philosophies futile;
Encountering resistance
They keep their distance
While conspiring to mute all

Computers have ended the doodle:
Drawing what's in your noodle.
Now we just click on
An icon to pick on
Evoking a kit and caboodle

Memories often trigger
Scenes that now to the digger
Dredged up from the past
Are frequently cast
With characters seemingly bigger

Approach your life with vigor
'Specially in times that need rigor
For you never can know
What may come or go
At which you mistakenly snigger

You would think the computer
Might render the world more neuter
But the powers that be
Control what you see
Becoming a thought roto-rooter

Guns are stronger than logic
In the hands of those demagogic
You do what they say
Or they put you away
Where you simply become geologic

Killing those who don't believe
Ends their chances to conceive
Converts to the faith
Leaving but a wraith
Then to haunt along with grieve

All people can agree
Only one "God" can be
Faith, not religion
Is enough of a smidgen
To bring you a Heavenly See

Faith professing's
Not always a blessing
Incurring the wrath
On crossing the path
Of whose beliefs are obsessing

Conversion by The Sword
Versus that by The Word
Demands opposition
By those in position
To recognize the absurd

Until we believe
We are all naive
In the ways of faith
Subject to who saith
What a mind can conceive

When there's a terrible racket
Without a way to attack it
If you close up your mind
To that aspect, you'll find
The ambiance will just lack it

Creating a first impression
Is really a form of aggression
Presenting a picture
Will sometimes restrict your
Natural use of discretion

In your own ethnicity
Strive for authenticity
You'll find being real
Will approach your ideal
Of existential simplicity

Philosophical thought
Is often what's naught
But simply exploring
Until you are snoring (!)
Theories that others have taught

Psychologic analysis
Foregoes paralysis
But dredges up images
Of burned-up bridges
Instead of a mental dialysis

Harmonies yearn to be heard
In music as well as the word
Tones go together
No matter whether
They're oral or aurally stirred

Touch a piano you'll find
An idea will come to mind
One that is tonal
Not monoclonal
Characteristically blind

Life's music has many keys
Floating along on its breeze
Spread out your wings
Hear an opera it sings
Of which direction to seize

Much of what we do is waste
Due to paucity of taste
But we're lucky to be able
To sit down at a table
Where choices can be faced

Life has finalities
We accept as realities
As practical beings
We can not avoid seeing
Our personal vitalities

I have a young brother named Charles
The subject of family quarrels
Who despite our reactions
Picked up his own tractions
And ended up getting the laurels

Surely, when seeking advice
One ought to pay a price
For you've got to agree
That nothing comes free
Worth something, to be concise

Scraps of this or that
May decorate a hat
Showing the wearer
To be a carer
For a cause to combat

Career politicians
Reflect their ambitions
To stay on the dole
By embracing a goal
Of harmless positions

Barbarians shock us
By trying to knock us
Back to where
We came from ere
They tried to block us

 What we see on TV
Seems entirely to be
A story told which
Is just part of a pitch
Or maybe a spin for a fee

Too many kids
Often forbids
One's own development
Or the equivalent
Of quo pro quids

Economics are such
Stores are way out of touch
There's nothing so fine
You can't order online
And not have to pay quite as much

Exploding population
Of ev'ry living nation
Supporting every baby
Haplessly could maybe
Lead us to starvation

Living to some is a stretch
Which daily becomes a kvetch
A static complaining
Down in dumps remaining
When all they need do is go fetch

Changing your ethnicity
Effecting a duplicity
Becoming something other
Than your dad or mother
Blunts your authenticity

Oh the annoyance of noise!
One could say it destroys
Human tranquility
With its cursed ability
To over-ride silence's joys

Hard surfaces abound
Layered over the ground
Rejecting the rain
Effecting a drain
Where flowers used to be found

We used to store our notions
In dreamed-about devotions
But being practical
Decided on tactical
Money-making promotions

On the field as brutes
Players run their routes
But at home divest
Of violence lest
Tranquility one pollutes

There has to be work at all levels
Or those who would do it might revel
In illegal actions
Showing protractions
Of lifestyles gone to the devil

Get up on a bike
Or go out, take a hike
There's nothing like action
To effect a subtraction
Of all the things you don't like

With musical ability
You acquire the agility
Of improvisation
By instant creation
Of a kind of nobility

Nothing like taking a nap
Refreshing your mind in a snap
Introducing new thought
That may even be fraught
With inspirational scrap

Keep your mind in a smile
You'll find that after awhile
Your outlook will jingle
With thoughts that can tingle,
Conceivably even beguile

It's never too late
To alter your fate
Changing directions
To pleasant confections
You might even create

There have to be jobs at all levels
For a society to work
Otherwise people will revel
In places to shirk
Roles they dismiss with a smirk

How many times have you tried
To make sense without taking a side
Arguing logic
Against demagogic
Yet found yourself caught in the tide

Leavin' stuff behind
Put it out of mind
Treat it just as though
It don't exist no mo'
And you are re-inclined

Use the tools you've got
To manipulate your lot
For life is mechanical
Along with botanical
Don't let it end up in naught

If setbacks should occur
Then what you might incur
Would make an issue
A thing with which you
From future risks could demur

If you eat enough
Fattening stuff
To put you at risk
Of herniating a disc
Better get off your duff!

How long a life to pursue
Affects how much we can do
In a world surviving
On what we're deriving
From land that's so hard to subdue

Approaching your old age
Consider it a stage
To give what you've acquired
To progeny you've sired
Bitter feelings to assuage

Be doing something to matter
'Ere sooner turns into latter
'Fore old age ensues
Own up, pay some dues
Thus: virtuous ashes to scatter

Obsessive regrets
Bad karma begets,
So toss 'em away
Just work on today
Which imminent hurdles offsets

Taste all the flavors
That this life favors;
Not taking a bite
Of something just might
Deprive you of savors

State your assertions
Of life's coercions
Then go about
Rooting them out
By forceful exertions

Pursuing insight
Might give you a fright
Of what could transpire
From what you'd acquire
By unveiling a light

Competition's a myth
One must take the fifth
Why, just look at the doctors
Whose fees no one proctors
Thus increasing forthwith

Each disappointment's
A fly in the ointment
Of life that is hoping
To do more than coping
Though ultimately unspent

Success: Who needs it?
Ambition that feeds it
Might lead to trauma
Affecting life's drama
Of him or a her who heeds it

Life goes by so fast
You try to make it last,
But then realize
That time only buys
Postponement. So blast!

Bear the scars of your life
Proudly, as though the strife
You put yourself through
Is what you would do
With opportunities rife

Human existence, you'll find
Is like a watch you wind
Up every day
Thus what it will say
Can constantly be redefined

Success is being content
At doing to the extent
Of abilities
Using facilities
That were to you only lent

What comprises existence;
Is it merely subsistence
Or are you dreaming
Effectively scheming
Of overcoming resistance?

So, you did all the things
Incumbent existence brings
But did you add to those
Risks you might have chose
From which artistry springs?

Wait! Once you say it or do it
If chances are you might rue it
Then think it over warily
Because proceeding merrily
Might end with you saying "I blew it"

Life: Where you go what you do
An adventure in which only you
Are here to take part
Wherever you start
So decide which cavorts to eschew

Have your fun, be ready to die
Do your do's as if death were nigh
Could be the next day
Or long years away
Be prepared for when it's goodbye

Imagination will save you
So when you behave you
Can see where it leads
When you're led by your deeds;
Use the good sense that God gave you

Where you go when you die:
A result of this life that you ply
To Heaven or Hell we're told
At which place you'll behold
The Lord or The Devil is nigh

Where your spirit leads, go
By a way you will come to know;
Or get some advice
To be more precise-ly
Aware of the trip to and fro

Tomorrow: another day
When the present might be passé
Time flies for sure
So make certain that you're
Able to suit up and play

Think not of the past
Nor of fortunes amassed
If you stop for a minute
You'll get stuck right in it
Hey! Life goes by very fast

Relevance counts
In a life that amounts
To your hill of beans.
Just see what it means
Then profits  pronounce

Choose what  you want
Don't be nonchalant
Nor let fate interfere
Lest you end up not here;
Go ahead and be the savant

Go ahead, tell your story
And pile on the glory
Where you went, what you did
How you found life amid
Situations quite hoary

Easily related now
Stories recalling how
Looking back on then
You carried the day when
Incidents knitted your brow

Life is but a dream
Or so it might seem
But with actions' effects,
Their behavior connects
To consequences downstream

Your bridges burned?
Good behavior adjourned?
The aftermath
Of renouncing a path
Could negate former benefits earned

Life went by in a blink
You look back now and think
"Why didn't I do
This or that when I knew
I existed right there at the brink?"

Life's a vacation from death
Lasting but while we have breath
Then onto Heaven.
("Live twenty-four seven"
Goes the old shibboleth)

We learn from mistakes
Thus can shoot re-takes
Of portions of life
That were sources of strife
Where we should have applied the brakes

Artistic thinking's
Oracular linking
Of unrelated
Points re-created
From notions once sinking

Bad dreams pursue us
Live their lives through us
As if they might
Come true one night
And somehow undo us

Drugs are not a reward
But things that lead you toward
A life of dependence
To which you go whence
By their effects you are floored

We pass here but once
So don't be a dunce
Make the most of existence
Lo, travel the distance
Addressing what one confronts

Each life caper
Is a character shaper
No matter the result
A child or an adult
Cannot over-paper

When work is to be done,
Before the job's begun,
Try looking for ways
New methods to blaze
(You can make anything fun)

In everything you do
Seek a path anew
Find better ways
Novel trails to blaze
Then blessings will accrue

How many did you help along
Their situations thus prolong
When they couldn't make it
Without a crutch to take it
To the next step right or wrong?

One longs to surmount
With opinions that count
Or then, why live
With nothing to give
That to little amount

No harm in becoming
It keeps life a-humming
And playing at being
Is ever soul-freeing
Thus resistant to numbing

Remaining connected
Is often reflected
In how many years
One seems to appear
With thought unaffected

To forego being dead
The wise plan ahead.
First comes desire
Of dodging Hell's fire
Behaving one's self instead

Embracing existence,
The issue's resistance:
Bad habits begone!
Life a sine qua non
Behavior consistence

See the ridiculous:
Stuff that is shtick-ulous
Not to be sneered at
Nor to be steered at;
But viewed as meticulous

Food prices constantly rising
Markets forever devising
Deprive you of cash
So go on a crash
Diet and spending revising

The essence of Jazz:
Not razzamatazz
But logical melodies
Well-placed harmonies
Accompanying rhythmic pizzazz

Words can make you fat:
Reflecting where you're at
Doing thinking for you
'Stead of logic. Or you
Might bad ways combat

It's easy to get fat:
Gobbling food up "stat"
Intoning prolific
Proclaiming pontific
Pigging out while you chat

Dancin' off the pounds
To some funky sounds
Put your body to the test
Let the music do the rest
Then jiggle and strut unbound

Go be the dreamer
Instead of a schemer
Ponder things that ain't been thunk
No matter they call 'em "bunk"
A revolution screamer

You don't have to say what you think
But you can go right on up to the brink
Just keep to yourself
Away on a shelf
That which might make a stink

Say nothing to excess
But anything you'd guess
Might leave your mark
Striking a spark
That would a point address

Are the basic pleasures
Right for you? Treasures
That might not be a thrill
Yet to the brim could fill
Your cups to their full measures

Enjoy the pleasures, live it up
While there's tipple fill your cup
But let moderation rule
Lest you act the bloomin' fool
Thus in a gutter end up

Are you living a life
With conflict rife
Or does your existence
Bear an insistence
Toward healing of strife?

Becoming relevant
In an age that seems elegant
We struggle to fit
Then finally commit
To complete a vocational hunt

Things that seem elegant
Might only be relevant
To people whose values
Are those that they shall use
For snobbery's ladder's ascent

The stuff I’m pissing is green
Therefore remains to be seen
As mildly indicative
Of acts fact or fictive
Reflecting just where I’ve been