Pray Hopefully

Preside Fairly

Princes Come and Go

Probe Carefully

Proceed Cautiously

Produce Effectively

Produce Efficiently

Reason Deeply

Reason Pragmatically

Rejoice Wholeheartedly

Resist Stoutly

Resolve Determinately

Respect Accordingly

Respond in Kind

Restrain Tastefully

Sacred cows eat Grace

Save Regularly

Say Meaningfully

Search Meticulously

Share Equitably

Sing Euphoniously

Solve Impartially

Speak Intelligently

Specify Precisely

Spend Frugally

Stroll Casually

Study Objectively

Survive Steadfastly

Sweeten Sparingly

Taste Appraisingly

Tease Heedfully

Temper Stiffly

Think Unreservedly

Toil Industriously

Tolerate Patiently

Toughen Resistantly

Utter Circumspectly

Verify Specifically

Wander Carefully

Watch Attentively

Win Graciously

Wonder Limitlessly

Wreak Destructively

Enjoy the Means

Establish Firmly

Exist Warily

Experiment Trepidatiously

Explain Fully

Explore Thoughtfully

Fear Prudently

Fight Fiercely

Give Generously

Go Forth…

Go Ideally

Govern Effectively

Greet Heartily

Grow Gradually

Guard on the qui vive

Hear Totally

Imagine Boundlessly

Improvise Gently

Indicate Specifically

Insert Judiciously

Invest Cannily

Join Conditionally

Judge Wisely

Keep on Keepin' on

Learn Avidly

Listen Critically

Listen Intently

Look Carefully

Look Up Optimistically

Lose Graciously

Love Abidingly

Love Completely

Love is a Grind sometimes

Love Judiciously

Matter Significantly

Measure Accurately

Obey Faithfully

Oblige Thoughtfully

Observe Closely

Open Doors Carefully

Organize Tidily

Ornament Tastefully

Penetrate Carefully

Perceive Deeply

Perpetrate Thoroughly

Persist Doggedly

Play Seriously

Pray Fervently

Address Correctly

Address Shortcomings

Aim Veraciously

Amuse Facetiously

Appear Seemingly

Appraise Meticulously

Attend Diligently

Awake Fully

Bargain Shrewdly

Bathe Thoroughly

Battle Valorously

BE Thoroughly

Be Who you are

Begin Optimistically

Behave Decorously

Breathe Refreshingly

Care Watchfully

Change Within

Choose Carefully

Commit Cautiously

Commit Wholly

Communicate Clearly

Compose Cleverly

Conclude Objectively

Conform Invisibly

Confront Audaciously

Connect Cautiously

Conserve Vitally

Consider Consequences

Contain Warily

Continue Rationally

Correct Graciously

Cultivate Caringly

Cut Carefully

Decide Carefully

Define Explicitly

Delete Mindfully

Discipline Kindly

Dominate Cordially

Doubt Incredulously

Dream Unreservedly

Eat Healthfully

Economize Abstemiously

Empty Fully

End Finally

Endure Patiently

Engender Watchfully