Being your Ideal

Way back in your mind
There is a you that would be
Able to fare all

The Holy Spirit within
Deep within your soul

Resides a Divinity
You can access now

The Better-er Way
What you are doing
Can e'er be improved upon
By creative thought


Organize be-ing.       
Present a certain structure
As part of your day

Learn productively
What will contribute to life
As you find it now

Produce something new
From the raw material
Provided to you

Respect others' thoughts
Wander among their ideas
Mining benefits

Reason. Think things out
Beyond the superficial
Expose subtleties

Conserve the vitals
That make up the life we live
Reproduce essence

Share nature's bounty
Made available to all
Who would use it well

Solve the conundrums
Besetting society
Making life better

Change from within or
Without if necessary
Leaving improvement


Invent, Compose, Reproduce, Conserve, Preserve, Exercise, Observe, Solve, Heal, Appreciate, Create... (Any suggestions?)